Need Answers From Devotees – Anonymous Sai Devotee

I Need Answers From Sai Baba Devotees - Unknown Sai Devotee

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee from USA says: I have been with Baba for many years now. I have truly loved Baba for everything good that He has given me. I have intense thoughts about Him when I concentrate and get teary eyed when I think about Him. I have had amazing blessings and have personally witnessed miracles in my life. But for the past year, my life has taken a serious downturn. I keep thinking everything will start picking up. I need some help and direction from my fellow Baba devotees.

In December 2008, I went to Shirdi with my wife and in-laws. It was probably my fourth trip to Shirdi and I went there with a clean heart and conscience. I prayed for my career, my wife and my family. To tell you the truth, my job meant almost everything to me. I was very fortunate to get that opportunity and genuinely thanked God for making me so fortunate. I got that job in 2006 in a prestigious firm and got it at a time when my career was on the balance. After my job, I built the confidence to get married, start an exciting career and make my parents truly proud of me. However, I did something very selfish also. I had made a promise that after I got my dream job, I would donate $2000 to a needy child in Shirdi. I went to Shirdi twice but never fulfilled my promise. That thought always pinched me at the back of my mind, but I still never kept my word. I acted selfishly. Upon my return from Shirdi, I came back home and saw that my phone was damaged as water fell on it for some strange reason. That was my favorite phone and it was very weird how water fell on it. Not a big deal, I thought, since it was just a phone after all. I went to Delhi and within three days my GrandMother passed away on her way to Delhi. At the same time, my father fell sick and was admitted into the hospital. I had a horrible trip to India and felt very bad my trip ended after coming back from Shirdi. There was also a lot of tension at home between my mother and me, and felt stuck between my wife and my mother. Then, after I came back to the US, after four weeks, I lost my job. I was heartbroken. After five days, my Aunt passed away. After two weeks, I lost my wedding ring. After another two weeks, I called up my Guruji and he shouted and insulted me. I was completely torn after that. I could not believe how my life just changed in two months. I went into depression. I neglected my wife and lost interest in everything. I applied for jobs everywhere, but because of the economy, no one was hiring in the US. I put myself through a lot of emotional trauma and broke down every other day.

I finally decided to prepare for my MBA. It took great courage and strength to study. I prepared for six months. I put everything on the back burner – wife, family, friends, everything – to study. I prayed to Baba every single day. I prayed a lot. I would see Baba’s pictures and names in strange places – windows, TV shows, friend’s houses, even on a car number plate. It was very weird. I would keep hoping that it was a sign that Baba is with me and something good will happen soon. I prayed very hard. Genuinely did.

Now it has been a year since I lost my job. Nothing has changed for me. I am having many problems with my wife. My parents are so sad because of me. But though my wife has supported me through and through, I feel she is losing faith in my abilities. I got some excellent job opportunities, but for some reason it didn’t work out. I still keep seeing Baba’s pictures and names in strange places. The other day on TV, I was browsing through the channels and saw a show called ‘Sai Baba’. I had never seen this before. I entered a store and this person walks in and asks for Baba’s pictures. I go to my friend’s house and beneath a pile of so many books, I see Baba’s book sticking out in a corner. But now I am getting paranoid. I feel that whenever I see Baba’s picture, something bad will happen now. My MBA admission results will be out in the next few days. That is the only thing I am praying for to get my life back on track. I sacrificed my sanity for my MBA admissions. My prayer is that I get through. But I am scared. Really scared. I am afraid of losing this one last attempt I have made. I keep thinking Baba will save me and every time I see His picture, I feel He is going to help me. But the next news I get is rejection. I do not know what to make of all this.

Can someone please give me some direction and enlightenment? As you can see, I am completely demoralized. I have lost all confidence. I am a very smart person, full of ambition and life. Everyone around me enjoys my company. I am very kind hearted, extremely compassionate. I think about the poor and needy, and am always nice to everyone. I genuinely believe I am a good human being and I mean no harm. I am so faithful to my family. But the circumstances for the past year have shaken me to the core. I am scared that my wife will leave me. I need to get my life back on track. And now I am only praying that I get my MBA admissions. Then everyone will be happy. I am not doing this for myself. I am doing it for my family’s happiness. Someone please help me and speak to me on Baba’s behalf.

Sai Ram…

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  1. I'll not writing to show you path or saying do Shri Sai Satcharitra Parayan, Sai Vrat, Chant his name because I know you have Baba with you at all the time…

    Ask/talk to Sai Baba only… Dont roam here & there & never seek others help… Our Baba is always here to help/listen us…

    Just face the problems… say whole heartidly – "Let problems come to me… My Baba will take me away…". Have complete Faith & Patience in Him. He is the only Saviour…

    Great is our Sadguru Sai & Great is His Leela… Once your bad phase will go then you must be happy… Always remember, Every coin has two faces head & tails or say 'good & bad', happiness comes after sadness or vice versa… Just look into the eyes of Baba… He is playing His role & giving you the liberation from the past & present Karmas… Anyways…!!

