Miracles of Sai Baba at Shibpur Sai Baba Mandir

Miracles of Sai Baba at Shibpur Sai Baba Mandir
Sharing with you all experience by Sai brother Biswanath ji and few of the devotees whom he interviewed residing in Nadia district in West Bengal and who visit Shibpur Sai Baba Mandir .

Om Sai,

I would like to narrate my experiences during my second visit to Sai Baba temple at Sibpur, Nadia district in West Bengal.

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Like my previous darshan of Sai Baba in this temple, I felt the similar glow in Sai Baba’s face. He seemed to me sitting there alive, smiling at all the devotees.

There are aratis held 4 times a day – early morning at 4:45 AM, noon arati at 12 PM, evening arati from 6:30 PM till 9:30 PM and the night arati at 9PM.

The evening arati is splendid, goes on for 3 hours continuously. The devotees who are very poor farmers of the village come regularly during the aratis. I spotted a dog and the locals told me that this dog is present everytime during the arati. He has not missed a single arati.

During the evening arati I had the desire to take a small video of the arati and keep it to myself. An inner voice told me to stop taking the video and concentrate on the Puja and Arati. I did not listen and continued taking the videos. I tried to take two videos during the evening arati period. When the arati was over I tried checking how the videos have come. Lo! To my surprise there were blank screens. None of the videos were recorded. I understood that I have to take Baba’s permission to click his picture here. Next morning during the Kakad arati I asked Baba for his permission to take his morning arati video. I looked at Baba and he seemed to be smiling. Happily I took the video. It was recorded this time! I understood that nothing in this universe moves without Baba’s permission and grace.

I was hearing on my way about the various leelas Baba was performing to his devotes in this village. I thought of meeting those devotees directly and hear from them about the miracles here. I met the poor villagers and compiled all the experiences they had. Let me state here the Shibpur village Sai Baba devotees experiences here.

