I Got Special Treatment by Shirdi Sai Baba – Sai Devotee Deepali

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Below is a memorable experience of Sai sister Deepaliji when she was in Shirdi.


With Baba’s blessings we were called to Shirdi. Two of my cousin and my husband were with me. After having the most divine darshan at the Samadhi mandir, we all waled towards Dwarkamai. Being Saturday, it was very crowded. I regularly write “Sai Jaap” books and always submit then at Baba’s photo opposite to Dhuni. My cousins and my husband did not want to enter seeing crowd, but i was determined to go inside Dwarkamai temple for darshan.

The guard at the guard at the next to the exit gate let me in. Inside there was another guard who stopped me and told me to leave the books near Baba’s photo near exit gate. I was very disappointed. Suddenly i dont know from where one gentleman came and opened steel barrier and said, “Madam you go inside and pray at Dhuni. I was so excited, i walked across like a queen and put books exactly where i always put them. I turned back to thank that gentleman but he had disappeared. Thanks Baba for everything precious You have given me.

I love You Baba.

Your daughter

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Photo Courtesy – Sai brother Rahul ji

© Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba

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