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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee from USA says: Hello Hetalji, I keep reading your blog and read the miracles and leelas of Baba. I too used to ask Baba if He had any place for us in His heart and bestow His blessings on us as we were in deep trouble as my husband had got laid off from his job. It is true that when the right time comes Baba Himself comes forward and helps us. I too felt this bliss in my life.

My husband lost his job in February. After that we had to vacate our house and move in with one of our friends. My husband used to get calls but nothing was working out because of our VISA status. The job market was going from bad to worse. I used to and am still reading Sai Sat Charita daily. I even completed one Saptah (reading in a week) of the same. I used to cry to Him. Then we had to move in with my sister and we stayed there more than two months.

My husband used to do his prayers daily. As time passed by he started losing faith in God. He even told me that if we have to return back to India without a job he would never step into any temple and asked me not to force our three year old daughter to say her prayers. I was totally shattered. I used to fight with God and even cry. My sister used to keep asking me to think positive. I used to go to Sai Baba temple with her every Thursday. In the month of July on GuruPoornima we went to the temple. I was heart broken and prayed to Him to let me atleast know in some way or through someone that my husband would get a job. I left the temple heart broken.

That day my sister had ordered for food from a lady who did catering. We went to her house. She asked us to wait for sometime. When we entered the first thing we saw was big pictures of Sai Baba on the wall and and idol of HIM in her pooja room. She packed our food and was talking to us and was telling her experience with Baba. She said He had helped her throughout her life. She then casually asked my sister about me. I told her that I came to stay with my sister because my husband had lost his job. The moment I said this she kept her hand on my shoulder and said, “Don’t worry he will surely get a call by this week. Everything will be alright”.

The moment I heard this I started crying. I had asked Baba to assure me in some way that he will get a job and Baba came in the guise of the lady and consoled me and gave me the answer. True my husband did get a call for an interview.

The same week on Thursday another miracle took place in my mother’s house in India. My mother was doing her Sai Vrata Pooja. Before starting the pooja she thought in her mind that she wanted to give rice as Dhaan – Food Donation to someone today. The moment she finished it a person came near the kitchen window for Dhaan. (In Maharashtra such people are called Vasudev). My father called him at the door to give the Dhaan and Dakshina. He was wearing a pendant of Sai Baba. The moment he saw my parents he started talking about the health problems they both had. All he said was true. Then he asked my father that you have two daughters and at present you are worried about your younger daughter. He asked them to tell your daughter not to worry, all the problems will be solved in the next two Thursdays.

My parents called us up and narrated this incident. We are indeed fortunate to experience this leela of Sai. My husband has now got a project for six months with the blessing of Baba. I am confident that with Baba’s blessing everything will be alright. My husband too has got back his lost faith.

Hetalji, please pray on our behalf for all those people who have helped us in various ways at this time of difficulty. My special prayer to my sister and her husband who never made us feel dejected and kept encouraging to be positive and have faith in God.

It is true that once we surrender our problems to Sai we should not have any doubt. He will take care of it.

Shri Sachidanand Sainath Maharah ki Jai

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  1. Sai, Please give me a job suitable for me. Please I beg you, I need one urgently….Please Please Sai…..

  2. Sai Baba. Please Bless me with a job as soon as possible. My heart and instinct says I will get the job but I see no signs of it. Baba. Please Show me some indication or sign of getting a job. Atleast me and my family will be reassured of my getting a job.

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