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Below is the experience of Sai sister Vaishaliji.


Hi ! everyone. I am Vaishali Saxena and an engineering student, i have firm faith on Saibaba and i call Him my father and here is an experience i want to share with you all.

It was our campus time in college. The first company to visit was CTS and the second one was WIPRO, I was eligible for both of them but it was my hard luck that i couldnt even cross the written exam.

My all friends got placed and i kept crying alone in my room for one week because i was better than all of them and couldnt make it. Then it was chance of third company INFOSYS. I got up in the morning, did my daily worship and then i said to Saibaba that today i will come back in this room as an INFOSIAN and there was a faith inside me that today i will do it. To my surprise the written was the toughest one as compared to CTS and Wipro but still i thought when Baba is with me then what tough and what easy. I did how much i can, then results were announced and our seniors said that it was a very poor performance and only 37 students could make it from around 300. A real tough competition but i was firm that today Baba will make me selected and 35th name was mine.

I came back with tears in my eyes and just kept sitting in front of my Baba.

Then recession came everyone was worried. We even heard that Infosys was cancelling out all its recruit, but then also i had firm faith that infosys is a gift to me from Baba and nothing would happen.

Few days later infosys sent joinings. The only company in my college which sent joinings. Now i thank God that i was not selected in CTS or WIPRO as both the companies didnt gave joinings till now.


© Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba

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