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Below is experience of Sai sister Jyotikaji.


I am Jyoti. I am born and married in Kenya. For the last 5 years, we have migrated in Australia-Perth.

When we were in Kenya, my husband bought a shop in a new shopping center which was under construction. We have to book the shop beforehand so that you can get the right shop you want. While we got all the paperwork in hand my husband called someone to do furniture fitting in the shop. While the work was in process, a lady came to our shop and told the shopping center owner to make a small Sai temple where our shop was as she can see Sai at that place. The shopping centre owner said that he cannot built a temple as this place is already sold to us but he promised he will definitely find a place for the temple. The owner kept his promise and he built a small Sai temple outside the shopping centre.

Once we started our shop, a lady came and told my husband to keep a Sai photo in our shop. My husband told me to buy a Sai photo. I just bought from an ordinary shop and it is a simple photo but believe me so many people who come our shop ask that where did we get that photo from. It is just the blessing of Baba.

When we came to Australia, we had many problems as to settle down in a new country but Baba always helped us. He always show us the right path and support us in all the ways. Recently i got a very good Government job and my husband has a job where he is happy. Recently i did 9 Thursdays Vrat. I did for my son so that he gets a nice girl. On the 9th Thursday, I got a vision in my dream and saw Baba and i saw saying Baba, Baba and i woke up. My son has not yet found any girl yet but Baba’s vision, proves to me that He is always with us and He will find the right girl for my son. I just have to be patient and obviously i have full faith in Baba. Baba forgive me if i have written something wrong.

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  1. Dear Jyoti ji,
    Very happy to read your post. I can very positively say that your son will find a RIGHT life partner at the right time. Both my sons found their life partners the same way. When I think how we found these loving members added to our family I find only one answer that BABA brought them in our lives! The way we came to know about these girls and how everything took place is really miraculous to me even now! They both are now happily married with 2 daughters at each son's family!
    They younger son and his wife are going tho have their 2nd child and we are told as per the Ultrasound results that it is going to be a girl!
    Jai Sai Ram.

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