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Here is an experience of Sai sister Pragyan Sahu regarding a wonderful trip to Shirdi.

Namaskar Hetalji. I want to share one more experience with Baba. Please add my experience with Sai Baba in your blog.

Jai Sairam.

I had a great desire to visit Shridi. Last time I visited was on Jan 2008. Finally Baba called me on 13th Oct 2009. We started our journey from Pune at 6:30 am. I have a 11 month old daughter. This was her first visit to Shridi. The first two hours of journey was good. After that I gave my daughter some milk.

Immediately after 10 mins she vomited everything and started crying very much. I got a bit scared. After 1 hour I gave her some water. That also she vomited. She was becoming restless and was crying severely.

We had covered only half the distance. I got worried and told my husband that we should return to Pune immediately. I was thinking in mind that Baba didn’t want me to visit Him. My husband told that we should move ahead and if anything happens again, we will go back to Pune.

I started praying Baba. I started reading the “11 Vachan of Sai Baba”. After 10 to 15 minutes my daughter fell asleep. She slept for 1 hour. Finally we reached Shirdi. We went to a hotel. There I gave her some khichdi. She felt relieved. We went to the temple and had a wonderful darshan of Baba. My daughter didn’t vomit after that and playing wonderfully throughout the journey and finally we reached Pune safely. I was extremely happy that my desire to visit Baba was fulfilled.


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