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Shirdi Sai Baba Helped Us To Get Job In Recession Period

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Here is the experience of Sai sister who wishes to be anonymous.
Hi Hetalji, I stay in USA. I really request you to put my experience in your blog. Thanks a lot for you wonderful service. May Baba bless you for all the service.

Om SaiRam!!!!!!!

With the blessing of Saibaba I am posting my experience in your blog. With the grace of Saibaba my husband got job couple of weeks ago. My husband was laid off from a company due to recession in USA and again with blessing of Saibaba he got a call from same company.

He was hired for a contract position. He worked for 8 months as contractor and as the layoff was still going on in the company and they decided to move IT (information technology) development to India, his contract was also ended.

We bought home like 2 years and 8 months back in US and we had to pay the mortgage and luckily I had my job to pay for the expenses. As my husband’s contract was ended and has to stay at home, he was very much tensed staying at home as he was working from 10 years for the company from which he was laid off. He had very tough time staying at home even though I had my job as back up to pay off for the expenses. I was praying Saibaba to get him a job.

During his first 2 weeks he did not get any interview calls and lost his hope of getting job at that time as the economy was bad in US. Many companies were laying off in the place where we were staying. But during 3rd week he got an interview call from a company for a contract to hire position. He was interviewed and the recruiter who got this position for that company gave us a call and told that he was in the top 2 position in the candidates they interviewed and he was a potential candidate to select. But we still did not hear anything from the company and got another call from the same company for a full time position. He was interviewed for that position also. We did not hear anything from the company for almost 2 – 3weeks after the interviews and we were losing hope of getting job in the place where we were staying. But I still did not lose any hopes on my Saibaba and had strong belief that he will definitely help us.

Luckily in the 5th week, he got a call from one of the company where one of our family friends forwarded my husband’s resume to the company. He was interviewed and on the same day they told their decision and gave the hiring date for a contract position for 6 months. We were so happy but still waiting to hear from the other company as that positions were kind of full time positions and that company was big name company. He had another two interviews after he got the position for 6 months. I was praying for Saibaba, to decide whichever is the best job for my husband just give us that job. After that he had to join the job that he got for 6 months contract. And look what had happened he got another two jobs after 2 days he joined for 6 months contract. I was thinking if he had to wait for another 2 days then he could have got that positions and they were one is full time position and another is contract to hire position(where it can go for full time), but at the same time I was thinking Saibaba can give better judgment and the job he joined was his judgment. After couple of weeks we heard through some of our friends that the other two jobs he got, in which one job the project was postponed as the funds were not still allotted for that position and the other job the position was kept on hold and still some of the employees were also laid off from that company and it was good decision to join for contract position. See Saibaba’s grace will be always there to help his children. Thank you so much Baba for helping to get us job through one of our friend. I really thank to that friend also. You are always there with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forgive me Baba if I have written anything wrong.

© Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba

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