A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 5

A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 5
Devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba are very keen and eager to share even their smallest of experiences with their Sai Baba. It obviously gives much inner happiness and thus i am receiving more of such brief incidents on daily basis. Here are more such three experiences.

My Husband’s Health Improved By Baba’s Grace

Arps ji says: Hi Hetalji, I got to know about Baba only 9 months back or you can say i came near to Baba only 9 months back. I got to know about him only through your website which helped me to understand his leela and make me worship him. For this good service i want to thank you from bottom of my heart. Hetalji please correct the sentences wherever required.

Here is my experience. My husband got a chickenpox on last week Wednesday. hHe was ok till Friday but suddenly on Saturday he started vomiting continuously and nothing was going inside of his stomach and he was so week he could not able to speak nor stand. I was very tensed at that time as me and my husband stay in Bangalore and my in-laws stay at native. That time I thought Sai only can help me and I started praying Sai. Then also his vomiting did not stop and I called doctor to check what can be done. Then doctor asked me to come to his hospital he will give me some medicine. I took auto and went to hospital. While going hospital i prayed sai that please stop his vomiting and improve his health. Doctor gave me some medicine and asked me to give that to my hubby. I gave one tablet then also there is no improvement then again i gave him second table and that time I asked Sai to please see that he should not vomit it again. At that time Sai heard my prayers and from then onwards i can see lots of improvement in his health. After some time he got up and had 4-5 spoon of rice and that night he was well. So i really want to thank Sai for his blessing and I pray to him please take care of us always.

Sai Baba’s Grace

Revati ji says: My niece was facing lot of troubles after marriage. She was in USA and had faced terrible experiences with her husband after marriage hence had come to our house with her infant baby in hands for her safety since she did not have any other place to go.

She was not working and did not even have pennies in her hand, at the time her husband filed an accusation that she ran away with the baby hence she had to appear before the court to prove that it was wrong. It was then, she and I prayed to Baba to help her in this situation. Attorney’s fee was about $2000! She did not even have pennies in her hand! She could do nothing but pray to the Lord Bhagavan Saibaba. She took Baba’s book with her and prayed that He should be with us during this ordeal. She then called & got hold of their previous neighbors who by Baba’s grace helped her by giving the court their witness statements proving that she was a victim of domestic violence. It was an amazing Baba’s miracle because that particular neighbor just got in town! Then when we contacted a women’s association. They heard of her situation and paid the attorney $2000 on the spot!! And, her innocence was proved in the court and she was granted full custody of the baby!!! She also found a job later!!!!This was possible only with Baba’s intentions.

Sai Listens Our Heart Voice

Leena ji says: Om Anant Koti Brahmandnayak Raja Dhi Raj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Satchitanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaji Ki Jai…..Om Sai Ram to all the Sai devotees….i want to share my experience that happened on 11 feb …i went for 12 pm aarti and it was my 9th and last Sai fast…I told Baba that i want something good to happen today. I saw Baba and wished to have a red rose from his picture …after aarti i was sitting …and i was wishing i will get red rose but there was no red rose …i was assuming someone will come and give red rose to Baba and then i can get that …but no body came …there was a garland of roses but pandit ji didnt give garlands like that …after sometime i told Baba if you dont want to give its ok i will pick my self …as i went near Baba picture …i was praying an when i opened my eyes pandit ji gave me a red rose i didnt know from where it came becuase there was no red rose i was surprised …an happy because Baba gave me that rose …i love u so much Baba …believe Baba from core of your heart and he is always near you and loves you …i am so happy to share this experience with all of devotee today.

Devotees please keep sharing your experience …love to read it … OM SAI RAM

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