Sai Baba Rescued My Innocent Brother – Sai Devotee Shalini

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Dear Hetal ji,

Sai Ram. Many thanks for providing us various opportunities to pray Lord Sai Baba by sending our prayers to Shirdi and strengthen our confidence and belief by reading the experience of various devotees.

Today I am writing my personal experience with Sai Baba or I would say its my whole family’s experience. He even not only saved the life of one person but of our whole family. I am sorry it’s long. I tried to cut lot of things but succeed only up to this extent. If you wish then please feel free to publish this in your blog any time.

My brother Nikhil, he’s the first person who brought Baba’s picture at our home and started worshiping to Him with time our whole family started worshiping to Sai. My brother is youngest one in our family and very loving to everybody. He’s very sincere and obliged son.

But there’s something else written in his fate. Last year in April 2008, He was coming back to home from our shop with my cousin brother on his bike as there were a pooja arranged in my home and food for few family friends. They stopped to buy some paper plates to a shop but suddenly a drunken guy attacked him, so my cousin brother and few other shopkeeper stopped that drunken guy but that guy was continuously saying bad words to everybody. Then my brother bought the plates and my cousin brother started his bike and my brother was sitting behind so suddenly that guy again attacked my brother and he had something hard thing in his hand and he hit my brother’s eye with that. My brother’s spectacles got break and he got hurt in his eye with that specs glass. Suddenly, my brother pushed him back with a force. My brother was about to slap him but my cousin brother interrupted and asked my brother to go from here. Because it was just the habit of that guy to drink a lot for whole day and fight with anybody. Then few shopkeeper took that guy to his father’s shop and told them that he’s fighting with everybody.

Unfortunately, guy passed after 4-5 hours. According to doctor’s statement, he had alcohol with other drugs. Then his family made a story that my cousin brother rode the bike over him, and next day changed the statement that firstly they beat him and then rode a bike over him then third day they made a statement that his sister saw the whole incident and my brothers had beaten him and then with rode the bike over him. But in reality it did not happen. Police arrested my brothers. You all know what happened in India. Police is the most corrupted part of our country. So money started running since that time. Police wrote the statement several times, we don’t know what was going on? There were no enmity between our family and that guy’s family. It was an accident that he met with my brother on the day of his death.

Very first day when police took my brother in the jail, suddenly there were a power cut and both of my brother saw Sai Baba (Shirdi Sai and Satya Sai both together). We believe that Sai leela started from that day. We belong to a middle class family and our hope was only Sai. Very next day we hired a lawyer. They were saying nothing will happen and they will got bail soon. It all were false section judge rejected the bail. Even then we believe on Sai that He knows truth and He will be with my brothers. May 20th is my brother’s birthday and that was the saddest day for us. My dad went to jail and gave him his cloths and Sai vibhuti only. In dreams my brother saw Shirdi Sai Baba. Same day he changed his trouser and got a piece of cake which was not placed by us. It was again a miracle for us. Then my uncle saw a dream that Sai Baba was cutting bars. The case was going on. Everything went well. There were no wittiness against us. We were bit relaxed and me, my mother, my sister and her husband, my bother, we all were doing Sai vrat. The day of verdict came and that was the shocking day for us, judge gave the judgment against us, he gave life imprisonment for both of my brother and 25000/- fine to each. That was the month of October. Everybody in the court were shocked with this judgment. I was crying bitterly. The atmosphere in our family was just like that somebody is passed in our family. I cursed Sai Baba a lot. People were there in our home until 1:30am. Everybody was shocked. My brother in law was saying that we should throw all God out of the house, there’s only money exist in the world. Nothing like God in the world. My mom and dad were in the shock. Suddenly around 5 o’clock, my dad cried very loudly, we all went there then he said that he saw Sai Baba in dream and he was saying that its all his last birth’s karma. I am trying to save him but its a big mountain. My dad got scared with this dream. From the next day we all started praying to Sai again and asked my brother to keep fast again and we all were also doing the same.

