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More than an experience following is a narration of Sai Devotee Saikiran’s hardships and troubles. Though he has firm faith on Sai Baba, it seems he is too much tested, may be because of his past deeds. These are my views and your views are welcomed in comment box below.

Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee SaiKiran from India says: In my childhood i used to pray Lord Hanuman. Those days were really good. I started believing Sai from my 10th class. Every decision i used to ask Sai. Thenafter I got no solutions for my questions. Finally i use to pray like, “What ever happened regarding this issue is upto You, You are my God, i believe that You will do good for me”

I asked for a good college to join B.Tech, but all my classmates who joined in other colleges got placed in MNC’s (Multi National Companies). In the college which i joined, there were no campus selections. Toughly i got a small job. I believed that it was my starting step for success.

But, I faced lot many problems in that job. I bared the pain, even though salary was less and every thing was going wrong, I faced them all very patiently.

On February 20th 2009 my hand bag lost in Sai temple. On the same day i met with an accident. So many clashes in job. I lost my peace of mind, got up vexed. I resigned my Job.

I planned to go Shirdi, it was stopped as my grand ma expired. With my strong will i finally went to Shirdi. I attended for five arati’s continuously. I was very much pleased, and i thought all my sorrows will end up. I begged Him to give me a good job.

He loves everyone, He promises. But I am unable to understand why He hates me & troubles me like this.

Really i am unable to Understand. Why to suffer me like this. If he asks me to die i am very happy to die for Him. But i cant tolerate the pain that my belief on Sai is not true.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Om Sai Ram!

    Saikiran, I understand that you are going through extreme hardships, and I think Hetal ji is right, when she says that it is due to the past deeds, but I really admire your unwavering faith in Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj.

    Let me just quote here, a great line that I heard from a friend. "If life is really in a mess, remember that it can be the start of a real success story". And if you see the lives of all the successful people, this is very much the case. So take heart Saikiran. Cling onto Sainath's lotus feet. It is possible to achieve anything and overcome any hurdle by the grace of the Sadguru.

    Here is another anecdote, that I read in a book on Samartha Sadguru. A devotee, who was very much troubled with problems in his life, one night woke up to find himself on a desolate beach. And standing before him was none other than Sadguru Sainath. He at once fell at Sainath's lotus feet and poured his heart out to Sainath "Deva, You are the protector of the helpless and poor. And yet, why so unfair to me. You said you would be with me all the time and everywhere. And yet, where were you, when I had these problems?". Sainath said "Sitting in this Masjidmai I always speak the truth. Look before us, on the sand, and see, there are two sets of footprints. These represent your life time until now. Look and see, I have always been with you". The devotee then said, "But Baba, I see that, when I had problems I see only one set of footprints. Where were you then? Were you not with me?" to which Baba replied "Look carefully my child, when you had troubles, you indeed do see one set of footprints and those are mine! For I carried you, whenever problems arose to trouble you".

    Hence we should have firm faith in Baba. Whatever hardships you faced, always remember that it could have been worse. The very fact that we are alive, we have food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear and loved ones to help us is because of Sadguru Sainath's grace. Everyone has to reap the benefits of their past deeds. It is indeed a rough road to travel, but with the Sadguru's grace, which is like a beacon of light, we can reach our destination.

    Just do your best and leave the rest to Sadguru Sainath.

    I pray to Samartha Sadguru Sainath that we all succeed in life and overcome difficulties.

    Shree Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

    Bow to Shree Sai! Peace be to all!

  2. Sai Ramji Sarath ji and SaiKiran ji,

    Your comment is indeed the best comment on this blog. Thanks a lot !!! Very well said and explained. I agree with you totally.

    SaiKiran ji, please faith and patience, it is for sure that Sai Babaji will certainly sail you through.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil

  3. Sai ram Sai Kiran ,

    Do not lose hope so easily.If you have given 2 cents to Sai -Shraddha and saburi then this is what he is giving you in return the strength to bear more and to experience what is faith and patience.If you have waited for so long..Please bear and wait for some more time,hes working on all your problems don't worry.As you said you were happy during your school days and now your facing some troubles on your path -Remember the more grace you got from Sai during the school days the more is expected from you .

    What is the meaning of 'surrender' – it is not giving something to him it is accepting every situation ,every feeling and every bhava with prasada buddhi .In this case you have to surrender ie accept whatever he is giving you because there lies some deep meaning to it.
    The more you pray and ask for tolerance you are passing each day and every phase of life and soon theres going to be great days ahead.Here is a wonderful video -see Sai's leela while i was mentioning this i saw the article on "Prayer of Surrender"

    Let us all share Sai's experiences and stories and cry out loud our sorrows,if tears roll out your cheeks ,if you get goose bumps and if your heart melts after reading his miracles or stories then his grace is upon you .He is always within you , around you , beneath you ,besides you , above you , near you , all over you .

    Let me re iterate my personal experience recently about Lord Hanuman and the relation to Sai Baba.
    Few months ago i was praying to Lord Hanuman and used to go a common temple where all gods including Hanuman and Navagraha idols were present.As a practise my hubby and me were having 'Saade saathi' so we started lighting lamp to hanuman and shani deva and prayed for his grace.In 1 yr the temple closed for renovation and it so happened that our practise of lighting lamp to lord hanuman and navagraha stopped abruptly.Few months later i started facing a lot of problems in office and so did he ,esp this year was really really worse mentally.Forget the salary it was getting difficult to work and keep the faith.I hooked on sai much more than what i used to …

    Then one day last month,I dreamt of shirdi sai face changed to Lord Hanuman! i spoke about this dream to my sai colleague who was doing seva in puttaparthi and he said what a coincidence that one driver also was mentioning that he stopped praying to Lord hanuman and during the darshan he saw Lord Hanuman's face on sathya sai baba and was shocked.Then he realised the significance of this vision and started praying to Hanuman again.

    So in the bargain i got the answer that i needed to start praying to him again and also seek pardon for forgetting him !It does not mean we must forget our dearest Sai Samartha however we should see Sai in all forms we like to and do seva and if we had commenced a practise then we have to keep up to that discipline.So you must start praying to Lord Hanuman to give you more courage and fight obstacles bravely.

    "Everything is subject to change!"

    Just smile and say,"You are subject to change" In a split second,with one touch of God's favor and grace,everything can change.

    Everyday our attitude should be "I am not going to sit around mourning over what I have lost.I may have been knocked down,but I am not going to stay down.I am going to get back again,knowing that God is on my side and if God be for me,who dares against me?"

    Sai ram

  4. Sai Ramji Sister Ranjini ji,

    Thanks for your inspiring reply to this post. Even i could learn so much from it. Baba's ways for giving messages are really very very unique. My thousand pranams to Him.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil

  5. Dear Sir,
    Dear Sai Devotee,I prefer u should have faith on baba.he is our saviour.I m sure he will definitely hep u out.Dont worry .Everything will be alrite.Have faith on Sai Baba.

    Om Sai Ram,Om Sai Ram,Om Sai Ram

  6. Dear sai devotee..i can understand your situation..
    As Hetal ji said Baba is testing you so much may be because of your past deeds..All i can say is now you are feeling sad like this but baba one day will come to you and will make you happy ten times to wat you are expecting..he will do some miracle and give you unexpected gift.. By which your life will be changed..That is the reason now you are facing tough time.. all good will happen to you.. have faith and patience..even i will pray for you..
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram

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