    Act like a brave man even in worst to worst conditions… Ok, tell me what is the worst thing – no food, no clothes, tentions, death or something else…???
    I tell you, nothing is worst… Just kill your negativity… Baba will definitely help you…

    One of my Friend says,

    "Lahero Se Darkar Nauka Paar Nahi Hoti, Aakhir Uski Mehnat Bekar Nahi Hoti, Kuchh Kiye Bina Hi Jay-Jay Kaar Nahi Hoti, Sai-Sharan Mein Jane Walon Ki Haar Nahi Hoti…"

    Sometimes "SAI" Upsets Our Plans To Set Up "HIS" Own Plans… "SAI's" Plans Are Perfect… So Never Get Upset When Our Plans Get Upset…

    "Don't Get Upset With Little Jerks In Life, Because Life Is Like A Road & Problems Are Like Speed Breakers, They Save Us From Big Accident…"

    "Every Painful Situation Is A Gift From God To Make You Unique From Others… So Enjoy The Pains To Become Best In Your Life In Front Of Other…!!"

    Jai Sai…

  2. Sai Ramji Dear Devotee Readers,

    Following are few responses to this post which i received in mail :


    Dear Sir,

    I have read your problems that U have posted. In my opinion, as U are seeing Sathguru Saibaba pictures every time wherever U go, its a good sign. Have shradda and Saburi, keep praying to Baba in most and worst situations also. Sathguru Saibaba, solves all Your problems at appropriate time.

    With Best Wishes
    praveena sri

    2. I have read the experiences of PRC and i want to convey that

    1) God never expects anything except spiritual emotions from a Human being.

    2) God never punishes any Human being, all that happens is due to fate or your Sanchit karma.

    3) Shirdi Sai baba is an Avatar of God, so why you worry when you watch divine images of baba?

    4) All that happened to you is not due to Baba or His photos, so with spiritual emotion and gratitude worship the photos of Baba.

    5) Do not run away from difficult situations, and never lose your faith in God or Baba.

    6) Face your difficulties firmly and try to develop a Positive attitude even in difficult situation.


    3. I agree with the previous comment, "Ask only Sai Baba." One thing that helps me when in doubt: I stare at Baba's picture for 20 minutes. Sometimes I even set the timer:-) After that the answer comes to you in any form – it could be your own thought of course. It is truely amazing that Sai Baba is showing signs that he is with you. Do not worry. Meditate, do namasmaran, listen to soothing music. You will be fine my friend:-)
    Your loving Sister

  3. Few more responses received through mails:

    1. Sairam dear devoteeji,

    You wanted some answers for your queries. I really appreciate and feel so elated to see that you are highly blessed by our Lord Sai that you are able to see HIM every where, inspite of your present problems and conditions and mental tensions. That is what our beloved Sai tests us. He tests us whether we will keep chanting His name even at times of distress or are we going blame HIM for our materialistic problems and leave HIM. But dear devoteeji, you will definitely pass through your MBA exam and you will definitely reach a good level and get a wonderful job. You are a person who care for the family and your wife will definitely understand what you are going through. Just try to talk to her after your daily prayers and explain her what you are going through. You only assure yourself that "My beloved Father Sai is with me. I will win and I will achieve success and get there". You will definitely overcome all your problems in a short while. Somewhere I read "Life is not peaches and cream nor sunshine and dreams. A tear today. And a Smile Tomorrow". So where there is Light there is darkness too. But again Light will come and we all face problems in life dear. But do not lose your will power and confidence. I am a mature person who underwent lots of ups and downs in life, but reach the shores ultimately with a smile. Just keep doing your prayers and do your duty and as you said be nice to people and things will happen. As long as we are good at heart and do every thing by taking God's name, God will look after us definitely. During the recession and even now, people every where are having the same kind of problems what you are having. So, we are all living with a hope and our beloved Sai will help us to reach our goals. So, your dedication and sincerity are seen your expression of feelings for Sai and He is there with you and within you and around you all the time as a Safety Kavacha. So, do not worry. God bless you and I would like to hear very good news from you very soon. All the best and our prayers are with you. Jai Sai Ram.

    Hare Krishna

    2. Dear Hetal ji,

    Please convey it to PRC.

    Dear PRC,

    As I read your experience, I read about your promise that you made to Baba of donating $2000 to a needy child in Shirdi on getting your dream job. As you did get your dream job in 2006, my only request to you is to please fulfill your promise made to Baba AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

    If you sincerely pray to Baba and willingly resolve to fulfill your earlier promise, Baba will certainly open ways for you to get your promise fulfilled and your life situations will start improving by Baba's Grace.

    Babaji. Please forgive me if I have said or written anything wrong here. Please Bless us all.

    Om Sai Ram

  4. One more response received:

    Om Sai Ram,

    I am going through challenging times too. Same as the person who wrote the message asking for guidance, from being so blessed in so many ways by the Divine Love that manifests through Baba, I had to experience extremely challenging times …still on the road.

