Faith And Perserverance Pays – Sai Devotee Ranjini

Faith And Perserverance Pays - Sai Devotee Ranjini
Few of experiences Sai sister Ranjini ji likes to share with us and below is her detailed mail.

Ranjini ji says: Sairam hetalji I need to tell you few very short stories. Please publish this in your blog if Sai wills. Each story you can publish separately or together.

Mother In Law Passport Renewal Issue

This was in November 2009. My mother in law was planing to visit United States in January along with my brother in law. We had prepared her mentally that she needs to go and stay for a few months. When my brother in law was booking her ticket online he asked me her details that prompted me to check her passport it was expiring in Jan 2010. She was initially worried how she will travel but we kept encouraging her that she can make it.

Immediately we started all ways to renew her passport. But there were several complications and certainly it will be too lengthy to mention all the challenges here but it seemed impossible. But i had stern faith on Baba and i kept praying to him to sort out issues. The secretary was not ready to issue us NOC for her passport because we stayed on L&L. We (my mom & I ) prayed to Baba that he should some how sort this issue out. In Nov end the secretary changed, society introduced new policy – pay and take NOC!

Now only Baba can change the situation and in few months time we processed the passport via Tatkal route and finally she got the passport on Tuesday 5th Jan, well in advance, to travel to US by Jan 17th 2010. Today she is in US. This is one incident.

Also Baba gave me dream that he will get the passport for us. In the dream the police officers mentioned that they will process her passport soon because they came to know she is Sai devotee! This dream I got on Thursday – one day before her passport interview day!

Mom Passport Issue

Soon after we processed my mother in law passport, my mom’s passport was rejected due to some reasons. She had not given some proof of residence, the day my mother in law passport came, my mom’s reject letter was also received from passport office. We were very upset. Again we will need to process NOC etc. But we were thankful to Baba’s grace because we used the same letter that was earlier given for my mother in law by our flat owner. He had approved NOC for entire family and also mentioned NOC to process passport for my Mother in law and mother. Again we followed up with passport office and agent and gave for re-verification. Our lease was ending in Jan 2010 and we were confused whether my moms passport will come in time. Luckily Baba took care, we got the passport 10 days before we were going to shift from that place. Also to mention specially that Baba ensured that the passport interview went off so smoothly in both cases.

House Shifting Issue

We had only few days left for our lease period to end and we were really worried whether we will shift to Bangalore (owned house) or move to another house in Mumbai, parellely my husband was asking for transfer of role within his company, he had no clarity from them. He kept waiting but no positive movement/development.

Baba was so kind that there was one house 2 floors above in same building which was vacant but we were not considering that because it was fully furnished and our furniture etc would not have found place in their house. We were wondering what to do. They are Shirdi Sai devotees and my mother and I used to often visit their place. So I definitely was praying to Sai to show some way and positive way to move but in such a way that if my hubby gets transfer to Bangalore, it should not be painful process again for shifting. Through inner prompt Baba gave me idea to shift all luggage to Bangalore and keep only important things in Mumbai. My husband agreed, so we talked to those flat owners on 30th Jan & they agreed! In fact, they even told you can move to Bangalore whenever you like! We decided to shift all our belongings to Bangalore house and move in 4th floor house with only clothes and essential items and then that way we can move whenever we want to Bangalore.

Current Status – Moving to Bangalore !

We were staying very comfortably from Feb onwards in the new house and after several interviews my husband got a new Job offer in new company in Bangalore and the letter came on Baba’s day-Thursday. So all our prayers got answered but slow process & transformation !

I wanted to visit Shirdi but it is not possible in such short time but last week i had been to Dadar and saw Shirdi Sai Rath yatra and big idol of Shirdi Sai on the road ! I prayed and thanked him for showering his grace upon us. Now certainly this is Baba’s miracle and no doubt that he is hearing our prayers !

I owed this story to Baba in writing because I promised him if he turns the passport issue and house shifting problem from impossible into possible situation i will request Hetalji to publish on her blog to instill lost faith & perseverance in devotees if any, and hopefully after reading these incidents their faith in Baba becomes more strong and surrender to his Lotus feet.

Shraddha aur Saburi – I asked Baba to accept these 2 offerings as prasad last year in Shirdi. I got them in the form of these experiences.

Jai Sai Ram
Bow to Shri Sai,Peace be to all.

I have saved “Baba” mobile # as 999999999 and talk to him during these tough times.I send him SMS too sad ones and happy ones!

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