Baba Gave His Hand To Us In Our Tough Situation – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Baba Gave His Hand To Us In Our Tough Situation - Anonymous Sai Devotee
Sai Baba is helping His devotees in every step of their life and devotees in turn remain thankful for His help and ever love Him. With the increasing number of experiences being received by me, this has been proved. Here is one more experience of unnamed Sai sister. Earlier she had shared her experience and this is another from her side.

She says: Sairam Hetalji,

I am regular reader of your blog and I am very happy to know about this blog and also about a great Sai devotee like you. Really you are doing great job and Sai bless you always and he’ll be always with you. Please post my experience with Sai if there are any mistakes please do some changes.

I am a Sai devotee from my tenth class. I promised Baba that I’ll share my experience in your blog with all other Sai devotees. And I have already posted my experiences with Sai in your blog and this is another post regarding Sai miracle recently happened in my life. Because of few reasons please don’t reveal my name.

In my previous post I’ve shared my experiences with Sai regarding my marriage and my delivery etc. I forgot an important thing in my previous post. I am very sorry Baba for forgetting that last time. Actually my husband’s uncle is settled in Shirdi and his family is in Shirdi for last 12 years. My husband’s cousin is working in Shirdi Sai temple from last 6 years. And their family is very close to our family. When I came to know this during my marriage I really felt very very happy that Baba showed me that he is with me. I am sorry Baba for forgetting such an important thing in previous post. Please forgive me for my mistake. Recently one more miracle happened my life. Baba again proved that he is with me in my tough situation.

Actually my 3 year old son has got some problem and doctor suggested surgery to him. It is a minor surgery but when doctor said that surgery need to be done to my son I felt very very sad. I was really depressed when doctor said this. Before going to hospital I prayed my Sainath to help my son without any surgery. I prayed Baba a lot that surgery should not take place and please make him healthy without surgery. But when doctor said that surgery is mandatory I got angry on Baba. I felt like Baba is not helping me. I asked Baba through Your questions and Baba answers book. Baba said it is because of your past karmas and Baba also said that around Srirama navami important things will happen in your life and you’ll be happy. Daily I pray to Baba and I did Sacharitra parayana many times and I am changing myself a lot for Baba sake. I am struggling in my daily life so that I obey Baba words. I tried to implement things Baba told in Sacharitra. It is very difficult to implement what Baba told because by nature I am short tempered person. I am trying to implement all those only for Baba. Because I love Baba a lot. I want to make him happy and I want to follow him always. But when I came to know about this surgery to my son I really surprised and felt very bad. That day we came back to home from hospital and me and my husband were sad and we don’t know what to do because we didn’t expect this to our kid that too in this small age. As we are staying in US we can’t share it with our parents. We can’t get support from them. I feel that everything is Baba to me. So whatever comes I share with Baba. But at that time I was angry on Baba so I felt like hopeless on everything and we don’t know what to do. My son slept after some time. My husband also slept because he is mentally tired. I was unable to sleep. When I was in room I heard some sound in the hall but I didn’t take it seriously. After few hours I came back to hall and my PC was in sleeping mode so I just pressed enter to activate it. To my surprise Baba photo is in front of me with his blessings. For last Dasara I got an e card with Baba blessings from I saved that file on my desktop. When I pressed enter in keyboard that file opened. I really felt very happy and I got hope on Sai. I called my husband and showed it to him he also felt very happy. So many other files are there on desktop but only this file opened when I activated the system. I realized that Baba came to my house and he opened that file when we were sleeping. Then we really got hope that Baba will take care of us. I thanked Baba at that time. Later surgery was scheduled and it was scheduled on Thursday that is before Srirama navami day. Baba told me that around Srirama navami important things will happen. So then I realized what Baba said to me. We were happy that it is scheduled on Baba day. I know that Baba is doing everything. We had to wait for 20 days for the surgery. Really days passed very slowly to me at that time. I was in very tough situation during that period because I was unable to concentrate on anything. I started Sacharitra parayana and it completed before the day of surgery and I have a wish that I’ll arrange Baba bhajan but it never happened. So I told my mom to arrange in our village in India and my mom did the same. And bhajans were arranged in a temple in our village. Actually every Thursday there were Baba bhajan in our village, on the day of surgery my mom sponsored pooja on behalf of me. And on the same day Sai Udi and prasadam came in post to our parents house. When we went to Shirdi we donated some money for annadanam in Shirdi and we gave my parents address to them. Shirdi Sansthan sends udi every year through post to that address. But this time prasadam also came along with udi exactly on Thursday morning (India time) that too on the day of my son’s surgery. When my father told me that through phone I became very happy and very light. I am happy that we got blessings from Sai. I went to the hospital happily without tension. Because I know that Baba is there with me and I was sure that everything will be alright because Baba has showed me that he is taking care of us. Surgery was done. It was minor surgery so we came back home with our kid immediately after surgery. My son didn’t even know what happened to him because he was normal before and after surgery. Doctor said that he may have some pain and vomitings for few days but my son didn’t complain of a single thing. He became normal like before. We didn’t even feel that he has undergone with surgery. He is alright now. Everything went very very smoothly. I am very very thankful to my father Baba. Even though I got angry on him he didn’t leave me. Because he is father to us. A father never gets angry upon his kids. I pray Baba that Baba please please always stay with us like this in each and every moment of our lives. We want you always. I love you Baba. I have one more thing to be done in my life. Baba said that he’ll take care of that. Thank you very much Baba. Baba Please be with us always. I want to say one thing to all Sai devotees that we are very very lucky that we got Baba. That is enough for us. Always remember him he’ll take care of us. JAI SAIRAM. Please forgive me if there are any mistakes in my post. Thank you very much Hetalji for giving me this opportunity to share my experience with Sai. AKHANDA KOTI BRAHMANDA NAYAKA RAJADHI RAJA YOGI RAJA PARABRAHMA SRI SACHIDANANDA SAMARTHA SADGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI.

Sai ki beti.

Reference: My Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba

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  1. Very beautiful story. Your story has inspired more devotion in me since I am going through some hard times myself. Deva works things out beautifully. We take a lot of stress and worry but he takes care of us like we are his own children and he is our father.

    May Deva bless your little baby with health and happiness.

  2. no any comment only encouragement to our devotees to share their story.i dont have any story to share but i am sad SAI not yet hear my pray.i am still waiting to his blessing to settle my problem. SAI RAM SAI RAM

  3. my 4 year old kid has already undergone 4 surgeries so far and i pray to sai that this time pls make him alright as he has already tolerated lot of pain.i cant c him in pain any more.u can punish me if u want.he is only a kid pls forgive him.pls baba no more surgeries for him.

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