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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Laxmi from India says: I have been a silent reader of your blog for the past one year. I visit your blog everyday first thing in the morning no matter where I am, I read through the blog every time I feel low or when I am going through though times, it really ensures Baba is with me all the time and He is just testing my patience as my guru (Sai) says Shraddha and Saburi. I have no words to appreciate your work, I would say you are modern Hemadripanth publishing Sai leelas. Please post my experience in your blog and feel free to make any changes. I am writing this experience only through Baba’s grace.

I have been a Sai devotee since my school and after coming to US I gradually stopped praying even though I was doing casual fastings on Thursdays. This year had been very rough for me and my husband as we had to go through so many things to maintain our work status. We were waiting for my work approval beginning of this year just then when my husband (was fiancee) went out of the country on work purpose. He had issues in getting back in to US at the same time my work approval got denied. We were shattered did not know what to do, we both were in different countries. I started praying Sai to atleast get my husband out of the mess and also started reading Sai Satcharita. I had to leave the country, meanwhile by Sai’s blessings my husband was able to get through the trouble he was having and he was back in US. I thanked Sai whole heartedly for fixing this one, on the other hand I had to leave the country we were not married at that time.I was so worried of how we were going to handle the situation, ultimately I left the country, but still did not lose hope. My husband came to India after two months after I left, so we could get married, even though it was hard for us to handle to many things I was thinking Sai has His own way of doing things, because we were planning for years to get married but things did not work out the way we wanted and so this was the time for us to get married so I can come back to US. We got married and I am back in US. I will share more experiences in the other post of how I survived after back in US with the help of SAI. Whatever I am today is solely due to Sai’s grace. Thank you SAI. Please have patience and Sai will definitely listen to your prayers. Om sai Ram!

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