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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Sangeetha from India says: My experience with Shirdi Baba began nearly 13 years ago, but I feel ashamed to tell now, that I failed to realize His Power. Shirdi Baba knocked again three years later, and finally I got married into a family where there is immense faith in Sai Baba. Big pictures of Sai Baba adorn all the walls. But again, I failed to realize the power of Dear Baba, His Power and Grace. Baba covered me with a cloth of blessings, once when i went to Baba’s temple. The pujari took the vastram (cloth) from Baba and covered me and my husband, BUT again i failed to realize HIM. I never believed in HIM and the power of Dear Baba. Please forgive me Baba. But today I am working and standing on my Feet only due to Baba’s Grace. I have been able to buy property which would not have been possible otherwise.

Once it so happened, on official work, I went to a foreign country and the airlines did not accommodate me to the connecting flight due to downsizing of the flight. I had only $100 in my pocket and I was arranged accommodation in a hotel by the Airlines, but I was not sure whether I would be able to come back to my home country as I have to take two connecting flights to my country. I was left with nothing except my $100. I did not sleep the whole night and kept praying only to Shirdi Baba and Sathya Sai Baba. I even kept writing Om Sri Sai Ram in one piece of paper from the hotel. In the morning the next day, I called the airlines and told them that I have to change two flights and go to my native place, they obliged and the rest of the journey was so smooth and peaceful, I just could not believe and words cannot describe. The power of Namasmarana worked.

Time and again, I have had so many experiences in my daily life. Baba is always with us, guiding us, saving us from calamities, sometimes giving us hard times to develop patience in us. Thank you for all many many things that you have given me Baba. I pray at Your Lotus Feet to continue to shower Your blessings on me. Please bless me in my work and my family. Please Baba, I will never ever leave Your Feet. All my faith unto You Baba. I dedicate all things in my life to You especially after 2004. It was the year when I developed the faith into dear Baba. I will never Leave Your Feet. I always visit Your temple Baba. You have come closer to my home. Please forgive all my sins and make my life a little more comfortable. You know all that I am going through. Please Bless me. You are my sole refuge. I Bow to You and dedicate everything in my life to You. I have complete faith in You Baba. Please bless one and all. My heartfelt thanks to You Baba for blessing me with a wonderful family and forgiving many of my mistakes.

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