My First Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba – Sai Devotee Anuradha

My First Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba - Sai Devotee Anuradha
In today’s post i am sharing experience of Sai sister Anuradha ji.

Anuradha ji says: Om Sai Ram.

Only two months ago i came to know about this site and i have read various experiences experienced by sai devotees. Here-with i am describing three important happenings which happened in my life.

1. I am basically from Chennai, Tamilnadu, but i am presently staying in Pune. Only after coming to Pune i came to know about Shridi Baba. My first visit to Shirdi was on 1st March 2009, but at that time i was not aware of anything. But i got a statue of Baba, Sai Satcharitram from Shirdi but i did not have time to read it. Only in the month of July i took the book and started reading it after sacrificing my favorite dish. I prayed to Baba i would visit Shiridi after reading the book. But due to our family problems i was not able to visit Shirdi till September. Only during September 2009 i with my husband, children, in-laws went to Shirdi. But two days before i was praying to Baba that i have to see Baba in any form in the temple as giving me Udi and this happened in the temple. After getting Udi by standing in the queue i went near the rest room in the temple premises, that time i saw a man sleeping near a pillar who was no one but Baba. Something struck my heart and telling that is no one but your god. He was wearing a white dress and at that time my husband was sitting near the Nandeep and i was able to see him from that place. I ran to my husband and told him this and when we searched for him we could not see him, what a grace. This incident made me to surrender myself to Baba.

2. Due to various family problems i took 11 thursdays fasting. I used to go to temple situated near my house (12 Kms) on all thursdays. On one thursday i had only Rs.10 with me and one 1000 rupee note. I had to take 2 share autos but with Rs.10 i could only travel half the way, so i kept on praying Baba and went to a flower vendor and got a garland with Rs.5 and asked him change for Rs.1000 but he told he does not have. I was very worried how to get change and thought of going to near by shops and ask, but suddenly the flower vendor called me and asked 1000 rupee note and he also called a person passing by and told him to give change. I was very much astonished and i was wondering who that person was, but for me he was no one but Sai Baba.

3. During the month of January i had to go to Chennai for receiving a certificate. I was to be present on Saturday positively. My husband told me to take flight, but i refused as the fare was around 8500 (to and fro). I told him that i will book a train on Thursday night 12.10 which will reach Chennai at 8.00 PM on next day. Suddenly my husband got a urgent work in Chennai and started. He told to me that he will be back on thursday night 10.30 pm and take care of our children and so that i could take the train at 12.10pm. But i was not able to get the ticket and i even tried the travel agent also. I prayed to Baba and wrote train and flight in a paper and asked my son to take it and it was flight, and immediately booked flight. But what happened is that my husband who was to arrive at 10.30pm arrived only at 3.30am due to delay of the flight. If i had booked the train i would not be able to catch the train leaving my children alone. Everything was Baba’s Grace.

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