    Reading the message above, I am more and more aware that some work needs to be done. Work through which we serve God and our fellow man. We are all focused on our close family but there is much more out there…a bigger family! When we pray desperately, we promise God
    that we'll do something (in the case below is written about a promise he made and he never kept that promise)…when we have too much ambition in what we want….want…want…it comes from
    deep rooted ego that is the opposite of Baba's teachings…to give up our sanity for a job that brings us false peace of mind it is a huge trap. It comes to me Swami's words about following the heart not
    the ambitions of the mind that are the result of an egotistic mind. I am sure it is not an accident that I needed myself to read this article-message…everything that comes from DESIRES…I WANT…it is
    a huge trap…a powerful reminder for all of us…God's will be done! May Swami guide us in ways that help us pass the tests we need to overcome in order to merge with the Divine Flow!

    Sai Ram, Simona

  5. Response received in mail box:

    1. Dear Sai devotee,

    As i am unable to post on your webpage for error, m writing here:

    Dear sai devotee prc-ji, if possible try to send small amount even it is Rs.10/- donation for education scheme in shirdi & details below from shirdi's official website for donation & how can you make payment:

    I feel that having not kept your promise is regrettable but can also be sai's play. Because in a chapter in satcharitha, a devotee has to offer the coconut to baba given by another swamiji. But on the way he forgot & used it for himself. Later baba knew & reminded the devotee to give the coconut & the devotee regretted about his situation to baba and begged a pardon. But baba told him that is also the act of baba as to why he worries & it is to make him realize one has to be true to their words & devotion. So

    Now it is time that try to donate even a little sum & see how baba responds. Whenever possible try to donate small sum to shirdi education scheme in view of fulfilling your promise & let it take more years no mind because of your situation but you donate in small amounts then & there. That is why baba insists everyone not to ask anything as God know what needs to be given to an individual because we never know what is good for us in the longer run. Our prayers always must be in our general welfare & the world. When people commit to prayers that if you give this we will give this and fails, certainly god will put them to severe test. So kindly start donating even its a small sum as often as possible to Shirdi Trust education scheme as that will take care of a child's need in shirdi. Shirdi Sai will not let you down.

    We know baba's anger by experience to certain extent but for good only. The negative incidents you mentioned are all part of their Karma & not related to Babs's act. The maximum thing that Baba can do is delaying a job for you & not the other acts. Baba will not harm anyone but will teach lesson to realize and reform therefrom. For everyone i could say do not take the gods & saints lightly and failing to do your promised prarthana. Either pray in general for health & peace & ask baba please do what is good for me & the world or if committed to some vow, kindly do it within time. Baba will not let you down & start to donate in small sums & kindly go through the official page link pasted above. Jai Sai Ram

    2. Sai Ram,

    Dear Sir,

    I have read your mail and thought to write reply.
    Difficulties are common for all human beings. Swami used to say that " Happiness is the interval between two pains" My sincere advice is read different experiences of baba devotees. If you study life histories of different real devotees our difficulties are nothing before them. Well known example you take the life of pandavas (Mahabharata)? What harm they did for others, they are having direct relation ship with Bhagavan Sri Krishna, still they have not escaped from pains, because of their experiences they were benefited in their later life.

    Don't worry who were going away from you now, will come to you when you relieved from all these pains. Of course it is very easy to advice but hope you will get sufficient strength to face the situations. I want to write so many things to boost up your morality but as i am not having good command on english i am dropping here.
    For live example Take our kasturi garu who was very close to swami, without reading his life history, you cannot imagine howmany difficulties he faced in his life, but because of that he become very dear to swami.

    Here our target is different, we are normal human beings, we ask god for the fulfilment of materialitic desires only so it will take time(depends on our old karma) but will be fulfilled. Take advantage this time and try to know about baba's leelas.

    with good wishes

  6. Another response:

    Om Sai Ram!

    I believe that Sai Baba(Guru) or any guru is just a reflection of Mother. A mother can never think of a single loss of her child. Just like a mother guru also can never get angry on his/her child. I must say that as guru is d highest spiritual being if he is a true Sathaguru(THAT OUR BELOVED SAI IS!) so he can never think a single negetive thought or loss in any fraction of even a second about his devotee or even d enemy of his devotee. So i would request you please dont get afraid of Sai Nath as he is your Mother/Father. Also dnt think that you will face any loss. Its our past kramas because of which we face good or bad. All what we need to do is to do good karmas and to pray everyday in any circumstances. Every thing happening is happening for our good, just to teach a lesson in life. God bless you lot of happiness in life and may your all worries turn into happiness by grace of Guru Sai Bhagwan.

    Om Sai Ram!

  7. Sai Ramji I am sharing few more replies received through mails :

    1. Dear Hetalji,

    This is with reference to devotee's experience, answers from devotees. Please tell PRC to keep firm faith in Sai Baba. We all go through ups and downs of life.

    According to sai satcharita, sai baba tells shama "Mysterious is the path of action which take place on account of prarabdh. I am only their witness. The Lord is the sole doer and the inspirer. He who casts aside his egoism and thanks him and he who trusts Him entirely will have his shackles removed".

    Tell PRC to wait with patience. Baba will surely ferry him across the journey of life.

    Saburi removes all sins, gets rid of calamities in various ways, casts aside all fears and utimately gives success.