After 2 days everybody was celebrating Diwali and we were crying only. After week one saint visited the jail and asked everybody to meditate, immediately my brother saw Sai Baba and He was telling him that I gave the award of your fast to somebody else but I love you a lot. He was shocked and open his eye, he thought he mediated only for 2 minutes but he was meditating since half and hour. My dad was upset because he had mo money left for appeal. Even he was worrying about 25000/- for fine. I saw my parents broke day by day. Somehow money arranged and we hired another lawyer and filed the case in High Court. Our lawyer was not in the favor of bail. We were upset with this. Another bad phase was waiting for us. We came to know that police will shift my brothers to state jail and that was big tension for us. Because that was not the place for him. He was not a criminal. We kept on praying Sai. In the mean time I was continuously sending prayers to Shirdi by your blog since the day it happened. One morning Sai came to my dream, I saw a big silver idol of Sai and priest gave me parsadham (food including rice and some curry) and brought that to my home and my mom was saying that give it to my brother he’s going somewhere and my brother ate that food. It relaxed me that Sai will take care of him but not sufficient for my parents. Same day my sister was meditating at her home and saw Sai behind the bars. In 2-3 days they shifted my brothers to another jail which was far from our place. There were nothing in our hands, we were only praying to Sai and crying all the time. We were upset about our parents because they were not eating well. My mom was very fair and in 6 months, she turned dark and very pale. My father’s all hairs turned grey and got very weak. My dad woke up at 3 o’clock and worship until 6am. One night my sister saw a dream that one old man came to our house and crying too much by seeing his children. My sister was calling him Baba. Baba please don’t cry and He hugged her and suddenly one sai baba’s pictured hanged on the wall fall on her bed and she woke up. Again we were afraid of this dream and don’t know its meaning. During this time I wrote several time to G.P.Sinha to pray for my brother and discuss these all dreams with him. No body was sure about the dreams. We decided that whenever we saw a dream about Sai its a good symbol for us. Then my dad saw a dream that a bus stopped in front of our house and many saints who were exactly dressed like Sai came out of that bus and spread something around our house that was like electric shock and assured my dad that now onward nothing wrong will happen here. We were happy with dream and praying to Sai. In the month of January my brother in law got bail. Then we asked our lawyer to apply for bail. Then my brother got bail in May of this year. Few days before he got the bail I saw Sai again in my dream, I was holding a book of Sai and saw towards sky somebody was on the chariot. and I was trying to recognize him. Then I thought oh its Sai Baba. But I suspect that He’s not. Suddenly that man’s dress turned to a black coloured long coat and he said He’s Sai and I will recognize Him better in dharam court. When I woke up I compared Baba’s old pics. The face was exactly like that pictures. My sister saw dream that old man was holding my brother from arm and took him back to the home and told my sister that he brought him back and he is trying to save him in future also but don’t forget me. A week before this I got a mail for group reading of Sai Satcharitra. The day when I finished, I saw a man holding lot of prayers and he told me that your prayer has been accepted by Sai. I woke up and I was happy by this dream. After 2-3 days we got this happiest news. Now my brother is at home doing good. We know that Sai will protect him in future also. He always help His devotees, it might take some time but He’s real God on the earth. Now this year we can also celebrate our Diwali happily with the Blessings of Sai Baba. May Baba bless everybody. Happy Diwali -Shalini

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  1. I had tears reading ur experience and how much Sai cares for HIS children. Though we have to bear our karma Sai gives us strength to bear all that and at the end of our karma Sai showers us with so mcuh happiness. Sai Ram is great. I bow to YOUR holi feet my Sai my Father. Om Sri Sai Ram

  2. Tears rolled reading Sai Devotee Shalini's(& family) experience,I can't even imagine how hard it might been to face and bear all this .
    Thanks to your firm faith and Thanks to SAI BABA. Bow to SRI SAI Peace to all.

  3. Deva.. you're great… we all love you from the core of our heart… No doubt that the sufferings which we all have are due to our previous karmas only, but at the same time your ways of cutting them off from root are also INEXPLICABLE… whether it's the cutting-off of previous karma through a crow & curing everything in 10 days or the rescue of Nikhil bhai from jail, can anybody describe your Leela… Baba please keep showering your blessings like this to all of us… Jai Sai Ram

  4. felt happy after reading the last lines that baba returned your brother 🙂 may sai bless you and your family always 🙂

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