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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee from India says: Om Sri Sai Nathay Namah. For last few months I had some problem. Whenever i got the problem i tell Baba to solve it and it gets be solved. But for last few months my problem was not solving and i was very tense. Due to this all our family members were tensed. I used to cry in front of Baba and pleaded Him to solve the problem. Even though i cried so much and pleaded to Baba, our problem was not solved. At that time i could not keep patience failed and felt that Baba left us alone. He is not listening to us. Even we have faith in Baba in those hard time but still it was hard to keep faith and my faith was decreasing.

One day i was searching sites of Baba, i see this site and there was a section where we can send our prayers to Shirdi. I felt like that i should send my problem to Shirdi may be Baba will listen. Then i sent my prayers to Baba and my prayers was to be reached on July 30, 2009. I sent my prayers two weeks before July 30. Even after sending prayers i was in doubt whether Baba will listen to me or not. And i was loosing faith in Baba and it was so hard to keep patience that i always used to cry in front of Baba just to give me any sign so that i can know He is listening to me. But there was no sign and i felt so bad that Baba listens to the whole world but does not listen to me. Some times i got angry with Him.

On July 29 i again read this site and downloaded Sai Satcharitra from this site as i did not have any Sai Satcharitra at home. I choose the page randomly and felt like i should read the page 60 and i felt like Baba was talking with me through this Sai Satcharitra. I felt like Baba was watching me even though He is far from me. Then i asked forgiveness from Baba for not having faith in Him even He is with me every time. Then next day that is 30th July the day when my prayers reached Shirdi we got a call from the person saying that our problem is solved. At that time i can’t speak a word just cry in front of Baba and felt like He had forgiven us even my husband and i had doubt in Him. Then i was feeling very bad and was not that happy even our problem was solved that we were waiting for such a long time. I was feeling bad i did not know why, so i watched tv and while watching news headline i saw Shirdi Sai Baba in tv and i was so delighted to see Him in tv. At first i think that it was some news from Shirdi. And later on i realized that Baba gave me darshan from tv. It was the most wonderful moment of my life which i realized later. Baba gave me darshan which i can’t express these in word. Even though my faith in Baba goes ups and down but Baba is always looking at me as His bhakta. Thank you Baba.

Even now there are some problems remaining in my life and i know by the grace of Baba all will be solved.

Jai Sai Ram

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  1. Oh Sai, Please help me Sai please help me. Please give a good job to my brother still he is waiting for a job and pleae help for me also to get a good job in mnc company please help me Sai please help me.

  2. om sai ram…
    sai plz help me i dont like this marriage.
    u know na whom i like.
    if u r reading this then kindly help me baba…

  3. Please god help me and my family i am still not getting my joining date my patience level end ho gya hai and my family is in worsed financial condition and my family debt ke burden mai bhi hai so i really need your help please i dont want to loose faith on you meri joining kara do ab please i beg you

  4. Om Sai Ram..!! Baba I know you are with me. You have always helped me in solving my problems. Baba you know very well what is good and bad for me. I trust you baba.. I know you will soon fulfil my wish and grant me a very good job. Baba only because of you I got married to my love. This was just an impossible thing for me but only because of your blessings that really happened. i love u baba.!!

  5. Please do some miracles in my life so that I never cry and people around me starts liking and appreciating me.

  6. Sai Ram….please help me. I want my sis to be with me till she gets married. Please search a good boy for her. Please bhaiya. Help me…n give me as a gift for my rakhi to you

  7. Sai baba please help kar dijiye. Koi raasta dikhaaiye aur jo raasta ho wo sahi ho. Mujhe kuchh ni pata. Aap hi sab jaante ho.

  8. My Load Sai baba, pl solve my problem immediately. I and my family are under lot of mental tension. I have already told you many times about my problem. I want to visit you early at Shirdi and fulfil my wishes as promised. Pl strengthen our faith on you.

  9. Om sai ram, baba please i wish my husband should get a good job since he is without it for long god please bless him with a good job, baba I beg u for help there is lot of tension it is getting very difficult without job baba i really want to visit shirdi, but I will come once he gets the job baba please listen to our prayers. Every body please pray for us.

  10. Sai Ram,
    please Baba, I want my ex-boyfriend back. I love him so much and the second he left me, I have been broken into pieces. I love him from the bottom of my heart Baba. I visit your temples everyday and I love being in your presence. I will do anything for you Baba, please I really want him back into my life again. I am afraid he will get married to someone else. Please do not let that happen. I want us to be together again and reconnect like we used to. Baba this is all in your hands. Please.

  11. Dear Sai,
    As people say karma is a boomerang, I have experienced a lot of problems personally in my life. I fell in love with a wrong person. I have realised it very soon but I'm not able to leave him he is blackmailing me, he wants me to convert to Christianity. He is torturing me, suspecting me, he uses bad language to yell at me. For trusting and accepting this kind of person I can better die. It's been 6 years since he started torturing me. I couldn't even tell this to my parents. Now my parents hav seen a groom for me. I like him a lot and my marriage is going to be held on June 4th. That idiot is unaware of this. If at all he came to know he will kill me and my parents, so I surrendered myself to saibaba. Hope he will take care of everything. I need you to pray for me please. I have to get rid of this struggle which I'm experiencing for about 6 years. Om Sai Sri Sai jai jai Sai.
    Sri sachidhanandha sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai

  12. Please help me Saibaba orelse kill me saibaba. I can't bare this painful situation. Better I can die. I'm trusting you but nothing is happening. Atleast better kill me. Om Sai Sri Sai jai jai Sai.