    In the last para, he says he thinks of the poor and needy. What does he mean by this? God is there to take care of all the people whether rich or poor.He has his own ways of helping people and pulling them out of life's toughest journeys.

    PRC did not help to pay for a needy child in Shirdi as he promised. Is he not wasting his precious time and energy only thinking about the poor and not doing anything about it.

    PRC should do as he promised, it is never too late. If he does not feel like paying the whole amt at a time, he should pay it in installments. Our attachment to money is so strong that it does not allow us to let go, even if it means a promise made to someone.
    By doing the above, he can start learning 2 things right away 1 ) Non attachment 2) Learn to keep his word.

    He should try to take his Gurus insults as Guru's blessings, try to make time and read satcharita if not the full book then at least one chapter daily.He should jugde his own self and see where he should improve.I am sure sai baba is with him. Baba never lets down his devotees.

    2. Jai Sai Ram PRC,

    Hope you must be regularly checking up your mails. I read your part, I feel two things :

    First one – Please ask baba for the forgiveness if anything happens by mistake from you.

    Second One – As you said you see images of baba everywhere, it shows you have strong devotion & faith like all of us. so keep it up. for sure baba will shower his blessing upon you. baba is softer than mother. bcoz is mother of whole universe.

    With grace of sainath, you will clear your MBA examination. will see the things will be different.

    There is a proverb."tough men gets tougher with tough time."

    Baba will bless you,

    Jai Sai Nath,


  8. Sai Ramji I am sharing few more replies received through mails :

    Dear PRC,
    Jai Sai Ram,

    From what ever I have read so far, I can tell you for sure that you are brave man and you are putting up a really brave fight. I might be too young for you to even advice, I was very much in a similar state of mind just a week back, though i did not send a detailed mail like yours, I did have my own challenges/

    I would suggest::-

    1. Instead of finding answers for your problem, accept the fact that it is a problem for which time alone is the solution, if you have battled it out for last two years, I am sure SAI has been with you and taking most of your pain. What you are experiencing as pain is just an iota of the entire pain, as we all know SAI has the habit of taking his bhaktas sufferings on himself first.

    2. Remember: there shall be no want in your house.

    3. Please commit yourself to finish Sai Satcharitra in one weeks time with utmost devotion, trust me it has done wonders.

    4. Please dont give up, At the end of the day it matter how you finish,you have been fighting it out since two years and its just the final hurdle you need to cross. You may fall down again, you got to keep trying each every time you fall. Now that your mail has reached this family, our prayers are always going to be with you.

    Please view this video, it inspired me a lot- click here.

    Jai Sai Ram

    2. JAI SAI RAM,

    As Arun Ji said SAI BABA is our SAI MAA and a mother can never think of a single loss of her child. So don't afraid from SAI JI. Please surrender yourself completely to SAI JI. I am sure he will forgive you and shower his love on you and your family. I would suggest you to read SAI SACHRITRA and do Thursday's fasting..We will surely pray for you. I am sure, we will surely hear good news from you soon….

    May SAI JI bless


  9. Sai Ramji I am sharing few more replies received through mails :

    1. Dear Hetal,

    Can you please put up this response to Sai brother PRC on the blog. I am unable to post a comment there. Once again I wish to thank you for creating such a wonderful platform for Sai devotees to share their thoughts. I personally visit your site everyday and am very happy when I see new experiences posted, and of course very disappointed when I see no new ones. At that time I re-read some earlier experience and feel happy. Following is my response to PRC:

    Dear PRC,

    You are indeed blessed that you can see Baba everywhere. As someone mentioned in earlier posts, Baba has said that his true devotee will see him in all beings, and always. By the grace of Baba I would like to put forth a suggestion. I hope Baba will forgive me if I am wrong. I think you are blaming yourself and feeling guilty for the unfulfilled promise, and this guilt is what is eating you up from inside. Do not feel guilty, you have not forgotten the promise, only delayed keeping it up and that too may be Baba's leela – as even a leaf doesn't move unless HE wills it. Since you are out of a job currently, you may or may not be able to fulfill the promise immediately. If you are able to do it, please do so at the earliest. Otherwise, on a Thursday please take a small amount of money (even if its one dollar), tie it in a yellow piece of cloth and place it at Baba's feet and ask for forgiveness and pray to HIM to enable you to fulfill the vow soon.

    Once this is done, leave your guilt at Baba's feet and start looking at life with a fresh new perspective. When you are free of your burden you will be filled with positivity and you will get every success soon. Just remember to use that one dollar towards the same cause that the earlier promise was made, and this time once your condition improves, please fulfill your vow immediately.

    Baba is with you and I am sure all His devotees on this site also are praying for you. HE is very merciful HE forgives everyone, you just have to ask for forgiveness…May HE bless you and your family with good health and happiness, Om Sai Ram!

    2. The issues faced by the devotee (PRC) have been faced by others too whenever during period of slack economy.

    i guesss one out of 3 lost a job and one out those 3 must be hunting for an year. Others (like me) lost a fortune in stocks (more than my job earnings then).

