Shirdi Sai Baba Helped in Nick of Time – Sai Devotee Jyotsana

Shirdi Sai Baba Helped in Nick of Time - Sai Devotee Jyotsana
It has always been a treat to see Sai Baba extending His loving helping hands towards His devotees. This is such an experience of Sai sisterJyotsanaji.

I am Jyotsana from Bangalore. I had promised Sai Baba that I would share this experience through this blog.

I have been visiting Sai Temple almost regularly on Thursdays after I return from office for last 6-7 months since I came to know about it. The Temple is nearly 2 kms from my house. Generally my son of 4.5 yrs accompanies me to the Temple. Last Thursday when I took out the car, I thought of taking a shortcut to avoid the evening rush of the regular road. It had rained heavily throughout the day and the road I took was sluggish. The interior road was too bad and the car was stuck once. My son was scared as it was quite dark and the car refused to move ahead. Though I was agitated, I didn’t make it too obvious as he gets tense very fast.

Taking Sai Baba’s name I somehow I started the car again and we came out of that mess. When I reached the car parking area, a vacant plot in front of the Sai Temple, the security guard waived at me gesturing not to park the car too far. Unfortunately, I could not make sense out of his gesture and pulled the car to the end of the parking. The car got stuck in a huge mess and could not be pulled out. I sought help from the security guard, he was quite helping and pulled a few more people. They must have tried for 10-15 minutes. Now I was quite tensed along with my kid. I held him and watched these people. I just closed my eyes and prayed Sai Baba for help. Meanwhile a few more people joined. One person started the car, others pushed from the front and yet others pulled from the rear. They attempted too hard and finally the car motioned backwards. Their clothes were dirty and I felt really bad about all this.

I thanked Sai for sending these people for my help during that odd hour of the day, else the car would have been in there.

I thanked all of them and thanked Sai Baba and then entered the Temple for the darshan.

Thanks Sai for all your help. You have been with me through thick and thin, always.

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