Sai Baba Showered His Grace And Blessing – Experience Of Sirisha

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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Sirisha from USA says: My name is Sirisha and I live in Chicago, US. Dear Hetal ji, this is a wonderful blog and really a blessing for all Sairam devotees. You are really fortunate to provide such seva for Sai devotees. Please post my experience narrated below in your blog. Sorry for the long post though. This is my first post and I am not sure what to omit and what to include.

My husband and I knew each other since we were 15 years old. We loved each other and got married with our parent’s blessings six years ago (2003). We had a boy in 2004 and were happy initially but for the last thee years we are having a lot of issues on the personal and career front. Things have gotten a lot worse during the last couple of months. My husband has fallen into bad ways and lost all of our properties and savings (almost close to 1 million USD) and we ended up in a lot of debts now. I was pregnant again and delivered a baby girl in January 2009. Due to the financial stress, I worked till the last day of delivery and then went back to work within five weeks of delivery (had cesarean). My husband kept promising that he will control and not gamble several times over the last three years but he kept doing it over and again. This January he took an oath on Baba’s feet in our nearby Saibaba temple that he will never gamble. I believed Him but he started gambling again and finally tried to take his life in June when he lost a lot of money in a day ($80,000). Life was miserable and I lost all my hopes and temper in between I threw all the idols in my house saying that there is no God. I didn’t pray for several months after that. Here I should mention that I have been a devotee of SaiBaba on and off for almost 15 yrs. Anyhow, due to Baba’s grace, my husband was saved on time and got admitted to a hospital. I started praying to Baba again and this time I become a very staunch devotee. I started reading blogs and lots of information about SaiBaba on the net. I also started doing Nav Guruvar Vrat.

Financial troubles are mounting everyday. Added to all this, I have issues with my green card and couldn’t take a full-time job in any company due to visa transfer issues. I work as a consultant in my current company and that company wanted me to join full-time (company has to pay more for a consultant than an employee) and when I told my manager I couldn’t due to visa issues, They told me that they would have to cut down my billing rate to reduce the company expenses. As is, we are not able to meet daily expenses with the current income. If they reduce the rate further, I would be left with no option but to leave the country and go back to India to start over. I prayed to Baba and got the answer as ‘You will gain within seven days’. And exactly on the seventh day, I got an email from the Finance dept. saying that the rate is reduced by only 10$/hr instead of the original estimated $30-$40/hr. When I told my manager, he was very surprised to hear this. I think this would not have been possible without Baba’s grace. I still have a lot of problems to solve but with Baba’s grace I am confident I will face them with lots of strength and courage.

May Sai Bless everyone with health, wealth, peace and prosperity.

Jai Sairam!!!!

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  1. Dear Sai Devotee,

    Tough time wont last long. Baba is there watching you and he is the one who is giving strength to your faith. May you get rid of your troubles soon.

    Om Sai Ram ! Jai Sai Ram !

  2. Dear troubled Sai devotee,
    Gambling is very hard to curb and you are facing very sad consequences due to that bad habit of your husband. BABA is showing him and to you that he is taking care of him saving him from suicide attempt, and this should open his eyes that BABA wants him to "be there" to help and support you and your family.
    Praying for you and your family's welfare. May BABA help your husband to come back from Gambling habit and lead a normal life that brings joy and happiness in your family.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  3. SirishaJi Very nice experience please dont worry everything will be alright. God bless U and ur family.

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