Smallest Care Is Taken By Sai Baba – Sai Devotee Kapil

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Below is experience of Sai brother Kapil ji.

Kapil ji says : Our family is a simple devotee of SaiBaba and pray to him that always keep us close to your feet Baba. We love you a lot and can’t imagine living without your Bhakti.

We have a 7 month Daughter named Shraddha. Unfortunately she had a small cut on her arm accidentally for which we had to go to Doctor and they did the dressing. On 24th Nov 2009, we noticed some pus in her wound so we took the appointment of 4 PM from doctor. We had to go to NewYork for the appointment and it’s at a distance of around 1 hr 30 minutes from our home. We were also concerned about the expense for the trip as i don’t have job at this time. We estimated 15$ (Oil) + 15$ (Valet Parking in hospital) + 13$ (5.50 + 5.50 + 1.75) (Toll on the way to New york and back). I only had 7$ cash in my pocket (All Tolls are to be paid in Cash always). We were thinking that we will try to ask doctor if she can give us a parking pass so that we can save those 15$ atleast. As the estimated time of journey was 1 hr 30 minutes and the appointment was at 4 PM, we took some buffer and started from home at around 2:10 PM. When we were 30 minutes distance from hospital (as per GPS – Global Positioning System), we got stuck in a terrible traffic Jam and we thought that we can still make it if the traffic jam gets cleared in 15 minutes but the Jam was not getting over. We tried calling doctor to request her to wait for us for some time otherwise it would be difficult for us to come again next day, but she was not picking up the call. Time was running and that traffic jam was still the same. It was 4:30 and we were still in the way. We thought that doctor might have left and coming to NY might go in vain. We left everything on Baba and continued towards hospital. Suddenly we got a call from doctor and she asked that where were we? We told her that we are still in traffic jam and requested her to wait for us for another half an hour. To our great surprise, she said that, “Ofcourse!, I can’t leave without seeing you!” ( Miracle 1). We were so much relaxed and thanked Baba for help.

After we reached hospital, Doctor examined Shraddha and examined the wound which was having the Pus. She did some cleaning and then did the dressing again. After seeing Shraddha in so much pain, we completely forgot of asking for a parking pass from a doctor. When we were leaving, doctor suddenly came to us and gave us the pass herself and said to us, “Here is your Parking Pass” (Miracle 2). We were least expecting the pass but Baba’s leela is great. This saved our 15$. As I had 7$ in my pocket, after the appointment, we had 1 coffee and then I was left with 5.75$ with me. As the Toll was expected to be 13$, I went to the chase ATM and withdrew 40$. We had an idea of a different route where we could save one Toll of 5.50$, so we decided of taking that route. In that route we should have got 2 Tolls ( 5.50$ and 1.75$ ). The biggest miracle is that while going back from an alternative route we didn’t find that 5.50$ Toll as well (Miracle 3). We still don’t know where did that Toll disappear as there is no way that Toll can be skipped. We just paid 1.75$ Toll on the way and I was still left with 4$ and also with 40$ which I withdrew from Chase Bank. While coming back a thought crossed my mind that it has been so long that we have eaten anything in Subway. Suddenly my wife said that Shraddha is getting little fussy and she too wanted to use the restroom so please take some exit and take some rest. I took an Exit (Exit 18) as it was pointing for McDonald. After taking exit we saw no McDonald but I suddenly saw one Subway and Punchi started crying a lot, so I parked in the subway and took her out. Deepti used the restroom there and when we were leaving we thought of having something to eat. Baba takes care of even the smallest wish of his devotees, I just thought of Subway and there we were to eat something (Miracle 4). We agreed on having a small pizza and to my surprise which I realized later, the Pizza was 4$ which in total made our expense to 7$, which is just equal to the amount when I started my Journey thinking of the expenses (Miracle 5).

Jai Sainath.

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  1. Wow Kapilji what an experience…Even i have experienced BABAs miracle in small and big ways.

    Jai Shri Sai RAM

  2. Wonderful experience…..i am smiling thinking of what all pranks baba does on his devotees….and he must be enjoying it tooo 🙂

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