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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Ranj from India says: My husband lost his passport and we were in a fix. We searched the whole house and all our searches were in vain. He thought he must have thrown away his passport along with the junk papers we disposed off just a few days before from the house and there was no way we can look at the garbage too for there was 5 tons of trash. He was very sure that it was gone and was very upset. I was praying Baba and i could hear Him say, “Dont worry, you will find it”. But i had no clue where was the place where i could search in my house. I promised Baba that i will post this experience as soon as i find it and exactly that time i got a call from my friend, saying that my husband has left his laptop bag with him and his passport was in it. We had no clue how it can go inside that bag. But BABA’s grace, we got it and i am hoping He will relieve me from the other big trouble i am going through too.

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