Sai Baba’s Grace Was Present All Throughout – Sai Devotee Anitha

Sai Baba's Grace Was Present All Throughout - Sai Devotee Anitha
Since few days i have been observing that experiences of devotees with regards to getting jobs are taken up for posting. Here is one such experience of Sai sister Anitha ji

Anitha says: SaiRam Hetalji, You are doing a great job by providing a platform where Sai devotees can share there experience. Sai bless you and your family.

Today am writing a “wonderful experience” rather i would quote a “best experience” in my life with my Guru Sai.

When i was doing my higher studies we had campus recruitment, where i could not get through any companies even after having good percentage. Finally i finised my studies in August 1st week worrying about job. Though i knew BABA, was never attracted towards him. One day my friend asked to read satcharitha, then i decided to read in 7 days. Dont know for no reason i got very close to Baba and always used to think about Baba and his teachings. Then again after few days i decided to do 7days parayan. Each and everyday i was asking BABA about my job. Sometimes my Relatives and friends used to ask me ‘Did you get a job?’ i would say ‘no’ to everyone and ask within ‘Baba when will you get me a job?’ please do something. Sometimes i used to sit in a corner and cry talking to Baba.

After that i attended 2 to 3 companies and didnt get through again. Now this time i was really going mad, but still had hopes that Baba will do something. Then there was a site where Baba will give us answers for our questions, then i asked Baba ‘when will i get a job?’. The answer was wait for 2 months. Then i was satisfied thinking wow he would get me a job in 2 months now i need not worry, if he would say 4 or 5 months i would really go mad and thanked him.

I started praying him daily, then exactly after 2 months i went to a company called ‘Aricent’ (in november) and the interview was carried out for almost 2 weeks. Baba helped me in all the rounds and i could experience his presence everywhere. After 2 days from the day i finished my interview the result was “you are not selected”. Then i thought OK Baba has some other idea and also convinced myself by saying “see if i would get through i had to go to Gurgaon for training and had no companions with me”.

After few days i did 7days parayan, now this was 3rd time. While browsing through internet i found a NAV Guruvari Vrat and i thought let me do this also. Meanwhile i was called for an interview, that was for 1st round in IBM, i cleared my 1st round even though i had no hopes to clear and also saw Baba’s photo inside the company and thought oh Baba will surely help me this time. Then on same day gave 2nd round and then IBM people told us, the results will be out in the next week. I checked mails daily and there was no result. I heard from my friend that there were set of people selected for the interview and it was over, then i decided that am not selected and really felt very bad.

But had hopes in BABA and was praying to him and decided to attend even small companies, day by day problems were increasing and the condition at home were getting worst in all the ways, one among them was financial problem and i had to repay my educational loan. One day my mom went and asked to astrologer about my job, he told that condition is bad now and she will get a job in small companies. I felt bad and cheered my mom and myself by saying Baba is there for us dont worry. I always told my mom that we should go to Shirdi then Baba will definitely help me in getting a job and we had decided to go on 17th of feb. I was also reading Akkalkot maharaj’s book and was attending Baba’s temple every thursday. Some said that am really mad and am so much involved in devotion.

One day i was attending a interview at Subex, 5 minutes before i started the written test i got a call from IBM saying, you are selected for 2nd round (Jan 30th). I was very happy after hearing that and this time i had full hopes that i will be selected in IBM. And thought Baba has given this chance for 2nd time and he wont disappoint me. Now, Jan 31st i had 2nd written technical round, it was really very tuff i had no expectations, but had hopes that Baba would help me, right in front of me there was Baba’s photo and i was praying to him again and again. And to my surprise this round was cleared.

Again 3rd, 4th and 5th round was held on 3rd Feb, where Baba helped me in all the steps and i could see many photos of Baba on the way to my interview and experience his presence in all the steps. Every step was a miracle. Everyone said that you will get through this time and even i hoped same. I got a call on 9th Feb saying that i was selected. I was very happy and smiling with tears, and thanked my Guru Sai again and again.

The package was not disclosed yet. It was told on next day, it was a miracle again during Recession period. Everyone said no freshers will get such a package you might have heard it wrong. No one could believe and the package was Rs. 5.5 lakhs annum. Baba has given me such a huge gift than what i deserved. And to my surprise the joining date was 17th Feb on this day i had decided to go to Shirdi to ask Baba for job. One by one all problems were solved and today am very happy for such a great gift and having Baba as my Guru. Baba aap ki kripa sada hum par bani rahe. Jai Sainath. I would like to say one thing to sai devotees, please excuse me if am wrong, have shradda and saburi Baba will surely help at any situation. Everyone will experience Baba’s presence and his miracles. What i am today is all because of my Guru. I thank my Guru, daya sagar once again. Om sai, shri sai, Jai Jai sai.

Sai devotee Anitha, Bangalore.

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