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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Aparna says: Salutations to All Sai Devotee, I wanted to post this long back but since I was in office was not able to do so, I guess may be for this I could feel that Sai Baba is angry or distanced Himself from me because I can sense it and feel very depressed. Sorry Sai Baba that I delayed in posting this incident and beg for your forgiveness and pray for Your blessings.

One day i had a major fight with my husband and it became so serious that it came to the point of breaking our marriage. My husband was so adamant on his decision which made me scared even though i was in anger, because i have a small daughter who will definitely need her father. That night i called out to Sai Baba and cried my heart out and told Him to do something about my marriage as I did not want it to break. My sister is also a divorcee and my parents will really kill themselves if something happened to my marriage. I begged Him that He is my only saviour. Thanks to Sai Baba the next morning my husband came to me and asked for forgiveness and everything went well between us.

Till date it is fine between us and i pray to Saima that our relationship will remain good henceforth also.

Om Sai Ram!Om Sri Sainathaya namaha.

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