    Very little one can do but to make use of the spare time in best way possible, for eg: reading on Param Sadguru Saibaba, reading on any useful subject of individual interest,investing time/understanding social issues (eg: blogs fighting for various environmental hazards in India, elsewhere)etc. knowledge never goes waste and as we grow in knowledge, there is a sense of fulfilment/achievement.

    Keep trying. our job is to try and not be elated by success or depressed by failures.

    Loosing a job was kinda routine affair during the slack economy, and hence one shouldn't view as someone incapable of doing things.

    Market is now looking up and now its a matter of time something clicks .



  10. Sai Ramji I am sharing few more replies received through mails :

    1. Om Sai Ram Hetal ji. Firstly I want to thank u for the great job u are doing. May baba bless u and your family with good health. I'm veena sravanthi one of the regular follower of this blog. Each and everytime when i read the experiences of sai devotees really tears turn in my eyes after knowing sai's miracles in every ones life. This really increases faith on our beloved sadguru sai. I'm also a sai devotee from my childhood personally experienced many thing from sai. I'll soon post many of my experiences with baba. I believe that sai will be with me in each and every work i do and takes me in the correct way.Upto now whatever i'hve achieved is only with the help of baba he gave me whatever i asked to him.

    I'm mainly writing this letter to tell one thing to one of our sai devotee PRC who is facing many troubles since one year. Dear PRC i've read the letter posted by you and felt bad after reading your problems. Please dont loose faith on baba he'll definately help you.And at this time i want to tell you one thing."WHEN GOD PUSHES YOU TO THE EDGE OF DIFFICULTY, TRUST HIM FULLY HE'LL CATCH YOU WHEN YOU FALL OR HE WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO FLY."

    Please remember this and please don't loose hope on our sai. I'll also pray on behalf of you. And i strongly believe that your problems come to an end very soon. Baba is there to help you.


    2. Sai ram

    Please forward this message to unknown sai devotee who is looking for answers to his many problems-

    First of all the devotee must remember that promises should never be broken and that must be clearly understood before they are made.If however this has happened seek honest and sincere pardon from yourself -then your guru.You faith is now being tested. Your honesty is being challenged.Remember that before the stone becomes a murti -it must be broken -then chisled -pounded then sculptured.- polished and painted.Having gone through all the processes of refinement -then only it becomes ready for sanctification and worship.You are very fortunate to be selected for this process because of your broken promise But "SAINATH" is all merciful and forgiving and by geninuen repentance you will be forgiven."LOVE ALL THAT YOU DO- AND DO ALL THAT YOU LOVE"

    Hope I have been able to help

    on the journey with sai

  11. OM SAI RAM

    I just only want to suggest you that please follow "SAI questions answer book".So that you can receive SAI BABA JI's advise . You should donate that amount which you have promised because only donation can remove one's miseries.MAY DEVA JI HELP YOU AND MAKE YOU OUT FROM THIS SITUATION.


  12. "Jaisa roop hua jis jan ka
    Waisa roop hua mere man ka"

    This teaching of baba ia the answer to all your questions.
    If u love me i`ll love you.
    If u act selfish i can do that too.

    I think u should donate that money to a child in america only no need to go to shirdi to find a needy.
    Do that and keep loving him.

    Nikhil Tiwari

  13. Sai Ramji I am sharing one more reply received through mail:

    Om Sairam to you,

    Perhaps you really want to try to help that child in Shirdi even in a small way – If at all possible. Or then forgive yourself for not having been able to do it at the time. I always feel that things start to happen the moment I give them up, so relax and trust in Swami.

    love from a friend far away

  14. My dear friends,

    I am so humbled by the support given and the messages written to me. Honestly, I had no idea that so many of you wonderful people would take the effort to read my troubles, let alone write back with advice and guidance. I am really thankful and grateful.

    I will fulfill the promise that I made to Baba. I would not have mentioned this if this did not weigh down upon me for so many years. But as someone mentioned, this is perhaps Baba's leela as well. My experience has probably helped some people, which in itself is a blessing. You are all wonderful people.

    I pray for everything to come together in peace and harmony…

  15. Sai Ram Dear PRC

    Few days ago i found some information about a devotee's wonderful & amazing first visit experiences in a place called Sai Dham, near Shirdi. Devotee's name is RamSaiPrakash. He has his own Sai baba blog on the net. Some Baba is said to be solving everybody's problems through Sai baba's grace in Sai Dham. So, i strongly suggest you to visit this blog & i am sure you will definitely find some solution to your problems. Go to google & type RamSaiPrakash, you will find his blog.



  16. dear sai brother,

    just one thing occured to me as i was reading your post

    "I am sitting here, ready to give you the whole gold-embroidered shela (valuable shawl), then, why go to others to steal rags!"

    Baba's words to Dev. Chapter 41, page 219, Sai Satcharita.

    And one more thing.. Somehow, have the $2000 remitted to shirdi sansthan. he will give you hundred-fold..

    Please say 'sai, sai'.. good time will return..

