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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Kranthi from India says: Om Sri Sairam Hetal ji, You are doing a great job through the blog by sharing the experiences of the devotees, distributing SaiSatcharita and all other work. I even received the SaiSatcharita and very thankful to you. With Baba’s grace, I am sharing one of my experiences that I had in Dec 2007.

Baba please forgive me for posting this miracle very late. Thank you, for inspiring me to write it now.

In Nov 2007, my husband got the VISA to UK. We prayed to Baba, that after we get the VISA we will come to Shirdi to have His darshan. So after my husband got the VISA, we (me, my husband and our 2yrs old daughter) started for Shirdi on 5th Dec 2007 by flight from Bangalore to Pune. Our plan was to travel by flight to Pune, and from pune go to Kopargoan by train. The train would reach Kopargoan at 11:30 pm. We thought as it would be Thursday next day, we can find many people in Kopargoan railway station and should not be a problem going to Shirdi that late night.

We reached Pune around 5pm. We went to the Pune railway station to take the train to Kopargoan. We reached Kopargoan at 12 in the night. To our surprise, there was no one in the railway station, even no one got down at the station from the train. So it was all opposite of what we had thought. We came out from the station to take a cab/taxi to Shirdi. But again, there was no taxi outside the station. Now we started to worry, how to reach Shirdi safely. There were only few seven seater auto/rickshaw. And all the drivers, came to us asking us to get into their auto. I was so worried as we couldnt find anyone else there other than the auto drivers.

As it was December, it was very very cool and I started worrying about my daughter and also about our safety of reaching to Shirdi. I didnt understand in which auto to go, and which driver to trust. Already I started crying within my heart, but didnt show up out, as my husband would get worried. We opted for the small autorickshaw initially, but all of a sudden we said yes to a 7 seater and the driver has taken our luggage to keep in the auto. To our surprise, the auto had full cover, to protect from the cold. Later we realized that it was the only one auto that had full cover. My husband felt happy about that. We three got into the auto, and as soon as the driver started the auto, his friend also came and sat along with the driver. This made me worried more, thinking what they might do to us on the way to Shirdi. My thoughts were wandering and was very afraid. My husband was cool, thinking Baba would safely take us to Shirdi. I hold my daughter tightly, and was praying to Baba and didnt talk a word to my husband as I was in full tension. I was sweating even in that cold weather. Though it is the highway, there were not many vehicles on the road. It was very dark and our only auto going on the road. I cant express, how bad I was feeling for coming so late night. I was all the time looking forward to see Shirdi while in the auto.

Once I saw that we reached Shirdi, then I took a long breath and felt very happy and thanked Baba in my heart. I can say that it was only Baba who took us in that covered auto to avoid the cool breeze and saw that we reached safely to Shirdi. I thank Baba from the bottom of my heart for taking care of us that anxious night.

On Thursday, we had a wonderful darshan of Baba. We stayed for three days in Shirdi and left the place with heavy heart, but also felt happy for having good time in Shirdi.

Once again sorry Baba, for the delay in sharing this miracle with everybody.

Baba Please Bless us all

Thank you


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  1. it is true …When you start for Shirdi ..just have faith in Baba that He will safely take us to His home.When we were waiting for our taxi to fill up in the Manmad station …I was so tired and the stench from outside the station was becoming unbearable..I prayed in my heart that Baba please make this taxi go now only and lo surprised the taxi started within a minute and we reached Baba's home safely.The fact that weather one is in the house or temple or outside on the street , Baba is always listening to us is proved everyday. I Pray that Baba keeps me as the dust of His feet ever and ever.Om Shri Sai.

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