Sai Baba Cures Room Mate Miraculously – Experience Of Sharath

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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Sharath says: Namaste Hetal ji. Thank you for this wonderful blog. It is indeed blissful to read devotees experiences of Sainath, and it increases one’s bhakthi. I want to relate to you what happened to my room mate, as it was another beautiful leela of Samartha Sadguru Sainath.

We are all students staying in a room here in campus and doing our Masters. As I was about to leave my room today, my room mate came saying he is feeling very cold and it is imperative that he would get fever, as this seemed like a sign of the approaching storm. He seemed quite normal then, and I did not think it should be taken seriously. I went and returned later in the evening, to find him looking very tired. I checked to see that he seemed to have high fever. He seemed to be quite suffering, as he was making moaning and grunting sounds, and his eyes were quite red. Then I asked if he needs anything, and he went to lie down assuring me that he will be all right after taking some rest. I started speaking to my parents in India online in video chat. Once I was done talking to them (My parents), I went and found that he was lying and seemed to be in great distress. I was quite worried, and then he awoke to see me in the room. I asked him if he needs anything, he asked me to get a certain powder of a citrous fruit which is supposed to be good for digestion.

Seeing him in this distress, I felt I should give him Sainath’s Udi. I keep Sainath’s Udi in the cupboard always. I took it to him, and asked him to put it on his forehead and also to take a little into his mouth. After this, he seemed very tired, hardly able to open his eyes. I asked him again and again, should I take him to the doctor, as he seemed to be in a bad state. He refused, and then asked me to make him some oats, on my asking if he wants to eat anything. I made some, he seemed to struggle to eat it. Then seeing this plight, I asked him if he wants electrol (A solution which is used to revive the salts in the body of one who undergoes dehydration or is very tired)? I made him electrol. He was still the same. He seemed to be moaning and struggling. Then he said he is feeling very nauseated. I was alarmed, because he was already tired, and should he puke, he would become even more tired. Worried thus, I offered to get him a tablet for nausea. He said yes, and then when I went to the kitchen, he stood up and ran all the way to the sink, and then emptied all that he had eaten there. And after a point, he fell, clinging onto the sink, his head beneath the faucet and struggling to get up. I held him, and then tried to get him up, thinking what to be done next. Then all of a sudden, he stood up all by himself as though by a sudden surge or energy. Then he assured me, he is feeling better and washed himself. Then to my amazement, he was completely back to normal.

Before this event happened, he was shivering and moaning and groaning and seemed to be extremely tired. Now all of a sudden, he seemed to be back to normal. He himself was amazed at this, and with great joy kept telling me, “I am now completely all right”. He kept saying, “I am all right now, touchwood. God is great”. And I kept thinking, this was indeed a leela of Sadguru Sainath. Normally, someone who is so tired, on vomiting, would lose the fluids in the body and become even more tired. But his change was tremendous. He was back to normal and there was not a trace of his former discomfort. I have never seen, tiredness vanishing after one empties his stomach. This made me realize that it was nothing but a leela of Sadguru Sainath and it also made me a firm believer in the power of the Udi.

I have health problems myself, but do not regularly take the Udi. But on seeing this miracle, I am convinced, that if I take Sainath’s Udi, which is really nectar, I will be all right by His grace.

Praise be to Sainath. It was so difficult to get medical aid for us, as we do not have a car ourselves, and we do not know where to go for one. I was contemplating on even calling a friend who has a car, to take my room mate to a doctor, but Sainath is doctor of doctors. By His grace alone, all things are possible.

Jai Sainath. Always keep Your merciful glance on us like this.

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  1. Great leela of baba!!!Baba helps those who believe in him fully and surrender on his Lotus Feet.

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