  17. Sai Ram,
    i think ur first step should be to fulfill promise u made to baba. Then you should start reading " Sai Satcharitra" with full devotion and i am sure u will get some positive changes in ur life.I think what u are facing right now is due to ur bad karmas. but believe me never let ur faith waver on him. i an stidying in Australia as student and i too had a big strom in my life. But, the day i got Sai Satcharitra at home through courier from India I got half of my problems solved without doing anything. I thing going to temple every thursday and reading Sai satcharitra everyday will surely take positive turn in ur life. Sai never leaves his devotees and he is with u life ur shadow. But, surely let us know if ur life takes an positive turn. All the best

  18. Hi Dear Repected Saibaba's Devotee
    You promised to Baba that "I had made a promise that after I got my dream job, I would donate $2000 to a needy child in Shirdi" So for what U r waiting to help someone.Go in Shirdi & help a needy Child. As soon you fulfill promise to Baba Surely SAIBABA will give U Answer.There are no Unanswered Prayer in this world.

  19. Hi PRC.

    You have a very bright, prosperous and spiritually enlightened future ahead. Few are the souls who see such sai kripa on them. The fact that you see him everywhere is evident that he is with you all the time.

    Shed your negativity , be positive , and see things taking U turn, back to the place where they started falling.

    I pray to Sai that he sends you to the same moment in the same position where you promised the $2000 donation to him and the child.

    In reality whatever that child would have gone through has inflicted on have taken up his sorrows….good and courageous of you.

    Now just take a deep breath smile at baba wherever you see him…and see the miracles:)

    let me know about your MBA result. THe next job offer that you get will be yours for sure…and you will be a changed man for sure..

    jai ho sai baba ki…

  20. Prc actually you need to know one thing Baba tests the bhaktha's patience to an extent where we can't tolerate only if he feels that bhaktha Is too Commited to sainath,you remember mahalsapathi right?Baba dint talk Abt his family problems even when they dint have anything to eat for days or so.!But you know how he cared him!!
    so i guess he'll give you a bright future that even you cannot imagine 🙂 so don give up jus love him he'll surely come to help for good ppl like us and onething you are getting problems only due to that 2000$ issue so make sure you donate it asap!all the best wishes and sai's Blessings to you bye tc!!

  21. please fulfill ur commitment of 2000 rs in shridi…buy bread and give………..baba gives us a test and tough time to remind us tat we have promised something to him…when i read this , it reminded me of the promise i had made….he is the greatest person……..saiiiiii plz bless us all

  22. Dear Friend
    This is first time ever i am giving advice to someone in a social a blog
    Remember satgurus words "shraddha and saburi" and also the fact that there is some thing called karma.If something bad is happening to us for too long that means that we are paying for our bad deeds and we have to pay for our wrong actions which is referred to as fate.This cannot be transfered or removed but the ill effect or evil effect of karma can be minimized if you have great faith in sai baba keep chanting his name remember,share his miracles and most importantly have faith in almighthy and soon things will fall into place.

    I going through a rough phase of my life,where things seems gloomy and dark yet i pray,cry ,bow to sai and ask him to give me back my good times,give back my job position ,peace of mind,most importantly my life ,my love the girl ,the person whom i love the most

    Kumar Raman

  23. I would recommend you to follow a 9 thursday sai vrat and miracle will happen and your life will be back on track,your happy times will return soon and your life will be peaceful and full of happiness.I know how it feels of being insecure and especially feeling that your life might dump you because you are not in a good position and in lot of trouble.have shradha and saburi and Sadguru Sai will take care of you.

  24. Dear,

    Om sai ram

    I would say one thing PRC that i have been in very tough situations since last 3 years when i was living in australia. But keep faith and meditate upon baba. leave all your worries and ask baba to help you fulfill your promise. Secondly, sit in a quite place, keep baba's photo in front of you and just keep ur hands in front of baba and look at him, no thoughts in mind just keep cool. All your tensions will vanish and baba will talk to you…

    you wont believe when i saw ur post i was wonder struck b'coz i have been experiencing same things like watching baba everywhere and crying in front of him. He will bless you for-sure and make a wayout for your problems.

    Calm down and meditate, sai will bless you.

  25. Dear Gurubandhu,

    I was going through your experience. One thing I can say is if you make a owe/promise that you would do something if something is fulfilled by BABA, you will have to keep your promise. For example in your experience you told, you would donate $2000 if you get a job. You promised BABA and you failed to fulfill that. You have to keep your promise. Donate what you have wished to. And see how BABA will lift you.

  26. Do not worry. Pray to Sri SaiBaba. All things will happen automatically. I prayed to sai baba on behalf of u and i got this answer from
    Have faith and patience…Sai baba will surely help u..Even I am also passing through a rough phase of ma life since last one year. I have full faith in Sai baba. He always take care of their devotees.

  27. Om Sai Ram PRC

    kindly read this story.. It had helped me.. hopefully it will help you get yours answers :

    Footprints in the Sand

    One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord. Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.

    In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand. Sometimes there were two sets of footprints, other times there was one only.

    This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my life, when I was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints, so I said to the Lord,

    “You promised me Lord,
    that if I followed you, you would walk with me always. But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life there has only been one set of footprints in the sand. Why, when I needed you most, have you not been there for me?”

