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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Pragyan from India says; Jai Sairam, Hetalji, please add my experiences of Baba’s grace in the blog.


My brother-in-law was not getting a job for the past one year. He joined a company a year ago but that company got closed due to recession. He decided to come to Pune to stay with us and search for job. He came to Pune in July. At that time I was doing Parayana. Due to Baba’s grace I successfully completed the Parayana. Even due to him I could do the Parayana. He used to attend my nine months old daughter during that time. I had told him at that time, “You will definitely get a job. Baba will help you regarding that”. After that he attended few interviews but failed.

Last week he got a call from Geometric Solutions. He attended the interview but he was not satisfied and the interviewer indirectly told him that he was not fit for the position. So he was frustrated. That night before sleeping I prayed Baba that please help him in getting a job. Next day evening he got a mail as well as call from the HR to join the company immediately. I was just surprised and was very happy. It all happened due to Baba’s grace. “Jai Sairam”


My brother got second division in one of the semesters. He as well as my parents were depressed because it would be difficult for him to attend for campus interview. I went to Shirdi after that and prayed Baba to help my brother. My brother applied for re-check for few subjects. Due to Baba’s grace when the marks were recalculated, the total marks increased and he got 1st division. This happened because of HIS grace.


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