  13. Dear Sai Baba,
    Please help me, baba you know everything what my heart is waiting for. There is only a single dream I ever had in my life Nd I want baba to fulfill this. Ap to vo bhi dila dete h Jo nasib me nhi. M at your feet baba please prabhu. Galtiya Sabse hoti h par Mene sudhari h. Me bahot Vishwas ke sath apke charano me hu.sunlo mere prabhu

  14. Sai Baba, please help me. Please show me some way. Baba please forgive me for all my mistakes. Please baba through some light on me I am completely in darkness. Sai baba please help me.

  15. Sai baba, please pull me out from this circumstances. Baba please give me strength..I have that you have planned something good for me..and to achive that first I have to learn to handle that. Baba, but day by day frustration is increasing continuously..baba please help me by providing what is best for me at the moment.

    Please help me baba

  16. Om sai ram, baba please help me baba. My boyfriend left me 20days back and he is getting engaged with some other girl, baba please baba I love him so much I can’t live without him, you know everything. Baba please don’t let him marry someone else. Please baba I am dying everyday. I can’t live without him. I begged him and tried to convince him all the way possibel but he is not ready to come back. He says that his parents won’t agree. Baba please make him parents accept me and please bring him back to me baba please I can’t live without him. Baba I am ready to do anything. Please forgive me for all my past sins and I promise you that I will live rest of my life without making even a single mistake please baba please help me.

  17. Namaskar baba. U know how i am suffering from last 5 months evrthing is looking like going to finish nicky left me u know how we use to both i cant live without him. Please fulfill my wish and please make us together. Please forgive me if i did any mistakes in past. Im totally going mad. I love him like anything.please do some miracle and let us be togrther. Nicky is not at all in a situation to convince.please baba ur only my hope. Do something i dieing without him. Hes insulting me badly im ready to bear anything but please i want to marry him. Please baba do something definetly me with nicky will come to shirdi make us together

  18. Dear Sai Baba,
    you know exactly what i happening to me.
    other people reading this comment, please know that i have recently started believing in sai baba and ive seen miracle already. i feel he is connected to me in some way or the other. he gives me signs when i am desperate for them. please suggest some ways through which i can connect with him more. get more answers and probably talk to him in indirect ways.
    i am in love with somebody right now, and i need that person in my life. i am also looking for my calling. im in a very confused position in my life and i need some direction. if anyone knows any other ways where i can get closer to baba please comment. i will appreciate it. i also pray for everyone else on this page, may baba listen to your prays and fullfill them 🙂

  19. baba aap to sab jante hai ki mere sath ky problem chal ri …Bass sai muze aur mere Mahesh ko sakti dijiye ki ham thik kar sake apke ashirvad se aur bot jald sabko manake aaye shirdi aapke darshan ko pure family ke sath. sai mere mummy papa Mahesh ke mummy papa aur ham dono milke aapke darshan karne jab ayenge hamari shadi ke bad wo bhi sabke marzi se to wo din darti pe mere liye swarg ki anubhuti ka din hoga…….Om sai nathay namah…….

  20. Babaji you know everything about me..plz forgive me for my mistakes..meri bhul ki saja itna bara mat dijiye…i cann't tolerate this much pain..plz mera husband mujse baat kare..i love him a lot..plz babaji

  21. Om Sai Ram…Baba please take care of my Brother who is going through lots of difficulties in his life. Please bring him under your care and show him the right path.

  22. Om Sai Ram, You already know that I'm very much worried about my brother. He always remain in trouble. Please Sai Baba I request you to protect him and take him in your sharan. At present he is not your devotee. I want him to become your devotee. Please Baba pull him towards you so that he gets some peace and happiness in your Grace. Due to his problems our mom is also suffering. We have nobody Ty o turn for help except you. Please Baba help me by giving protection to my brother and making him your devotee. He is mentally and physically suffering a lot. Please Baba I request you to bring peace and Happiness in his life. I know all his problems are due to his previous births Karmas. I have seen this in his horoscope. But still Baba I request you to bring peace and happiness in his life and please … please pull him towards your devotion. Please show my brother the right path. I'm waiting Baba for your answer…..your Devotee PS.

  23. Baba please help me. I need this job. Have no one tell my sorrows and no support. My husband treats me bad for not having no job.I should support my sister and her daughter too. Please baba do some miracle in my life.

  24. Aap Ki kripa toh सदा mere sath rhi he sai…… 3 saal se ek sapna adhuraahe bs uss pura krne ki iccha है sai pta nhi mai sahi hu या नहीं pr ap k upau he sb

  25. I am in a big testing phase with god and I am sure you are aware of it and help me succeed and pair up with person shown by god.

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