    The Lord replied, “The years when you have seen only one set of footprints, my child, is when I carried you.”

    And trust me PRC since you are seeing pictures of BABA everywhere may be he is trying to tell you that he is always there with you.. Have faith in him.. 🙂

  28. Fulfill your promise that you made. Sai Baba always does what's best for us. To lose faith on him is out of ignorance, so hold your faith because to reach Sai Baba's abode is the goal of life. Be indifferent during all fluctuations in life and appreciate downfalls as much as you appreciate gifts. May God bless us all.

  29. Please fulfill your promise to BABA, we should not forget HIM after reaching the shore.Your problems are due to past karma, which can be minimized by putting complete faith in HIM.Moreover, HE is refining you of your past karma,by being with you, so don't loose heart, always engross yourself in SAI BABA.
    Jai Sai Ram

  30. sai sai sai
    bus mujhe aur kuch bolne ki kya zarurat hai sai jab tu sab kuj jaanta he hai mere maalik

  31. om sai ram
    its a humble request to all sai devotees kindly decide the date for my wedding…as its said like bhagwaan apnae bagaht mei he basta i need all sai devotees help
    sai waheguru

    kindly do reply.thank you all

  32. every thing gonna b fine.just read sai sachitra u gonna find ur answers dere .first give dat $2000 to a needy .u dont need to go to india to give dat money.u can give dis money to a Cancer patient or person who is sick.for dat u can visit any hospital after givin dat money everythin gonna start comin on track. keep tryin dont loose hope .sai toh bass yehh kehtay thay kee jo mai daina chahta huuu woh to koii laita nahi hai.woh sai bhagti daina cahatay dont worry abut money.
    baba nai dat(teeths) deay hai toh khana bhi daiga naa.dont loose hope .just say jai sai ram when ever u miss him or u r in trouble.

  33. om sai ram ,
    I Have read ur story .what i made it out is since u didnt full fill ur promise fear seeped in ur sub -conscious mind and that fear has made u more complicated .what u are undergoing is ur bad phase due to past karma .dont worry things will improve slowly ,just chant sai mantra with complete faith .when u get a job full fill ur best what u can and leave rest to god. BE HAPPY

  34. Have complete Faith & Patience on Sai Baba. Sai Baba will solve all your problems. Read Sai Sacharitra with full devotion regularly, and you will find answers to all your problems in Sai Sacharitra. visit nearby Sai temple regularly.

  35. i am searching for a nice job sai baba please bless me to get a good job for past one year i am searching please bless me baba .

  36. Sai Ram,

    the reason for your problems is in your story. That you have acted selfish. But the reason you keep seeing sai baba pictures is because, even though you have not fullfilled your duty Baba keeps reminding you of it and says that he is still there to help you once you complete your duties.

    At this point spending 2000$ on a needy person may be very hard for you financially. But dont hesitate.go ahead and do that. Once you give away which is not yours, immediately you will receive what you deserve from Baba.

    He never lets any of his devotees to suffer. Trust him and you will be showered with happiness.

    PS: Your wife is not a liability to you. she is your partner. You need to talk to her with open heart and seek her help. There is no better person who cares for you than your life partner. Trust her and respect her with your openness.


  38. Keep faith in Sai, and he will guide you, all your past bad karma is manifested now and it will be over soon, have Shraddha and Saburi, you should thank Baba for being with you everytime and saving you from worst experiences which would have happened. Keep trying your best always, be humble and do not loose temper. After experiencing the worst something equally good happens, who knows what good fortune is in stored for you. Keep the faith and keep trying sincerely, you will succeed.
    Sincere Saibhakt.

  39. Hi PRC,

    Saibaba is ther with us for ever. Hope your problems have been solved by this time. you have faced so many struggles in your life at a time. Please donate that money you promised to a needy child.

    Sai devotee

  40. om sairam plz baba help me. my husband never give support to me always he will thinks about his mother and sister he never think about me always he fights with me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me i want to die baba im not intersed his life plz help me from all this problmes and take care of my parents

  41. @Anonymous

    Dear Sai sister who posted about her husband. Dont worry sai is with you. Stop worrying about your husband. Concentrate on something else like your career or kids or start some courses. In due course you both will understand each other. I used to be just like you being so possessive on my husband, it only created lot of problems. I went to college, got degree, now i am working. I am busy with work and kids i dont even have time to think about my mother inlaw or anybody. If something bothers you just go to sai temple and go on with your life. It is not worth to think or die for these silly reasons. Take care of youself then you can take care of others in your life. om sai ram.

  42. Hi PRC,

    I have read to your problem, this happened becuase of your selfish behaviour. You mush have completed your vow. Anywaz it is not late now, go to shiridi and complete your vow fisrt and also inform baba that you have completed and ask him sorry. Sai baba has the powers to change your destiny. So sincere devotion to baba is essential. Please chant his name with loving devotion. Start reading parayan one (1) chapter daily and always remember baba. Have complete faith and I know that baba will remove all your difficulties when you have a firm faith on him. Read the sai baba miracles in devotees lives and increase your faith. Remember him mentally and love him. Remove your ego and start loving everybody and donate according to your capacity to the poor and needy. Be a good fellow human being and always speak thruth. Love sai baba deeply and you will listen the good news soon.

