Sai Baba Knows What Is Good For Us – Sai Devotee Radha

Sai Baba Knows What Is Good For Us - Sai Devotee Radha
In this post i am sharing experience of Sai sister Radha ji

Radha ji says: Recently i visited or i can say i am very lucky to got chance to visit Shirdi and for that i am hearty thankful to Sairam.

As being a simple human being it is so tough to write down Saibaba’s divine blessing which is always with every one. Now it is routine for me to open this site everyday and read devotees experience and got really tranquility to my mind that really Saibaba always show right path for them which is very hard to get it instantly. So i have also that kind of experience which i want to share with other Sai devotees.

I am in usa for last 3 years and living with my family. As strict rules to get visa of usa, my elder sister couldn’t come with us in usa which was very terrible time to remember but still my sister wants us to come here for me and brother’s great future. After getting Greencard my mother went back to India to stay with my sister and find good marriage proposal for her and during that time she was so depressed and one day she cried and unintentionally “BABA” word came out from her mouth and one week after our neighbor gave her Saibaba’s prashad and book in which there is a direction to do Saivrat. My mom had done it with full of faith on Baba and before 9th Thursday of vrat, my sis got great marriage proposal from Canada and now she is really happy in her life. It was miracle and blessing of Saibaba. From that we all come so close to Saibaba and now we all keep fasting on Thursday.

Last year i started cosmetology school and after 1 week i lost my self-confidence and i was going to quit my school but i asked questioned Baba and he gave me positive answer and just keep faith on that blessing i continued my school and even completed with successful academic score and rewards. I was also want to visit India after completing my study so always pray to Baba and this is the miracle which is beyond my imagination i got chance to go to India and i left for that after went to Sai temple and when i was coming back from India me and my father and grand parents visited Shirdi and it was so heart touching glimpse still i got goose bumps when i imagine my self in front of Baba’s Samadhi.

After come back to usa, i start to do job hunting and having a holiday time in December and the impact of recession, i couldn’t get job yet so i prayed to Saibaba and asked Him and as usual he gave me positive answer and blessings. Sometimes i lost my faith but then Saibaba improve my faith and patience by his miracles and blessings. Right now i have couple of job interviews and its just because of Saibaba’s blessings and i have really great faith on him that he will always right do for us. Sometimes we do mistake to understand his plan but later on he made us to understand that.

I might not able to describe what i feel about Baba but what he said its true that we need to keep faith and patience.

Shree sachidanand sadguru sainath maharaj ki jay…

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