Became Healthy Overnight With Sai Baba’s Grace – Experience Of Priyanka

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Shirdi Sai Baba Priyanka from India says : Om Sai Ram. Dear Hetal ji, kudos to you for your good work! Please post my experience with Baba in your blog. I would like to share a wonderful Leela of my beloved Sai Baba. From past few days, I was not keeping well. My throat went really bad and I caught cold and cough due to which I was feeling miserable. Gradually I started having fever. Now I was very scared. I kept on taking Baba’s Udi by mixing it in water, tea or any soup I was taking.

I was scared to see a doctor because these days normal fever and cold cough is also taken as very serious considering Swine flu. At night, I was not able to sleep. I prayed Baba,”Baba, please make me healthy by tomorrow morning. I will post my experience in Your Blog. Please make me healthy again”.

And miraculously when I woke up in the morning my fever was gone. I was feeling so much better. With Baba’s grace I became healthy overnight. I was relieved of my splitting headache. I felt so light and happy. Only mild cold and cough is left.

On Thursday when I went to Sai Baba Temple I was in bad state. I sat there in peace and yesterday on Sunday when I went to Baba’s temple, I was much much better and went happily and joyfully to Baba’s temple.

Thank You Baba so much for vanishing my fever and rescuing me and saving me from going to a doctor.

Thank You Baba for letting me post my experience in Your Blog.

Baba please forgive me if I have been unable to express myself correctly and completely. Please forgive me if have forgotten to mention (write) something.

Please continue to bless and grace me as always.

Always Under Your Lotus Feet

Om Sai Ram

Priyanka Jindal

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