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In this post i am sharing two experiences of Sai sister Anuradhaji.

Anuradhaji says : Dear Hetalji,

Om Sai Ram and Thank you very much for doing this noble work. You don’t know how many souls like me are getting benefited from your work. I am a frequent visitor to your blog. May Sai Ram bless you and your family. I know I have no body but Sai Ram as my savior. Please publish my experience(s) on your blog for all the devotees to understand the SAI MA will help you no matter what you ask HIM.

“I have felt direct presence of and help from Sai Baba many times in my life. Two of them are listed here:

First incident which I can recall happened during my trip to Shirdi with my husband around 15 years back. We couldn’t get any hotel accommodation in Shirdi and were walking from one hotel to another carrying our luggage with no luck. We were very upset about it and were praying to Sainath to help us. Suddenly an old man in white clothes approached us from behind and asked “Kya aap log hotel dhoodh rahe ho?” (Are you looking for a hotel room?) and we said “Haan, bahut pareshan hain.” (Yes we are very upset about it.) Then he asked where are we from. We told him we are from Bhopal. After listening to us he pointed to one hotel and told us to go to that hotel and tell them we are from Bhopal and we will get the room. We were skeptic about it but had no choice, so we did what that old man told us to do and BINGO we got the room. We were very happy about it and thanked that person. I later realized he was no other than my SAINATH, who came to help when we needed HIM.

Most recent incident happened just four days back on December 24, 2009. Now I live in Austin, TX. We were going on a 8 hour long road trip. After about half the distance and 4 hours later we found our car low on gas (petrol). We kept looking for a gas station but strangely there was NO gas station for almost 40-50 miles stretch of the highway and then finally our car stopped. We somehow managed to pull it to the side, started praying to Sadguru Sainath Maharaj to help us and started making phone calls to the roadside assistance service to come and help us thinking it will take at the most 10 minutes for the call and 30 minutes for the service provider to bring us gas and we should be on the road in 40 minutes or less. During all our previous calls this is how long it took them. Also as we pay the monthly cost for the road side service we don’t need to pay anything when we really need them. But something else was in store for us that day. As it was a holiday and Christmas time the roadside assistance company took almost an hour to find a service provider and told us that the service provider is demanding $175 to get us two gallons of gas. My husband and I got very upset about it but considering the holidays, urgency and no other help in sight we had no choice and we said OK we will pay the money just ask him to get the gas.

Now we started waiting patiently, tried asking for help from cars passing by and kept on praying to Sainath to help us. Forty more minutes passed, we were stranded on the road for almost 1 hour and 40 minutes still no sight of the company who was suppose to bring help. My husband called that company and the person on the phone started acting strange, asked him to give credit card details on the phone before he can come and they had an argument as my husband insisted that we will pay only when we get the help. After the hot discussion the other person hung up the phone. All of us got angry, frustrated and worried about the entire messy start of our long awaited vacation. Still we kept praying to Sai Baba and had a strong faith that HE will help us.

Finally after about 15 more minutes we saw a white truck stopping behind our car. We were happy to see that help arrived and assumed that that the truck belongs to the service provider who hung up the phone. A man got out of the truck, walked to us and asked if we needed the gas. My husband said yes and asked him if he belongs to that company. We were very surprised to here that he had nothing to do with that company and he told us that the police department called him and asked him to deliver gas to us. We were shocked to here this miracle as we never called the police department, no police car ever came to help, and no one but the service provider knew that we were out of gas. We thanked that person, got the gas, paid him the cost of gas and were able to be back on the road after two hours. Later we realized that we did not thank our savior enough and wanted to give him some extra money for helping us. The person who got us gas was driving behind us for a while and after few minutes when we looked back there was no white truck behind us! We then realized it was another leela by our beloved Sainath Maharaj who came to help us when we needed HIM. Jai Sainath.”

Om Shri Sai Nathay Namah!

My mother’s experience with Shri Shirdi Sai Baba

This is the true story of how Shri Sachchidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj saved my mother’s life in September 2007.

My mother and my entire family has great faith in Shri Shirdi Saibaba. As a child I have memories of visiting Shirdi many times. This faith grew stronger during one of the toughest period in our lives. My mother fell sick during September 2007. As both my parents and my brother are doctors it seemed normal for them and the treatment started. Suddenly her illness became severe and her whole body started swelling and she started acting strange. After few tests and consultation with local doctor friends my father and brother decided to shift her from a small town in Madhya Pradesh to the closest city Nagpur with renowned hospitals and doctors. As soon as they reached Nagpur, the doctors diagnosed her with a serious condition called “Septicemia”. ( Septicemia or Blood Poisoning is a serious, life-threatening infection that gets worse very quickly). This was shocking for everyone as the survival rate for septicemia is only 50%.

Doctors started the treatment but her condition deteriorated day by day and she became unconscious. The doctor told my brother that now anything can happen, inform anyone you would like to come. That is when I received the most dreaded phone call in my life. My brother called me and said “Come here as soon as you can. Amma’s condition is getting worse”. I immediately made arrangements and flew the next morning. From the moment I got the phone call I started praying to Sai Baba to please keep her alive and give me a chance to see her and talk to her. That was the most dangerous night in my mother’s life. Back in India my three siblings and my father continued praying all night to Sai Baba to save her life. I reached India on Thursday September 27th 2007 morning. From the airport we drove straight to Shri Sai Baba temple in Nagpur and all four of us prayed to Sai Baba to save her life. When we reached hospital I was shocked to see her in such a bad shape but we got the good news that she is better than the last night. She started getting better little by little and finally when the doctors took her off the ventilator and she was able to talk, she called my elder sister and said she wants to tell her something. She said: “I had a dream last night and I saw that Sai Baba is taking my head and I am praying to Him to leave me on earth. I told Sai Baba that my Sai is my husband; he is crying and so are all my kids, please let me go and He brought my head back and attached it back to my body”. We were pleasantly surprised to hear that Sai Baba did hear our prayers and returned our mother back to us. It was like another birth for my mother. She had to stay in ICU for three weeks and it took her couple of months to recover completely from that illness. But since then our faith in Shri Sai Baba is stronger than ever. I know He is watching and protecting me and my entire family from all the evil forces. I know He will save us from all the troubles.

I have learned the real meaning on “Faith” and “Patience” from this experience. I wish everyone reading this story will do the same.

© Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba

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