    Note : Remember that all your movements are in the hands of samarth sai nath. Instead of resolving the problem on your own, pray to sai nath whole heatedly, he will take care of it dont worry.

  43. Dear baba,
    Its been a long time I am praying just to you to look after my maternal family and 5years passed and we are at the same point…now I even do not know how should i pray to you so that you listen to me…please I can't see papa struggling at this phase of his life ,,,he should take rest and but still he is working against all odds to take care of family….bhai ko bhi naukri nahi mili…business bhi nahi chala …prmatma i sharan mein ane se kuch to kasht hate honge par harpal umeed ke share nikal jata hai …5saal se admission lekar kuch babnne ki koshish kar ahi hun…ab to admission dila do…man har aas chodta ja raha hai…ek tarah se depressionmein ja rahi hun…please baba ab to sahara de do….aap to meri silence ko samjo…pita ho to beti ko rota hua h dekhte rahoge kya? aur kaise madad ke liye pukaroon

  44. Dear Saibaba,
    Thank you so much for your prayers for the healing of my ailments and also for deliverance from financial hardships.Though you are not with us physically,we your children experience your presence in life.
    Now I place another prayer request for my son George and daughter Priya,who are already matured for marriage,but could not settle life as yet.Meanwhile a marriage proposal came recently from the parents of the girl named Neenu Elizabeth Paul for our son George Varghese and discussion between the parents are going on.We pray that Almighty unite our son George with the foresaid Neenu Elzabeth in matrimony shortly,by overcoming all hurdles on the way.I beg you to pray for the fulfillment of our wish in this case and also for enabling our daughter Priya to get a suitable life partner.I hope that you will place the new prayer request in the next prayer meeting.Take care.


  45. saibaba please listen to my prayers saibaba please please i want my shu to get employed
    saibaba please please give my shu job saibaba please baba sai of shirdi .sai baba of shirdi please recruit me in bank .please please .
    shirdi sai baba please keep us showring your blessings

  46. shirdi sai baba please give recruotment to my shu please baba sai of shirdi please please
    please give me offer letter of bank job .
    saibaba of shirdi please please bless us .

  47. saibaba of shirdi please
    give my shu job please please please saibaba of shirdi please .
    baba sai of shirdi please shower your blessing on us and show your presence .

  48. shirdi saibaba please give my shu job saibaba please please saibaba please show us your presence saibaba of shirdi.
    baba sai of shirdi please shower your blessing on us.

  49. saibab of shirdi please give my shu job please please sai please make my selection please please
    saibaba please please sahower your blessing on us,show your presence.


  51. Mr PRC,

    Firstly fulfill your vow to donate $2000 to the needy.
    Trust no one else except Sai.
    He will come running to help you if you think of him even ones.
    Have full faith in Him and surrender yourself completely to Him and you will see miracles happening in your life the moment you surrender Him.
    And remember do not give up. Yuo are a good person because you are Sai's Devotee.
    He will help you.
    Om Sai

  52. dear brother
    dont be so sad
    i will tell you one thing
    you sd you waited for good results and each and every time you got is rejection
    but the truth is that if baba is taking something away from you… surely he decided to give you something much much better. if the thing happened is not a good one…you just think that it is not the ending…because the ending is always happy….you will realise this later…you are so lucky that you see baba everywhere…each time you see baba you shud become more n more confident.he is with u….always…then about that $2000….if you have that much money to spend easily then giv it…you now know how much your MBA matters to u…if with the help of you someone is getting education…food…its good no?and if you are not in a position pray to baba that you will giv that after getting money. about the offerings… need to say i will do this….. that……always be kindfull to your fellow beings….dont hurt anyone with ur words….and always be happy….may sainath bless you with his choicest blessings…..waiting to see your post telling that you are so happy…

  53. My pranams & Namaskaram to sai, I faced lot of twist & turnings from my childhood onwards till now. But nothing is stable with me. I am putting lot of effort to get something. But due to my unlucky, it is not lying with me. Again from first level onwards i need to search for something and that too also not receive easily. Physically & mentally will suffer for the same and will get it. previously i dont have faith with Shridi Saibaba. But for the past 2 yrs i dont know how i belive him. with his grace i got the job but as i told you, i am an unlucky person. Now i am in the list of unemployed catageory. My husband is doing business which is also dull now. i am looking for the job for the past 6 months, nobody is calling for an interview also. really i hate myself. I am so sad. pls help sai

  54. dear sai devottees, i m ramya. Devotees who are in trouble plz surrender to sri sai.then all ur wishes wil be fulfilled. Om sai ram

  55. baba pls bless me i want to marry my lover with ur and my parents and his parents permission pls bless me and my lover addicted in drinks pls pls pls relieve him pls pls

  56. Om Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram aadi Na antt tumhara tumhe shradha Naman hamara.bolo Shree Sachidanand Sai nath Gururaj maharaj ki Jai sabka maliek ek…..Govind bolo Hari Gopal bolo bolo bolo Shree Hari Sai bolo

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