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In today’s post experience of Sai brother Chiragji.

Chiragji says: Hi, My name is Chirag and i now live in Dubai. Here i would like to share one more experience of Sai Baba with my regarding my job. I hope and pray that other devotees will get faith and develop more patience on Baba by reading my experience.

Om Sai Ram

Hi HetalJi, this is my 2nd email you after 1 year or so. I would like to share one more major experience of Sai Baba with me. Its about me getting a job after having faith and patience on Baba even when everything is going wrong.

I was living in Canada for the last 6 years, before I decided to come back to my parents who live in Dubai. I left Canada and came to Dubai in Nov 2009 praying to Baba that I should get a job soon with his blessings. Like everywhere, the job prospects and market is bad out here, but I had decided to move here, look for jobs and support my parents. Many people told me that it was wrong for me to come back at this time and I should have waited for the market to improve and then come to Dubai. But I only believed in Sai Baba and used to tell him that you have to prove everyone wrong and get me the best job as soon as possible.

From the time I came to Dubai, I immediately started applying for jobs without wasting time. For some reasons or the other, I wasn’t getting much interview calls and I was getting frustrated because of pressure and tensions from my parents and others too. November passed, December passed with just a few interview calls but none of them were convincing and were not offering good salary package too.
In January ’10 too, there wasn’t many calls and I was getting totally irritated and frustrated to the core, because of my situation. Like anyone else, I also would bring my frustrations out on Baba, saying that you are seeing my situation, but still just not helping me out getting me a job, like how difficult is it for you to get me job and things like that. But still from bottom of my heart, I just have and had complete faith in Him, that he will get me a job and the best one. Because time was passing and I had to hear so much from people, I sometimes even started thinking if I really took the right decision in coming back to Dubai at this time. All this time was really very difficult for me to pass. You can imagine my situation with no job for full 4 months and just staying home trying everywhere possible to get a job.

Now even Feb passed, and then came an interview from a company where I was called for the first round which I passed and they said if I am short-listed, I would be called for the 2nd interview. I came back home and somehow or other had this strong feeling inside that my Sai Baba is going to get this job for me, because the position and salary package were also very good. Within an hour, they called me and said to come for a 2nd interview the next day itself. I was very happy to hear that. I prayed to Baba, that you have got me this 2nd interview, just be with me and help me pass it and I also told Him that I have left this completely on you, if you think that this job is for me then you will help me pass all the interview rounds and get me this job. And keeping this faith and confidence on Baba, I went for the 2nd round of interview, which I did really well with Baba’s blessings. After the interview, they said they would call me by next week and let me know the final decision. It was a Thursday that I was called for the 2nd interview, and before leaving the house, I just somehow knew that this job is for me only.

Of course I was a little tensed after coming back home, that what is going to happen and again I told Baba that today is a Thursday, please try and let me know the company’s decision by today only (and that also the good news), so that I don’t have to be worried or tensed all day for another week or so. And you wont believe, within 2 hours, the HR supervisor called me and gave me the good news that I have passed and they are offering me the job at their company. You can imagine my happiness at that time, I just couldn’t believe myself. I went and told my parents about it and they also got really very happy that finally I got a job.

So now I am just waiting for my visa and legal formalities to be completed and would be starting my 2nd week of March.

So in all I waited for 4 months to get this great opportunity with the blessings of my Sai Baba. I went through a very tough time during this 4 months with all the frustrations, tensions, pressures and difficulties from everyone, but I just kept my complete Faith and Patience on Sai Baba and he looked after me completely. I thank Him from bottom of my heart for doing this miracle for me.

For everyone else reading this experience of mine, I would like to say that just hold on and pray to Him with complete Faith, Trust and Patience, and Baba will surely get you through all the difficulties and bring you happiness and fulfill your wishes.

Now I am waiting (patience) and will keep waiting for my most innermost wish to be fulfilled by my Baba at the time right time according to Him. I know He will fulfill this wish of mine. I have complete Faith and Patience on my Baba and I also completely Trust Him.

I love you Sai Baba, and I wish and pray that I always be at your holy feet throughout my life.

Om Sai Ram
Shri Sai Nathaya Namah

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  1. Om Sai Ram

    First of all i want to thanks heartly to Hetalji who are doing such a great work. For me this is not just site, its my medicine and now i m addicted to read it everyday. God bless you always for this amazing deed!