  • Sometimes in Sep 2009 a PWD Engineer’s wife called up the President of this temple Amit Biswas. She told him that she has a happy married life but this life seems to be vacant without a child. They are married for 10 years now without an issue. The couple had visited many doctors and have taken all the medical help required but of no use. One day while coming in a vehicle she has seen Sai Baba’s picture in a shop. She asked Amit whether she can have a darshan of Sai Baba and offer puja to HIM. Amit invited him to the temple to offer Puja to Sai Baba. When she had the darshan of Baba she cried bitterly before Baba and prayed for a child. Baba blessed him with a beautiful child 10 years after their marriage.
  • Guddu Gurung and Saina Guru are from Nepal. They are working in this village as watchman. They were childless. One by one four children died before their birth. Doctor’s said that Saina had some internal problem in ovary and she was not able to bear child. They consulted many doctors, finally went to Vellore for treatment. But still no cure. Finally they got a beautiful daughter after offering Puja to Sai Baba in Sibpur temple.
  • One day the daughter of the priest of the temple saw that her lower portion of the face has been blackened. There were black spots on this part of the face. The priest was worried. He did not consult any doctor. Rather with full faith and devotion he smeared Baba’s Udi on her daughter’s face and prayed to Baba to remove these black spots from her daughter’s face. Miraculously after 7 days these black spots vanished on its own and the girl looked normal like before.
  • A child was born to a couple after 14 years of their marriage after offering Puja to Sai Baba at Sibpur temple.
  • One day a devotee came for Baba’s darshan. He had severe stomach pain for quite a few days. The pain was so much that it was impossible for him to sit in this temple. With great devotion he prayed to Baba and took His UDI mixed in water. Within minuted the stomach pain vanished and he never felt that pain any more.
  • There was one Sai devotee who lives in a nearby village called Gopinathpur. He had paralysis. He could not move his limbs. He consulted many doctors, took physiotherapy courses but of no use. With great difficulty and full devotion, this devotee paid darshan to Sai Baba at Sibpur temple. On his return slowly his paralysis was gone and now he can run and walk like normal humans.
  • A devotee named Sunil Das had a 16 days old son. Suddenly this child stopped taking any type of food and was continuously crying. This went on for 3 days with no food and continuous crying and shivering. Doctor’s medicine failed to cure this child. Finally they brought this child to Sai Baba, laid him near Baba’s seat and the priest touched the child’s head taking Baba’s name and applied Udi on his forehead. He child immediately stopped crying and was rather smiling. He drank the entire bottle of milk in from of everyone present there and started behaving normally.
  • An old devotee of Sai Baba named Tarit Pal had a daughter who had her face paralysed. Tarit took her daughter to many doctors but none could cure her. Finally Tarit started bringing his daughter to Sai Baba’s temple every day and applied Baba’s Udi on that portion of her face which was paralysed. Slowly her paralysis was gone and recovered completely by the grace of Baba when all medical sciences failed.
  • There are many instance in this village where girls get married after offering Puja to Sai Baba at Sibpur temple.
  • Balai Ghosh of Krishnanagar was in deep poverty. He did not have the money to meet the basic means. He tried to get a job but could not succeed. He was totally frustrated and decided to end his life. Suddenly he got an inner message that if he donates Rs. 500/- to Sai Baba temple in Sibpur his bad days will come to an end. This poor fellow now has nothing left with him save his bicycle. He decided to sell of this bicycle for Rs. 500 and donate this amount to Baba as dakshina. He sold the bicycle for Rs. 500/-, went to Sai Baba temple a Sibpur and kept Rs. 500/- at Sai Baba’s feet and returned home. After exactly seven days a distant relative of Balai came to meet him. Balai has never seen this relative. He offered Balai to join him in his business as partner. Balai need not to invest any capital for this. This relative of Balai had business of manufacturing and repairing batteries. Business grew well. After one year Balai decided to find out how much money he could profit from this business. His banker told him that he has made a profit of Rs. 5 lakhs in one year. This is the chamatkar of Baba. Baba has turned this beggar to a rich man today. Balai offered Rs. 500/- to Baba and Baba returned him 1000 times that money to him. Om Sai Ram.
  • At least 3 to 4 devotees told me that they have seen at midnight between 2 Am – 2:30 AM that a round ball shaped object, brightly illuminated swayed between the top of the Neem tree to the top of the temple. This ball swayed 2 to 3 times and then suddenly vanished.
  • Recently a week back evening Aarati was going on in the temple. The President of the Shibpur Sai Baba temple Amit Biswas looked out side the temple and saw Sai Baba waring his dhoti, kurta and Kafni madly dancing to the tune of Kirtan. Sai Baba was dancing till the Kirtan was going on and then suddenly vanished. This incident was told to me By Amit Biswas himself.
  • A lady suddenly discovered that her husband was having illicit relationship with a neighbourhood girl. She never expected this thing to happen after 15 years of their marriage. The husband was not interested to stay with her any more and used to quarrel. The lady was morose and cried. She went to Sai Baba and prayed to him to return her husband back to her. If her husband comes back to her snapping all relationship with the girl then the lady promised to offer Payasam to Baba. After one month she got her husband back. He has snapped all relationship with the neighbourhood girl.
  • The temple is getting built with the donation of Sai devotees. One great Sai Baba devotee Shri K V Ramani donated huge sum during he start of the temple. One day it so happened that the ceiling work has to be done next day and Rs. 5000/- was required to be paid to the masons. If the masons do not get the money they will not work. That night not a single penny was there with the temple authorities. They were worried how to resume the temple work the next day. From where to arrange Rs.5000/-. They kept faith in Baba and went to sleep. Next day morning a person came with his family to have darshan of Baba at the Shibpur temple. He has come from Dubai and heard about this Sai Baba temple from a friend in Kolkata. He paid darshan to Baba and did Puja. Then he signed a cheque of Rs. 5001/- and gave to the temple authorities as dakhina to Baba. When Baba is there why take tensions on your head! Such is the leela of Baba.
  • Cows in the village suffering from Anthrax gets cured after drinking water mixed with Baba’s udi. A cow gave birth to a calf after 6 years when udi was smeared on his head and udi mixed in water was offered to the cow.
  • Every year during the annual festival of Sai Baba temple at Sibpur a gentle man Samir Bhattacharjee takes the responsibility of arranging food for 10,000 people at the congregation. Last year this person was ill. He had open heart surgery and was not in a position to take this huge responsibility. The temple authorities thought of celebrating the festival in a small way this year. Somehow at the last minute the temple President Amit Biswas appealed to the devotees to contribute whatever they can for the feast. Suddenly a huge gathering of people came with rice, pulses and vegetables. They came with so much of these items that not only 10,000 people were fed but many took the food items home as prasadam. Baba is omnipotent and omnipresent. It is difficult to understand his leelas!
  • I stated in my earlier mail that the President of this temple Amit Biswas had a dream of Sai Baba. Sai Baba ordered him to contruct this temple and Baba said that he will arrange all means to get this temple constructed. I persuaded Amit Biswas to tell me more about the dreams and he narrated like this, “I saw in my dreams a bright illumination of lights… as if thousand and thousands neon lamps were lit. I was bewildered. Then I heard a voice saying I am Sai Baba. Your great grandfather used to worship me in this temple every day for hours together. I was very happy with him. After his demise there is no puja. The place has become a jungle. I am longing for devotion and Puja here once again.” Then Sai Baba said these things in the dream –
    1. I order you to construct my temple and offer me puja every day.

    2. Whoever stands near this Neem tree will feel my presence here. The Tree will remove all his sins.

    3. For the construction of this temple I will be present to perform my work. The temple construction work should not stop.

