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Sharing with you all experience of Sai brother Kishor ji.

Kishor ji says : Dear Hetal G,

I am Kishor from UAE currently, I used to read the Experience of Sai devotees regularly & was thinking to post my first visit experience of Shirdi from last 4 months but was not able to do so. But now I am posting the same herewith. Please do necessary changes where ever you feel necessary or spelling mistake correction. If Possible please give the title or heading to individual paragraph as you feel suitable.

Also Thanks you very much for providing me & all the Sai devotees this opportunity to share our experience with each other which helps us to go stronger on the path of Sai Devotion through your website.

Thanks you once again.

Dear All,

I want to share my first visit experience to the Shirdi. How Baba has troubleshooted my shortage of money problem in Shirdi? I am very sorry Sainath for posting this so late. I know that I have committed to Baba for this around 4 months before, but Baba know the reason why I could not post my this experience so far. Oh Sai Nath ! Please forgive me for this delay.

It was in the year 2001 when I thought to go to Shirdi. After the permission from my parent we booked 2 tickets to Shirdi as my younger brother also joined me for the visit. Here I want to share with you that in 2001 there was only one ATM of SBI was available in Shirdi.

We got in the 9:00 pm bus from Mumbai for Shirdi. Some how we were late in the temple for the darshan as bus was stuck in Jam near Ghat due to some urgent checking.

We Checked in a small hotel near the temple and had merciful darshan of Saibaba. It is not possible to describe the satisfaction, pleasure I felt after the darshan in words. It was so blissful experience for me. As we had the darshan of Sainath in late morning around 11:30 hours and after the darshan when we came out from the Temple complex suddenly we thought to have a darshan of Shani Maharaj in Shani shingana pur. So we got in the transport which is available (I think it was MAHINDRA 16 SEATER COMMANDER JEEP) from the main road.

Also in Shani Shinganpur we took the darshan of Shani Maharaj after bathing. Also I would like to inform the devotee, who did not got luck or chance to visit Shani Shingnapur, there you will not found locks on the home, doors are remain open even though no one is at home. As that is the holy land of Shani Maharaj & He is the protector of villagers property etc. from the theft and punishes the thief, criminals. This is as per the driver’s statement & we also found the same no doors in the windows & main doors are open. Even I want to tell you that we left everything in that Mahindra jeep including, our wallet, watches etc. When we went for the darshan as the driver told us that nothing will happen to our belonging as this is the land of SHANI BHAGWAN.

After the darshan we returned back to the Shirdi at around 8:00 pm in the night. And just thought to book our return tickets to Mumbai & then to have dinner. We went to the travel office and asked him for 2 tickets.

I was shocked to note that I was having only 450/- balance with me, whereas I thought I am having around 800 /- with me. In that I realized that we spent around 150/- in the Shani Dham and approx. 100 for our transportation. In that 300 rs. I have to pay room rent also which was around 150 rs. More apart from the deposit I gave as advance. (I landed in this crisis because unfortunately I forgot to carry my other Jeans in which I kept another 800/-).

We were in very awkward situation at that moment. Then I took out my UTI bank Debit card (Axis Bank now), but the travel operator told me is that this is Shirdi not Mumbai so no facilities of booking the bus seat was available at that time there. Even we checked with around 5-6 travel operators.

The option left to me is now to visit to some shop and to ask them for the money after the deducting the necessary chargeable commission by them through swapping the debit card (usually shop owner will charge around 20 – 25% of commission in order to give the cash through the Debit card swapping). This option was told to me by one of the Travel operator in Shirdi as he felt pity on us.

Again I went to 2 – 3 shop owners, to my surprise they were looking at me with a doubtful eye & inquiring about the me (like I have stolen the debit card from someone, even though my photo was there in the debit card). I came back to that same travel operator (who gave me the suggestion) & told him the doubtful scene happened with me. He then suggested me to visit to the gold jewelers shop instead of other shop.

Now we again looking for the gold jeweler shop. We were walking in search of jeweler shop. I became upset, frustrated now and I asked to Sainath that, “Oh Sai Nath this is my first time in Shirdi. I have a trust on You, and I know You will take me out of this situation. Also I asked Him silently, Why I am suffering without any reason here in Your Shirdi, even though I am having the debit card with me.”

Suddenly I noticed that we are just in front of a jeweler shop. We went in, I told him the full story and asked him whether can he provide me money by deducting his service charges or commission after swapping the debit card. Then he asked me which bank debit card I am having? I replied him that UTI, then he told me that yesterday only first ATM of UTI was inaugurated here on the main road few hundred meters away from the private bus stand. And he do not have any problem to give me the cash but he was a nice person so he told me to check for that option first and if not successful he will provide me the cash.

I was so astonished to note that I asked Baba for the help and he helped me in totally different manner. Immediately we went to ATM took cash and booked ticked, and had my wonderful dinner at Sai Prasadalay.

After that incident I realized that Baba takes care of His devotee at each & every moment, I experienced many incidents like such, where Baba had helped me & my family time to time. Soon I will post my other experience after Baba’s permission.

Sai Nath Please bless all of us like this, without Your name there is no meaning of our life & fame.

Sai Nath,



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  1. Dear Hetalji & Sai Devotees,

    Hope you all are doing well by the grace of Sai Ram.

    I also want to post my experience over here to build your faith towards sai baba more stronger.
    I am a sensitive person.With the word of injection and surgeries ,i m getting very afraid. But I had gone through one small operation relating to my head.In the time of operation, I asked doctor to give me some injection and I will be sense less.But doctor said no I cant do that , I will give you anesthesia .I m giving you the assurance ,you will not feeling pain.But when he brought all the surgical equipments one by one.Viewing all the things I stated shivering .I want to control but couldnot.My father was standing near to me.I said daddy,I m feeling very much nervous.Daddy said No worries my child.Just close your eyes and start chnting sai baba’s name ….Cant tell the moments..My body was shivering very high which even if I want to control but couldn’t do that.When One word I uttered Om Sai Ram .Really cant believe I was normal ,feeling better and my body stopped shivering …which I don’t know how…Doctor said U seems to be ok now…Fortunately My operation was successful.
    All my parents do have strong faith on Sai Baba.Request you all to have strong faith on Our Sai baba.I do have loads of Experiences daily wise…Jai bolo sai baba ki jai ho.Jai bolo sai baba ki jai ho.Jai bolo sai baba ki jai ho.jai bolo sai baba ki jai ho…
    Take care baba and bless you.

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