A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 7

A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 7
In today’s post also i am sharing few brief experiences by Sai devotees across the globe.

Sai Baba Comes For Help On One Call

Banu ji says: Dear Sai devotees, I started believing in Sai Baba only since Oct ’09 and really regret wasting 26 years of my life without praying to him or having his darshan in my mind. Sai word is so all fulfilling to my athma and I feel so much peace just looking at Baba and seeing his peaceful and compassionate face. We should really practice patience and faith in him in these tough times. Lots of us here in the U.S.A are undergoing so many visa issues, job layoff situations, financial problems and what not. However, all us Sai devotees should remember Baba is always there for us, watching us and trying to carry us through these troubled waters.

We bought a home recently in California and my husband lost his job just 4 months after this. We are surviving on his single income and are trying to make ends meet with that one salary. Once his job was lost, we got into visa problems. He was on H1 and me on H4. I lost all hope and did not know where or who to turn to. All this happened in Sept 2009. A friend of mine took me to a Sai Baba temple and when I saw Sai’s face, I started sobbing and asked him to help us out of this tough situation – no job, visa issues, new home mortgage. I just came back thinking nothing is going to happen, we will be selling the home at low price, get back to India and search for a job there. My sister and parents are big Sai devotees and urged me to read the Sai Satcharitra. I started reading it diligently and two weeks after that my husband got a call from a company for interview. That was like the biggest and best miracle I saw of Baba’s. I really felt and understood what Baba is all about and why so many people have such unwavering faith in him. He comes to our help and brings us out of worst situation. Even people like me who are unworthy of his blessings. Now my husband is in a government job making more than he used to in his previous job. Even our visa problems are solved for the moment. My husband jumped to his EAD and is working on that. I converted my H4 to F1 and on student status for now. We are not living in our home now and are now in a small town 2 hours away from home. We live in a small apartment. We are hoping my husband gets a job back here and we move back to our home. I know it will happen. Its been 3 months with the new job and apartment living again. It is hard to adjust but we are so happy we have a job now in this tough economy and we know Baba is there with us and will bring us a good job near our home. I love you Baba and you are the only one I truly trust and depend on. I am trying to stop ask Baba to do this or that for me. I am just praying to him to be with me at all times and show me his miracles.

May Sai be there with all of you during all times, be it happy or sad.

Shri Sai Baba ki jai !!

Sai Baba Himself Came To Me

Sonali ji says: It was Thursday morning. I was traveling to office by bus. Normally, I have to take two buses from my residence to my office place. On this morning of Thursday, it was my fasting day but certain issues had made me depressed. Due to this, it made feel that I am an unworthy person. In the bus also I was only thinking how useless I am with my eyes becoming watery. Then I got down at the signal and was supposed to go down the subway to go across the other side of highway to board another bus to my office destination. As I got down the bus and was on the way to go to the subway where this palki of saibaba was standing in the middle. I was so much depressed that I did not even look at the palki and went down the subway and finally reached the opposite stop. I must have stood there for few minutes when suddenly I noticed that the palki was approaching towards my bus stop. Many people were standing at the bus stop. The palki came at the bus stop but did not stop in front of anybody. It came and directly stood in front of me with the main person of the palki forwarding his palm towards me for some dakshina. Seeing this action, I was really taken aback and immediately came to my mind that inspite of the palki being in front of me, I ignored it but now Saibaba, himself, has come in front of me. He has, himself, given me darshan. I really felt that yes, somebody has protective eyes over me and that is my Saibaba.

Sai Baba Has Power To Change Destiny

Kalpesh ji says: Hi Hetalji, Om Sainath. I m a very small devotee of Sainath Maharaj its my good luck that i got a chance to stay at his lotus feet. I have been reading your post at sobi group but never got a chance to post my experience here. If you think it is worth you can post it. There are countless experiences i had with Sainath, where he has proved that he is the wire puller and is always with us.

I was not a devotee of Sainath about 5 yrs back and instead i believed how can a human be god, but one of my friends gave me a book of Saivrat (it had some aartis, bhajans and miracles) told me that you dont believe in Sainath but read it when you have no where to go and all the paths are closed. Very soon i was in such a situation. I was going through financial crises and every one was against me as i had lost a lot of money for going abroad. Many pandits told me that i cant go abroad as it is my destiny. But i had some faith in Sainath as i had started reading the book and was coming more and more closer to Ssainath.

My wife conceived after 6 yrs of our marriage and thing started going on well and we had a baby boy on 8 Nov 2007 Thursday mornin everything went well by Sainath’s grace ( i knew that every word Sainath has said in Sai Satcharitra is true he has the power to give you a child no one else). Sainath had planned all this. He proved everybody wrong as very soon after my son was born i we got the visa for Australia on 15 may 2008 Thursday. After all this he had made me realize that he is always with me he is the ruler. I booked the ticket for Australia and by Sainath’s grace it was Thursday 19 June 2008. Also to mention that we are not from a rich family but every thing was managed well by Sainath. My parents were worried and my wife too but i told them Sainath is with me as he has proved it and will prove it once again. When we went to the sardar patel airport there is a big flat screen tv in the airport. Sainath is with me in the airport also yes there was live darshan from Shirdi going on in the tv. I told my mom now you know Sainath is with me. I was not a bit afraid going to a new country. When i reached Australia i called my friend and then we took a taxi went to his home. What i saw was a miracle tears came in my eyes and all my hair stood when i entered the pooja room. There was beautiful idol of Sainath resting on a pillow with a smile on the face that i m here before you. My friend was Nastik (ascetic – never believed in God) God knows when he started believing in Sainath. I have many more experiences where i felt his presence but i will mention it one by one.

Om Sainath

Thanks for letting me stay at your lotus feet. we are nothing without you.

Om Sainathaya Namah.

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  2. Om Sai Ram…. Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba please shower your choicest blessings of good health, happiness, laughter, joy, wisdom, knowledge, peae and prosperity on my hubby and children. Baba hubby gets tired as he has worked har, he believes work is worship. Please take care of his health. Please come to him and reside within him to give him energy, knowledge, strength, courage and be his power to take his dreams to the highest level of satisfaction. Please hold his hands like a parent, guide, guru and mentor. Baba his work is not upto the mark now, and only YOU can pull him up with all required support to boost sales. Please send us the right people to help him and make it respectable. Baba you are sending elder one for his help, please be with them to be a strong force together to achieve his dreams, please preserve their relationships. Baba please take care of the younger and ensure that he has the right company that we uphold the respect of the family without any hassles in the future. Baba please take care of the family respect. I surrender to you Baba. Today we need your blessings for the Ganesh Puja. Please be with us as we start a new block with your grace Baba. Please visit us during the puja Baba and shower your grace on us. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om siddhi vinayak namo namah 🙏

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