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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Lalit from India says: I am engineer and i am doing my business in Delhi. With effect from April 2008, i was very disturbed due to my family problems and downfall of my business. In the month of April 2009, one of my friend came in my office and suggested me to read Sai Satcharitra. I purchased book and started to read. On May 1, 2009 i booked a ticket for Shirdi although, i have visited Shirdi earlier. My family was surprised and they suggested to visit along with somebody (not alone). But i did not agree and reached Shirdi on May 6, 2009. At that time i was depressed. When i saw Baba, i was surprised that Baba saw me and i forgot everything. On May 9, 2009 i purchased 10 books of Sai Satcharitra for free distribution to eligible friends. When i checked out from hotel, hotel owner called me and discussed with me about Sai Baba. He told me to read Sai Satcharitra daily. If i have no time to read Sai Satcharitra, then he suggested to read daily chapter no-11 for solution of my all problems. I came to Delhi on May 10, 2009 and i started to read daily Sai Satcharitra. The solution of all my problems was in this book. Now i am reading daily Sai Satcharitra and i am getting new things. Now i am happy, although earlier problems are same, but Baba told me to face these problems..Sai Ram..Om Sai Ram..Jai Jai Sai ram..

Sai Ka Das…

Lalit Sharma

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