    After reading Chiragji's experiecne, i felt that i am passing from the same situation right now. i am searching for job for last 4 months and still nothing positvie happened yet but everyday i am praying baba for that and sometimes i got angry on him too because i feel that you can express your anger and anxiety only with whom who are near to your heart.

    I hope i will be blessed soon by our Babaji and i can indulge myself in work bcos being lonely at home and specially in usa its really measerable and frustrating life.

    Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us . its really make me feel so good that i should not loose my patience.

    Jay Sai Ram

  2. Sai Ramji Radhaji,

    Thanks for commenting here and clinging to Babaji's blog regularly.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil

  3. I feel really happy and relaxed reading your article. I am also praying to Shirdi Sai baba asking for a job.. I have faith in him. After reading your article I have more n more faith in him.. If I did get a good job.. I too will write an article about my experince..

  4. Thanks Hetalji for your wonderful work…I did see this site day before yesterday and i am not closing the browser too..In the morning,i am seeing the quote for the day…I am a devotee of Sai…I am also the needy like others..Hope Sai solves everything…I will some day post my experience too….

    Bless us Sai…

  5. I am waiting for a job for a long time, a job that I love, I have faith in Baba and I know he has something for me. Please Baba help me too…..

  6. My sweet sadguru is my way of life…. I love u somuch baba…. Please fulfill my wishes ASAP baba…… also please please please give a way to come shirdi this december. I hope you will give… Sab Ka Malik Ek – Sairam

  7. sairam to all, thnx to add my feelings in this site… also baba we got a seats to come shirdi this december… u are sarvantaryaaami, thnq baba i love u somuch, am so so so lucky to have sweet sadguru… you know my dream job please be with me & help to achive…… Jai Sai Ram



  8. baba i've written lvb exam… but i did not write well due to certain reasons… you"ll ve to bless me to get selected in that bank… iam jobless for more than a year….. iam getting frusturated due to ma situation in ma family…. please bless me to get placed in lvb…..i dont ve any one… iam believing you from my heart.. you"ll ve to help me at this situation….

  9. ohm sai ram.
    I am motivated after reading your post.
    I am jobless for the past 2 weeks and no interview calls so far. But I believe Baba will help me no matter what. He will give the right job one day. I am reading Sai Satcharitra daily for the past one month and will continue doing so until Baba give me a job. I know He will not let me down…

  10. om sai ram,

    really i dont have words to say after read this,this is time to telling abu my story..last 3 years im looking for job…last one year im praying from saibaba to give a good job..i dnt know really y baba giving much troubles to me…my frnds all r kidding me for not having job and still waiting for the same..i lost everying and everyone..sleep less nites dont have one rupee to survive..lost 2lkh money..dont know wat to do..but still i have hope on sai..i have read sai satcharitra 3 times…plz sai understand my situation and give me best job for waiting 3 years..plz sai i beg u help me..all my dear sai devotees pray for me..

  11. Sai ram maharaj ki jai!!!
    Dear sir/madam,
    Am sai Natraj, from india the story of thus page is completely resembles like my own story. Am 22 years old and completed my masters in shipping and logistics managemnt. I came to dubai twice to search job, still I don get any job. I attended many interviews I gotta call also, but no response..o got selected in mnc helman worldwide logistics' but last minute they said ..we closed this position. And my family is middle class and I hav hoped that job oly am in very bad situation and very bad condition too. Still my life is not settled wit a job. I never lose my on baba.. I hav hope he will gimme good job. But I hav waoted for more than one year. With the postive apporqoch and attitide I planned to com to dubai on sep 20 th to search again job.
    Pls baba devottes.. pray for me'
    If yu hava any kinda job poz help me out'
    I will b highly thankful to yu..
    Ill see baba on yu!!!
    Thanku so much!!!

  12. please help saibaba my brother to search job …. ur bless quickly to get the job for my brother……I will definitly pray daily saibaba blessing ….. ;-(

  13. sai baba please help my brother to search a job …help my brother job to get quickly…..ur belssing i don't forget …i will pray daily saibaba prayer and song….i belieave in sai baba so much….

  14. I was working in chennai . Got married and came to dubai.searching job for 9 months..but dint get any interview calls.sai baba plz going to start 9 thusrdays vrat..have faith that sai baba will get me a good job

  15. Baba please get me a job. Have face to face interview on Tuesday. Please please I am begging you .. baba please

  16. om sai ram, I'm looking for a good job very soon, help me and family members, please give me strength and positive energy.

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