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Dear Hetalji,

Thank you for hosting such a beautiful site. I always feel I am blessed when I come to this site.

Thank you, Baba! for everything.

From past few years my husband and myself were facing great difficulty in everything, from business, to having trouble with clients, employees and friends, to having a child. I use to pray to Baba to make everything alright. But nothing good was happening, we felt everybody was turning against us. We did not know what to do, we contacted a priest that looked at our horoscope and said the next few years are going to be even more hard. I had no one else to share my difficulties with but Baba, I cried and cried in front of Baba to help us out.

In the midst of all I suddenly became pregnant. I could not believe it. Not only did Baba bless me with being pregnant, Baba also fulfilled my wish to have a baby boy. Today, I had my ultra sound where the doctor confirmed that the baby is doing well. I cannot thank you enough for this baba. I pray that I have a safe delivery.

I used to go to temple and I prayed to Baba to show me that He is with me, give me some hint or signal. Baba was always dressed beautifully wearing blue shawl. Since I live in US, I was unable to go every Thursday, but whenever I went to mandir, I always saw Baba dressed beautifully in blue shawl. Today is Thursday, Baba’s day and I am watching live darshan of Baba from Samadhi mandir and Baba is wearing beautiful yellow & blue
shawl. Baba is with us always. I am sure slowly slowly all our difficulties will end. Baba will bless us and improve our business also. Thank you Baba, keep us at Your feet always. Always be with us shower Your blessings on us.

Bolo Sai Nath Mahraj Ki Jai!
Hari Om Sai!

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Photo Courtesy – Sai brother Rahul ji

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