    4. None other than my Real Devotee will be able to donate for this temple.

    5. Whoever come to this temple with full devotion and have my darshan will get all his/her wishes fulfilled.

    Amit said that Sai Baba told many more things in this dream but he cannot make them public.

Many temples of Sai Baba came up with the blessing of Baba and due to the donations by devotees. But this is the only temple which is getting constructed in a big way by the ORDER given by Sai Baba.

Om Sai Ram. Om Sacchidananda Sad Guru Sai Nathaya Namah!

May Sai bless us all!


Bishwanath Banerjee

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  1. It is very Blissful in reading , understanding the Divine Experiences of the people / devotees who reposited Faith in the Divinity of Bhgavan Shirdi Sai Baba and mentally surrendered to him shedding their EGO.It is indeed a Yemon Service being undertaken by Amith Biswas and other members of the ShibPur Sai Temple as it will benefit every one who reads these experiences.

    May Sai Bless All and enable all to have faith in his divinity and follow his commands in their daily life.

    With Love Dr.Sridharan
    23 05 10

  2. Om sairam…My sister subha told me to visit this site and learn the miracles of Baba and after her visit to this baba site and got many positive turn in her day to day life and she want me to experience as we are already baba devotees and now only we came to know about this baba. all miracles are baba's blessings.

  3. baba day b4 yesterday my sister padma told me about shibpur baba"s miracle ,as i was v desperate about my mother in law laxmi"s deteriorating health conditions and at 10 30 pm i opened the net and prayed to baba .today she is slightly better,and am thankful to u.
    am going for training to allahabad and wud like to visit your abode at shibpur .please take care of my mother in law till i return next week end,and bless and help me to visit shibpur

  4. I have myself experienced Baba and HIS blessings. Today by HIS grace I am very happy in my life. Sai Baba shirdi/Shibpur is a miracle. People plz donate acc. to ur financial needs in this temple and you will be blessed. It do not make any diff. if u donate in Shirdi or Shibpur but in Shirdi people have already donated lakhs of money , why not we donate money to Shibpur Sai temple.. Baba will bless us all. Sai Nath ki Jai.

  5. Excellent post with all the devotees experience. Dream of Mr.Amit Biswas is good. felt good while reading this post. Bless all of us baba…

    Om sai Sri Sai jai jai sai..Om sai sri sai jai jai sai..

  6. OM SAI RAM.

    All are wonderful experiences, yesterday when i was reading shirdi sai miracles a devotee has mentioned about shibpur sai baba then i checked this site its really great to know about this place Baba please help me to visit your temple and please bless all your children's.OM SAI RAM. OM SAI RAM.OM SAI RAM.

  7. Baba….I….just feel like embracing you and cry. I don't get peace any place other than in your..presence.Baba…I realise…I am a big sinner …only you can pardon me…please Baba Please.


  8. Om sai ram
    Baba ThanQ so much for showing dis wonderful website to know your miracles.Please show your blessings baba.I have a lot of problems.Please give me good and peace ful life .I will definitely visit shibpur sai temple if you give permission

  9. I have got my US visa after long struggle but I have no project to fly. My visa is about to expire please pray for me it's very important.

  10. om sai ram…. i'am praying and performing BABA's puja and vrat for a certain wish fulfillment for quite somtimes now, but BABA is yet to bless me. am i going wrong somwhere????plz help me.

  11. I am fortunate to had a darshan of sai baba at shirdi. I just came to know about this mandir. and have nourishes a strong wish to go this temple. now its all on baba's hand. waiting for his call to viait thia temple.. om sai ram

  12. My Pronam to Sree Saibaba & all Sai Devotees
    I am a Bank employee.During demonetization time it was heavy rush. I used to sit in cash counter. Like all the working day, I pray Saibaba…..Baba…you keep watch so that…i will not commit any mistake. At the time of closing cash counter..It was Rs.500/- hundred short in my teller.I was praying to Baba…Baba you know that i have not committed any mistake..then how it is short….all the vouchers have been checked,all the postings are ok ..then what went wrong? However,coming back to home again I stood in front of Baba's photo…crying and asking baba, Baba have I done anything wrong which you did not like?…Baba if I am wrong you always have shown me the right path….tell me Baba …tell me.I prayed to HIM from the core of my heart. Just see what happened next day! There were two counters in my bank…the very first voucher I was just going to make payment…Rs.500/-came out from Rs.100/- bundle…which I can't express that how is it possible! Those who have worked in cash especially in bank….they know that generally it is not possible because while counting from sorting machine 500 note will be identified easily. Baba's leela really…I could not control myself in that particular day. I was crying and crying….Baba your blessing only will save me from all danger…..Jai Sairam

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