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हिंदी में पढ़े साईं भक्त प्रिया: सदगुरु साईं बाबा के साथ कुछ भी असंभव नहीं है

Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Priya from USA says: I am Priya living in Maryland, US with my son Sai Siddhish and my husband Chandru. We are mad/crazy about sadguru & happy to be like that. We have a great love, faith and devotion for Saibaba. I dont know how to put in words exactly to express my feelings and to tell about us. We go as per His sayings. We strongly believe that in each and every single move, Baba is there with us and our entire family that we understood very well from many instances. We have completely surrendered to Sadguru at His feet. You will not believe Baba some or the other way communicates things to us, its in fact a miracle.

Miracle 1

a) My Brother was struggling to get admission for MS in US. We thought at one stage that we may not get admission this year as he was having 1010/1600 score. Thought of writing exam to raise the score and apply in 2010 and surprising one day that too on Thursday on Baba’s day we got admission confirmation.

b) With his low score you can never believe one more thing, he got scholarship due to which he got some stipend and tution fees was reduced. We & My parents was overwhelmed.

c) As per information and instruction from University he booked his tickets to join the college. All of sudden just 5 to 6 days before his travel he called and checked about orientation. You will not believe they informed orientation schedule was changed. So he advanced his ticket and reached there. If he had not reached for orientation he could have not attended fall semester has to wait till spring.

Miracle 2

My husband had problem with his hand,he was facing some terrible pain, we applied our Sadguru’s Udi and in seconds pain was gone.

Miracle 3

Same way my 15 months old son was having stomach pain by midnight in between sleep, when i applied His Udi over his stomach he slept in seconds time.

Miracle 4

Myself had a great problem. Urinary infection due to which blood was coming. I had Jeera (cumin) water and many treatments as told by elders. But i took Udi and put in water and drank it i was okay in half a day.

Miracle 5

You know the current economy. My husband’s project contract was about to expire and we were looking outside for projects. Very soon with Baba’s blessings and grace we got a very good one. We don’t have words coming to explain our state.

Miracle 6

Whenever we used to go to temple we get yellow flowers for Baba. That day we did not get yellow flowers and got only pink flowers. Then we visited temple and kept flowers for Baba. We did not realize and later after prathana noticed that Baba was wearing a pink dress and flowers was matching His dress. I just started tearing.

Miracle 7

I have heard Baba likes Brinjal and so i started doing some dishes with brinjal every Thursday. Yesterday when it was prepared brinjal curry, brinjal quality was not so great nor the taste. When we started eating it was bitter. We just said Baba and continued eating, it tasted sweet. We can’t believe and have no words nor sayings.

We cant believe with our own eyes. He is raising up our family gradually, slowly & steadily. It all happened because of our strong belief in Saibaba & patience.

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