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Dear Hetal,

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Last year, in July, I had an unusual problem when the Chinese Doctors told me that my brain has shrunk. The Docs were astonished to learn this as I am too young to have this situation. According to them, it was a rarest of the rare case and could not happen to a 31 year old, under any circumstances.

They even said that I could be losing my intelligence and won’t be able to recognise anyone. In late January 09, it was confirmed by the doctors in India as well. Here I have to tell you that I only took Chinese medicines for 4 weeks. It was with immense apprehension that I took those pills as I was not sure what was given to me by the Chinese folks.

I was devastated and checked with some other quality Docs/hospitals, but they confirmed the same. The medical system in China is poor for us, foreigners, as there is a huge language barrier. Sai Baba was my only light and I kept chanting His name and reading SSC till January 2009. I had faith that He would perform a miracle and He did.

On 1st February 2009, last month, I was going to board the train to
Shirdi. On the same day, I went for MRI scan in Delhi. While I was in Shirdi, somebody took the report to the Doctors in Delhi again and guess what happened?

There was no shrinkage in the brain and it had been reversed!!! Sai Baba Himself pulled me put of this dreadful situation. The MRI was NORMAL and perfectly fine.

So far, by His grace, I am living normally. I hope that He continues to look after me and all the devotees who are suffering.

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  1. Amazing!!!
    Again one of the various miracles of Baba.
    I am also suffering from a very severe problem which is affecting my social life and mental health.

    I've started Sai Satcharitra and doing thursday Vrats today itself on Thursday being Baba's day. i know that Baba will show mercy on me, free me from all my past sins and bless me with a normal life with my loved ones.

    If possible i request to all Baba's devotees to help me and pray for me.

    Sabka Maalik Ek.
    Om Sai Ram.

  2. baba eagerly waiting for ur miracle to be showered on me…baba pls keep blessing me,my family and everyone till last breath

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