Our Parayan Bore Fruit – Sai Devotees : Shilpa and Nisha

Our Parayan Bore Fruit - Sai Devotees : Shilpa and Nisha
In this post i am sharing two experiences which surprisingly deal with the same subject matter.

First Experience by Sai sister Shilpa ji

Sai sister Shilpa ji says : Dear Hetalji,

Om Sai ram. I am Shilpa Tiwari from Mathura. I am married and staying with husband in Canada. I am a regular visitor of your blog and really appreciate all the good work and services you are doing. Thanks a lot for providing such a wonderful blog which has helped us in various ways to get closer to Baba.

Baba came into our (me and my husband) lives before 2 years through a friend of mine. Since then Baba has blessed us with many leelas and this is one of those. I had promised Baba to post my experience on your blog and here it is.

This happened four weeks ago, when I got up in the morning I had sore throat and little cough. For 2-3 days I ignored it and didn’t take any medication other than few home remedies. After that, it turned into some infection and the cough increased. Because of the irritation in the throat and cough I couldn’t sleep in the night for 2 days continuously. Then I went to the doctor (which I didn’t want to) and doctor prescribed some medicines based on symptoms. Though medicines reduced the symptoms, it didn’t cure me completely.

After a week of taking medicines, again the cough got severe, there was throat irritation and also breathlessness. I was really distressed due to lack of sleep and pain.

Meanwhile, one of the Thursdays I prayed to baba for His help. I started saptah parayan on the same day, used to chant Baba’s name as much as possible. Also, started taking Udi mixed with water at night. From the third day of the parayan, the cough started reducing along with other symptoms. I completely got cured by seventh day of parayan due to Baba’s grace.

Thank you baba for everything. Please be always with us and bless us.

Jai Sai Ram.


Second Experience by Sai sister Nishi ji

Sai sister Nishi ji says : Sai Ramji Hetal ji,

First of all, i want to tell you that you are doing a very fantastic job and i am very thankful to you for that.

Initially, i was not a devotee of Sai and as such was not much familiar about Him. In fact when i was in India, i used to visit Shirdi with my parents, but not with faith. I started believing in Sai after i came to Canada, after some experiences.

I would like to share one of those experience with all Sai devotees. Few days back, i was suffering with severe cold, cough and fever and none of the medications were working. Because of that, i could not sleep during the night. My condition was worsening day by day, i could not breath, i used to cry in front of Sai during the night when everyone was asleep. I prayed to Sai to forgive me if have done anything wrong. I even told him that i would start doing a one week parayan, if my condition gets better.

And to my surprise, in the morning, i was feeling much better. I could even sleep that night. It was really a miracle. I am very thankful to Sai for listening to my prayers. I am still looking for a good job and i am sure, Saibaba has something good in store for me.

Nishi Naik

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  1. Sai Ramji Dear Devotee Readers,

    It would be surprising why i am commenting here as such this is the first comment to this post. After reading the above experiences i was reminded of one such recent experience of mine, so putting it for all here.

    It was sometime in end of the year 2009. Myself and my mother were suffering from bad cold and cough. We both were been medicated for it, with no signs of improvement. Instead of subsiding, the flew was showing worst symptoms. We were not able to sleep at nights and as soon as we tried to say something, we started coughing. Even people can make out bad cough while talking on phone too! Due to continuous coughing, there were rashes in my throat, again worsening the situation. Domestic medicines were used along with allopathic ones and we got sick to medicines. Final resort was Baba, though we first prayed Him to cure us, but thought why to trouble Him unnecessarily for petty things desperately as cough was due to cold weather and it will cure soon. But at last we prayed to Baba only and yes Udi which has miraculous effects, helped us too. Though cough got cured completely with slow pace, but when all medicines proved no effect, this Holy Ash did wonders. Rather the power of Baba's healing power contained in Udi was the ultimate cure for us.

    Thanks for reading this comment patiently.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil

  2. Jai Sairamji Hetalji,Nishaji and Shilpaji,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. I have one doubt. By Saptah parayaan, do you mean reading of the Shree Sai Satcharita in a week?

    Jai SaiRamji



  3. Sai Ramji Sharath ji,

    Thanks for reading all the experiences patiently 🙂

    Yes, by saptah parayan, we meant reading of the Shree Sai Satcharita in a week. If you are not sure about the procedure of parayan or if you have any further doubt, you can read a comprehensive post on All About Sacred Text – Shri Sai Satcharitra.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil

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