A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 8

A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 8
Sharing herewith three more brief experiences.

Sai Experiences

Kamal ji says: I am an retired army person re-employed in private firm. I perform sai puja in whatever little way I could daily. Blessed with two lovely daughters and one son, I am a content filled individual praying for everybody’s welfare.

Respected all, Sadar Charan Sparsh to the feet of Lord Sai. I am a small disciple of Sai and has been experiencing his blessings in one form or other since childhood. The most memorable to be mentioned are :-

  • My father was called upon for war duties in the year 1962. I was three yrs then. When I and my mother went to see him off at Railway station, I found my mother crying. When train left with my father, we came out and found a fakir outside the railway station who told me and my mother that my father would be coming in the same train with which he left. Go to sai temple and place a garland to Sai baba. This was the first introduction to lord Sai and imagine in the year 1962, we placed garland on the statue of Sai for Rs 1.25 which my mother probably earned after doing contract job.
  • I had been praying whenever got time as a student. I had been relieved off my worries whatsoever came to me by lord Sai.
  • While reading Sai Satcharitra on one of the mornings in 1988 when I was at a forward location in army, the photograph of lord Sai (Samadhi and diety Photo) in the Sai Satcharitra spoke to me about my marriage and I kept to myself thinking this as a illusion but in the evening a letter came from my parents and I was called. When I reached home, the marriage was fixed.
  • I was a witness in an Inquiry wherein it seemed that I am going to be convicted. In my dream a bold line square appeared inside which there were three faces (one being mine and two others who were culprits). I heard a sound asking me whether I want to come out and upon saying yes, my face came out from the square where there was not opening. Next day, I was pronounced acquitted and the two faces in the square were convicted.
  • I had experienced ultimate blessings of lord Sai when on 17 Mar 1994 I was poisoned in food and made unconscious. After that kerosene was poured on me and house was lit on fire. All material belongings were burnt except three things viz Sai Photo, Sai Satcharitra and myself. The huge fire cannot burn even a single hair of my body and I came out of the room which was burning. There are many more experiences. I kept these incidents with me enjoying Baba blessings. After watching the experiences shared by devotees, I have made my heart to come out with the above. Also, after the fire incident, I came to shirdi and at GURUSTHAN, a 25-30 yrs old women clad in white sarrie and white cloth covering her head, came from behind me and told me “SAI RAM BOLA KI”. After this she vanished. I tried to search her but could not find her. This lady seemed to be an African women. Since then, my life has improved upon and we all (my family of Two daughters, one son and my wife) are indebted to Lord SAI BABA. If any Sai bhakta want to experience sai blessings, I want to humbly suggest that Sai Charitra should be read continuously regularly and leave the rest to the glorious feet of Lord Sai. I remain, an humble servant in the name of Lord Sai. May Lord Sai grant Peace and Prosperity to all.

Saimaa’s Love

Ravikiran ji says: This experience of mine shows how much our Saimaa loves us. Dear Saibandhus, Its always experience of we Sai devotees that our Saimaa comes running to care us when we cal Him. On the day of Ugadi (NEW YEAR according to south calender) i went to Baba’s room in our house offered Him sweets and wished Him. Many new things were happening in life so did special prayer and felt happy. Immediately i got a call on my mobile from a person, i was shell shocked to hear the voice.It was from the person whom i meet in Dwarkamai evrytime i do night stay there. So it was like Baba himself calling and wishing me. I had never expected His call because it was months ago i had just dropped my number with him. So what can we His children expect from Him on a New year day? And as i had lost my parents i had asked Baba to be with both my mom and dad and get me married. As always he has kept up His promise i saw the girl first time on Thursday and she stays near Sai mandir. My engagement was fixed and it falls on Thursday and my marriage date is also on a Thursday. So what prof can we ask more from Him for His love for us? Jaigurudatta at your grace. One of my dear one and her family had gone to Shirdi when i told them my marriage was fixed. But they forget to send me the prasad. I had expected i will get the prasad from them and go to my engagement but this did not happen. So, i thought its all Baba’s wish and forgot the whole thing by evening. It was Ramanavami i was returning home there was a traffic jam i thought of avoiding then i thought some how i will pass it. While i went near the Ram-rath person standing next to me asked prasad from the person on chariot i did not notice but was trying to pass the jam. In the meantime a person from the rath called me and gave me a laddu i just kept it in pocket and came home. First i did not realize but after sometime seeing Baba’s photo i realized what i had thought in the morning and my crave for prasad from Baba was fulfilled. A small amount of love from our side is enough for Saimaa to pour a ton of Love on us. Thanks for your love maa…Jaigurudatta Saibakthi hi shakthi hai.

Sai Fulfilled Pooja Wish

Shilpa ji says: I am Shilpa Shree, this is my second post on Saibaba experience. We all know Baba always listen to our prayers and fulfill devotee’s wish.

As it goes without saying that Baba always fulfills every good wish of his devotees. Sai Satcharitra describes many such stories. We were also blessed with similar experience recently so thought of sharing it with all devotees. We are staying in Canada for some time and use to visit Saibaba temple in the city whenever Sainath granted his darshan to us.

During our visits we saw devotees arranging pooja on their personal special days e.g. kid’s birthday. We also had similar wish in our mind for quite some time. During month of January we thought of doing pooja on my mother in law’s birthday which is on Jan 10th. But, as we didn’t book at right time thus day was already booked by some other devotee. Thinking it as Baba’s wish we planned to go to the temple and taking part in aarti like other days.

On the day of my mother-in-law’s birthday, we got up early in the morning and prepared prasad for offering. We wished my mother in law on phone and started for temple to reach in time for madhyan aarati. We reached temple around 11:45 AM.

Inside the temple prostrated in front of Sainath, took udi and then sat along with other devotees while waiting for aarti to begin. All of a sudden a temple volunteer who was taking care of aarti arrangement on the day came to us and told my husband that he should do naivedya arpan and commence madhyan aarti. We were so overwhelmed and felt like Baba himself saying, “You wished for doing pooja today and I am granting your wish”. We did pooja to our heart content and thanked baba for granting the wish.

!!Shri Sachhidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!!

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  1. Om Sai Ram… Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba please shower on them your choicest blessings of good health, a long life, happiness, joy, laughter, wisdom, knowledge, ability, courage, trust, good words, peace and prosperity. Baba please take care of hubby and reduce his stress Baba. Help him take care of his body and his health. Help him eat the right food and exercise. Baba he is working very hard and I think my elders resignation is as per your wish to support him. Baba please ensure their relationship is taken care of and preserved. My elder can be rough and hope he will uphold the respect of the family and work. I count on you for this Baba. Help him get a valid visa too to return incase in the future. I dont know if what is happening is good or not, I surrender to you. Also, Baba please take care of my younger. Baba in all please protect my family whereever they are. Tomorrow is the acceptace test, please be there for us Baba, please have the test completed to the complete satisfaction of all and have the project successfully completed. Baba you are the sole wire puller and wanted to see you today. Leave it to you on how you make that happen. I surrender to you to make my day fruitful and happy and grant protection to the family. Help take care of the elders in the family with their blessings. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

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