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A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 3

A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 3
Once again i am posting few experiences shared by our Sai brothers in brief.
Sai brother Sudheer ji says:
Think And Sai Baba Is Here
Hi Hetalji,
I would like to share with you my experience with Baba which happened recently. It was on 26-Jan-2010, Tuesday noon at around 2.30 pm I was reading one of the books on Baba in which the lines read “The moment you think of me, I manifest before you” which is one of Baba’s promises. And the lines go on saying if this is wished with a pure heart, this would come true. I truly wished Baba should come before me and continued reading it. It was Tuesday at 2:30pm the time coincided with Baba’s Maha Samadhi day which was Tuesday, 2:30pm. As we know, Baba took Mahasamadhi on 15-October-1918, Tuesday noon. After about half an hour, I heard some chorus songs being chanted outside my house. I peeped outside to see Baba’s palki procession passing by my house. One can imagine my happiness. Such instances are many in my life where Baba proved that he is near and always caring. Baba is very Omnipresent. “Think and he is here”. Thanks Baba for showering your love and Am always indebted to you. May I be your slave and serve you being very closely bonded with you in as many future births that I may have before I reach your holy abode. Amen.

Thanks & Regards,

Sudheer Kumar Pisay.
Sai brother Ravi says:
Sai Saved Me From Embarrassment
I was caught by a traffic cop (one late evening) for taking a wrong way in a one way lane in Chennai, India. There was no "sign" stating it was a one way. But it was a mistake nevertheless. The cop took me inside a shop nearby and asked me for bribe. I prayed to Sai in my mind that I made a mistake unknowingly, please save me.

I told him that I had nothing significant. He was insistent. At one point I spread my wallet and showed him that there was no notable money inside. He peeped in. I looked inside too. There were a couple of Rs.10 notes and I gave them to him and he let me go. I came home thanking Sai in my mind, for saving me from any significant impact.

Then the next day, I opened my wallet (same section) to pay for something - to my surprise, I saw 2-3 Rs100 notes! I then remembered that I placed it 3-4 days back. I am not sure how it did not show up when I spread the wallet! May be the lighting cast some shadows or maybe the Rs.100 notes were hidden in between the Rs10 notes. Whatever happened, the notes were completely masked from vision
when I spread the wallet!! I could have easily lost some money to some annoying cop! I internally thanked Sai sincerely for this miracle!
An unknown devotee of Baba named Sai Bhaktan says:
Sai Helped Us Marry
This is quite a long experience. I was in love with a girl and so was she. By Sai's grace everything fell in place, we got married with full-hearted acceptance from parties on both sides and we are now married and living happily and so are our parents. There are several incidences and innumerable miracles that Sai did for us. I just wanted to share this one for now.

1) At some point before our marriage, I was in Shirdi and called up my mom to say that I reached safely and am just about to get into the temple for Darshan. She told me that my she had sent my horoscope to my father-in-law as per their request. This was a big surprise to me since they had earlier decided not to get into Horoscopes. Even now, they did this for the sake of satisfaction.

I felt quite nervous. I went to the temple and was in Shirdi Sai's inner cabin in the main temple. I was feeling nervous and hoped that everything turns out well. some issues like a manglik dosha (though I do not believe in these and think Sai is the ultimate saviour) would send jitters among parents and relatives alike. Just about the same time when this thought crossed my mind, I heard something like "Manglaya Shubam..." (I don't remember the verse) and I turned back. I saw a party of women seated in front of a priest and right at that moment when I turned, they took the kumkum (red coloured power used in pooja) and applied to their foreheads!! I was so overwhelmed with happiness and let go of all my fears right then, knowing Sai would do the needful.

I called my mom after the darshan and came to know that our horoscope had 9/10 matches which is seemingly very rare! This further strengthened the support of elders on both sides! Victory be unto Sai...

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