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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Sudheer from India says: On 01-Aug-2009 the whole day, I sat reading a telugu book called “Shirdi Sai Anugraha Seva Rahasyam” written by Tatvadarshi Shri Ramananda Maharshiji. This is a wonderful book which has got spirtual gems to pick from. I completed half of the book and in the evening do not know why I had a strong desire to watch the movie called “Shri Manjunatha” a devotional telugu movie on Lord Shri Shiva. I prayed Sai Baba and went out to find this VCD in various video Libraries. But since this movie was released in the year 2001 and it’s been long, so this was not available in the shops. Dejected, I returned home. Then I badly searched through the net to see if its available but I could only find the video songs. One song called “Om Mahapraana Deepam shivam…” sung by Shankar Mahadevan moved me. I watched this song for almost 10 times continuously and went to sleep. I always feel Baba is very well aware of every move that I make, since all my thoughts are just about Him. I love Baba like anything. May be because I realised through many experiences that He is the indweller of every heart – Hridaya Nivasi. He is sarva vyapak – has presence everywhere inside us, outside us, above us and below us. He spans every space and time. These are not at all constraints to Him. The next day (02-aug-2009 Sunday) when I switched on the TV I saw “Shri Manjunatha” being screened on Television on the channel-Etv. How happy I was. Tears rolled down my eyes and I dedicated each of this drop to His Lotus feet. To make me watch the movie, He made this movie to be aired and that too, to be watched by so many people in the world. I realized Baba started answering each and every prayer of mine. He has transformed my life altogether. This is a confirmation of His presence in me, near me and everywhere.

Tatvadarshi Shri Ramananda Maharshi in this book beautifully says “In spiritual life, Every human being who would be spiritually inclined will be strongly influenced by two. One is God and the other one is Guru. Such human being “WILL” have to serve these two. Due to the merits accumulated in many births, one will get the grace of God. And by the grace of God you will find a Guru.

To differentiate both of them by a simple analogy – God is like a Father and Guru is like a husband. From birth of an infant to the marriage it’s the responsibility of the father to take care of the daughter. The moment the father does the kanya daan/marriage of the daughter, it’s the onus of the husband to take care of the daughter. So the daughter will have to spend her first part of the life in her father’s house and the next part in the husband’s house. Similarly, every devotee will develop faith towards the God across various births. During the testing moments it is this God who will stand and support and save the devotee. But the moment the spiritual quest gets invoked inside a devotee’s heart and when an intense desire arises in the mind of the devotee to visit and experience the real truth, this is the phase and the moment in which the God hands over the devotee to the guru for protection, responsibility and driving the devotee forward. When such a command comes to the guru from God, the guru will come in contact with the devotee without effort either through visions, meditations or in person. When the devotee finds the guru in such a way, one should offer his service and prayers to the guru more importantly than the God whom one used to pray before finding the Guru and see god in guru and guru in god.

At the lotus feet of my Guru, Sri sadguru Sri Sainath,
Sudheer Kumar Pisay.

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