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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Sonia from Italy says: Jai Sri SaiNath, I am Sonia Anand from Italy. I am an Indian but I am live In Italy with my husband and my daughter. I am a Fashion Designer.

Few months ago in February 23, 2009, my husband went to hospital because he suffered from problem of cough. He takes so many medicines but no use and everything was useless then I gave him Sai BABA’s Udi. When he went to hospital at night. Then next day early in the morning I went to hospital and I met with his doctor and she told me may he suffer from problem of TB (Tuberculosis) and I was very nervous and I prayed to BABA. I resolved to fast until i get the result of test. I didn’t take water and food. At near about 4’o clock doctor came to us and told me the report was negative and everything was normal but I know its only chamtkar (miracle) of Sai BABA’s Udi and His grace, BABA solved my problem and I also passed my examination of fashion designing in first class only with Grace of SAI BABA and many times He has helped me.


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