Appearance Of Udi In Every House Miraculously – Miracles at Shibpur Sai Baba Mandir

Appearance Of Udi In Every House Miraculously - Miracles at Shibpur Sai Baba Mandir
Few months ago there was a post regarding miracles of Sai Baba at Shibpur Sai Baba Mandir. Here in this post, one more miracle is being narrated by Sai brother Debranjan ji.

Appearance of Udi in every houses miraculously after the Installation of Sai Murty at the Altar of the new Temple

Om Sai Ram, Respected Hetalji,

I must say that indeed you are the blessed Child of our Sai Maa, who came on Earth to preach HIS leelas throughout the world, thus filling the hearts of thousands of Sai devotees throughout the world with Devotion & bliss of Shri Sai…I cant help from sharing a miracle of Shibpur Sai Temple, Nadia with you & my other beloved Sai Devotees. I heard about this incident from the blessed Chairman of Shibpur Sai temple Sri Amit Biswas.

On the Auspicious Day of Ram Navami,this year, the New Sai Moorty has been installed at the altar of the Temple. Advent of this Moorty was a miracle too. While the Temple Committee was planning to install the fiber glass Idol of Baba at the newly constructed Temple, in the mean time, Baba instructed Mr. K.V. Ramani of Chennai & informed him about His manifestation at Shibpur & instructed him to send a life size Statue [with the dimension exactly similar to that installed at the Samadhi Mandir at Shirdi] to Shibpur. Following Baba’s Divine instruction he sent the Idol to Shibpur. After knowing this miracle, the Temple Committee changed their decision & installed the New Idol at the Temple on the day of Ram Navami i.e. 24th March 2010. By Baba’s grace all the program went on uninterruptedly & ended successfully.

On the same night while all the villagers were in a deep slumber, Baba appeared in dream to some of them including Amit Biswas & told that “If the villagers dig out the soil from the left side of the main entrance to their respective houses, tomorrow, they will discover my Udi over there as my blessings.”

The next morning when they woke up, the Divine instructions soon got circulated throughout the village like a bonfire. The villagers out of intense inquisitiveness started to dig out the soil from the marked regions as instructed by Baba in the dream. After continuous digging for sometime they got spellbound when they discovered Udi & charcoal of the Havan, performed the day before at the inauguration ceremony of the temple. This went on happening to each & every house of Shibpur & even at the adjacent villages. Some people reported that they started digging through their permanent concrete floors in a challenging mood & was astonished to discover the Havan Charcoal & Udi after same time. For authenticity the members of the Samity took snaps of that miraculous event. Strange enough that when people rushed at the Temple after this miracle they found that no Charcoal has been left within the Havan Kunda. ”Any one who has doubt believing this incident can enquire at every house of Shibpur & its adjacent Villages in order to get rid of his doubts”…says Amit Biswas, the Chairman ,Shibpur Sai Sadguru Samity.

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  1. Sai Ram. Sai shows these miracles to show that God has infinite powers and God's devotees should develop total faith. Thanks for sharing.

    His servant

  2. Om Sai, infinite are His Leelas, all we can do is bow at His lotus feet in total surrender.Such experiences reinforce the faith we have placed in the guru. May Sai keep blessing his devotees ever.
    A deep devotee and family

  3. yes i know there is power in Sai Ram i myself hv experiance tht.If u want any thing ask for it with faith to BABA and u will get it tht much i can say, a true sewak of BABA.
    But i am still waiting for his call to visit at shirdi.

  4. Baba's miracles are immeasurable. Let us hold to His feet. He never let His children down. Thanks for sharing such wonderful temple and Baba's miracles. It is a pleasure to read.


  5. Faith and patience can indeed help one overcome any calamity … but for those to happen one has to surrender to Swami knowing that He will do what is best for us…as we see only what we have done in this lifetime … He sees the sum total going back thousands of births…
    And herein lies the problem…Surrendering is so so hard…Sincere devotion to Swami helps here as I have discovered…slowly but surely you stop praying for what it is that you want but you start to pray for what is best for you

  6. Very good experience. Fortunate are the Shibpur people. Till now, i have only wished to visit Shiridi but now Shibur sai temple is added in the list. Really great and blessed are those who experienced this and blessed are those who even reading this post. I felt so..

  7. om sai ram,iam v fortunate that u r there in my life…thank u baba,kindly keep yr grace always upon us….om sai sri sai jai jai sai…..

  8. Very Nice to read this miracle. People live in Shibpur are very lucky (fortunate) who are the witness of so many miracles. I think Sh is Baba's loving letter Sh for Shirdi & Sh for Shibpur. Baba please call me also. I want to see this Pwan Land

  9. Thanks for sharing. This can only be called as miracle not coincident. It show baba is till present with us and will come when devotee call him

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