A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 6

A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 6
With more and more brief experiences being received, here are more three of them.

Sai Baba — I owe you my life

Harsha ji says: I am Harsha, working as a software consultant for Microsoft. My GOD my sadguru Sai helped me in achieving what ever I asked him.

I don’t know when I actually started believing Baba. My parents are ardent devotees of Baba. From my childhood, I used to visit Baba temple. It was when I am doing my B.E., Baba pulled me to his feet. From then I never looked back. I will share some experiences.

I had a dream to do Master’s degree in US. I gave GRE and TOEFL exams and I didn’t do well in my GRE. I applied for some universities in US having all my belief in Baba. I actually did not expect any admission with that score. Because of sheer grace and love of baba for me I got admission with a very good scholarship. Then it was during the visa interview. I applied for my Student visa and I got the slot way behind. Every one told me that I would not get VISA. I believed baba, went to the interview. On that day there were lot of rejections. My turn came. The visa officer asked me nothing and approved my VISA only because of Baba’s grace.

This is another experience. I was looking for job when I was on bench. I got couple of projects and were on hold. I searched for almost 7 months. One day I was very angry and I sat before baba and started scolding him that he is not giving what I asked. After sometime I realized, thought of the past. He gave me every thing what I asked. Then I sat before him and begged to forgive me and prayed him saying that you showed me how devoted I am. I prayed him saying that I will not think of any thing except you. What ever you give, I will take that and I will not leave you feet. With in one week, the MIRACLE happened. I got a call from Microsoft. They conducted two rounds of interviews and I was not confident. Again after couple of days they called me once again and told that I would be having third round. This position is entirely different technology. Then I spoke with another consultant who belongs to the company I work for. We had a discussion. What ever we discussed, the same questions were asked in the interview. I am shocked. Baba gave me this job very easily. He helped me in the form of consultant. Now I am doing my job. attending satsang and chanting ‘SAI’ when ever possible.

I have nothing to ask now. I surrendered completely to baba. He will give me what ever is good for me and I pray him that never ever I should leave his feet.

If You Look To Me, I Look To You

A devotee named TJS says: Hetal ji, After reading your blog my heart filled with some hope again. Actually I am in a very difficult situation. I have no job due to recession. I have worked for a big IT company and my life went smoothly for a while. I was able to clear my family debts and helped them buy a house. I also bought them a new car recently. I am more concern about my family than my personal needs. I am 33 male single. I believe in BABA very much and I used to read Sai Parayanam with all faith regularly when I was working. But from last 6 months I am unable to get a job here in US and having problem with my visa status also, I am feeling very guilty that I stopped reading Sai Parayanam these days as I have been facing mental stress and pain and lost hope on BABA and stopped reading Parayanam. I remember BABA has helped me a lot and gave me what I wanted always. I questioned BABA many times whether he really exists to save his devotees.

I read people writing their experiences on your blog and requesting for help. I was also very curious to write my situation hoping at least I get some moral support from all devotees. I was about to post the above message 1 week back just before attending a job interview which I applied 2 months back.

From last 6 months, I was unable to take the pain and decided to go back to India. But miraculously whenever I planned to go India something has stopped me. That something is in the form of friends suggestions. They told me not to go back. And I believed BABA is sending me message via my friends. He knows that there is an opportunity waiting for me in US. And I have to wait for the right time to take it.

The right time I realized was the day when I attended the job interview. YES! He did it again. He made me realize again that he is always with me and only thing I have do is have faith in him and go with the life even in worst situations.

I was offered a full time job opportunity. Usually in this recession time it is very difficult to get a full time job in IT. But I was so lucky that BABA has planned something which is like a second life to me. I have no words to say. Now I understood why BABA did not allow me to go back India.
I am still waiting for the start date of my new job. As company is doing some formalities of my background verification and it will take 1 to 4 weeks to complete the process.

Finally, BABA has just changed my life again. I completely surrender my soul to him. There is nothing in our hands when a situation doesn’t work in our favor.

Sometimes “SAI” Upsets Our Plans To Set Up “HIS” Own Plans… “SAI’s” Plans Are Perfect… So Never Get Upset When Our Plans Get Upsets…


A Little Desire Was Fulfilled By Sai Baba

Shalni says: Hello Hetal ji, You are really doing a good job.You are really lucky that DEVA JI has choosen you for this work.

OM SAI RAM. As we all know that DEVA JI always take care of each and every tiny desire of their devotees. Even the smallest desire of their devotees means to him a lot. Today i want to place an example of this as my Birthday falls in Jan. On that day, i wanted to take darshan of SAI BABAJI..but i didn’t know the location of temple and didn’t have someone who can accompany me ..but there was a little hope inside me. My brother-in -law knew the location but he was not feeling well. Around 7o’clock, i got a call from my Brother-in-law,saying that he was ok now and we could visit Temple now..for 1 second, i didn’t believe it..but on the other second my heart filled with joy as this was going to be my first visit to Temple.

It was really chill outside but DEVA JI’s had already made all the arrangements. We comfortably went to temple..I had a wonderful Darshan of DEVA JI..I kept on looking the IDOL..

I never forget my this Birthday as it was wonderfully design by DEVA JI.. THANKYOU DEVA JI…FOR BEING WITH ME ALWAYS…

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  1. Om Sai Ram… Baba please protect my husband and children each day. Please give them very good health, a very good happy life with knowledge, wisdom and prsperity and moreover a strong faith in you. Baba you have been a great part of my life over the last 3 years, now each day starts and ends with your name. Baba help me do good things and help us everyday. We are working very hard and hope you will handhold us and take us across to new levels of success with goodness, faith, patience and the ability to support as many families as we can. Baba we have started a new project which could not have staeted without your grace and blessings. Please be with us baba and help us get right people at work. Baba please protect my husband he was feeling feverish and I surrender to you as he had to travel. Take care of him baba and give him good health. Help me conduct my daily chores baba without wastage. Help me to conduct myself so that I hurt no one and spread happiness all over. Baba i surrender to you wholly. Thank you for everything Baba. Om Sai rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om sai arogys kshemadaya namah 🙏

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