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Shirdi Sai Baba Devoatee Amit from Singapore says : This is a wonderful blog. Thank you very much for posting Sai devotee experiences. Please help to post my experience.

Koti Koti Pranm to Sai baba. During first half of year 2009, I was facing lots of challenges with my job. I was actively looking for a job. Later by Baba’s grace, I got a wonderful job (excellent role and work culture) with a salary (which was nearly impossible during this recession, 15% hike from previous salary, high figure – which I thought in my mind, got without any negotiation). During this tough time I kept 9 Thursday Sai vrat. Also reading Sai devotee experience regularly on net and ask Baba for his advice ( One day when I asked Baba advice, i got a reply stating that “You will have darshan of Sai in some form on Guru Poornima (7th July), watch at 9:00 pm”.

As I was going to Shirdi Sai Baba temple every Thursday and definitely had a plan to visit temple on Guru Poornima day. Every Thursday we have Aarti at 8:30 pm in Singapore Sai temple and it finishes at 8:45 pm than there is prasad distribution on the second floor. I generally join others in distributing Baba’s prasad. When I got Baba reply about 9:00 pm darshan, I was very curious as we do not have any photo or statue of Baba on second floor where we distribute prasad and distribution finishes only at around 9:30 pm. I was thinking how it is possible. I prayed to Baba, Baba atleast I should be able to recognize You.

The Guru Poornima day arrived and I went to temple and after Arti started distributing prasad on second floor at 8:45 pm. At second floor, I tried to see here and there for Baba’s darshan (photo/statue) but did not find anything then I just forgot and concentrated on distributing prasad. To my surprise, suddenly I saw a person in front of me with Kurta/Pyjama having Baba’s locket in neck. Baba’s locket was clearly visible & saw Sai with blessing hands in the locket. I gave prasad to the person and immediately saw my watch. I got a big surprise. It was exact 9:00 pm.

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