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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Seeth from India says: I met Rahul in 2003 at my first job in Bangalore. We were seeing each other for three years. I had not told my parents about him as he is from a different community and I feared that they might not agree for our marriage.

My parents started looking for boy from my community to get me married, I told them about Rahul. As expected they did not agree. They threatened to disown me if I didn’t leave Rahul and get married to a boy from our community. This went on for a year. In the mean time I had a chance to visit Pune on work with one of my colleague who was a staunch devotee of Saibaba. When I told her about my problem she told me to visit Shirdi and pray to Baba. Since Shirdi was close by to Pune we went to Shirdi on May 7th 2005. I prayed to Baba whole heartedly that I should get married to Rahul with my parents’ blessings within the next one year. Surprisingly all of a sudden my parents agreed to this marriage and we got married on May 7th 2006, the same day I had visited Shirdi.

On my wedding day I just hoped that Baba came to our wedding in some form and bless us, but I couldn’t see Baba on that day! The next day we were opening our wedding gift and one of my friends had given me a huge idol of Baba. In this form Baba had attended our wedding.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. baba blessed you seeth ji,,congrats…

    baba,please help me..

    even i am waiting for your miracle..
    my guy,my love had left me,please baba,make him realise his mistakes,come back to me..

    please baba,make my studies to continue..
    baba,recently i got a little hope,,that bharath might accept to marry me…but,that also,im getting scared,as this is last hope,what if,he wont agree?
    where should i go baba?

    please help me baba..

  2. baba please help the above anonymous devotee soon. I can very well understand and feel her pain baba since even i have been going through similar situation though mine is even worse as u know. but i will be happy if god helps in getting two people who love each other together.

    jai sai ram

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