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हिन्दी में पढ़े साईं भक्त शिल्पा: मेरे जीवन में साईं बाबा की उपस्थिति

My name is Silpa. Now I am staying at US. I would like to share my experiences with Sai in this blog. Please kindly post them. Thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity through your blog. Really this blog is wonderful.

Koti pranamas to my beloved Sai. Akhanda Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Baba showed a lot of miracles in my life. I am writing one by one.

When I was working my parents started looking proposals for me. Somehow because of dowry or because of some reason proposals were not settling. I was struggling a lot because of that. Then my aunty gave me Saibaba answers to your questions book. Already I was devotee of Baba from 10th class. Then after seeing that book I felt happy and asked Baba about my marriage. He told me to distribute food. I asked Baba again and again. I got the same answer for 4 times. Then my aunty helped me to do the things she preparted all the things and i payed her. I distributed food. I am very thankful to my aunty. My namaskaras (prostrations) to her. From that point I got belief on that book. Then again Baba told me through that book to visit Dattatreya Swami temple and he told me some other things to offer coconut. I did whatever Baba told me to do. But once Baba told me to go to Veerabhadra Swami (Param Shiva avatar) temple and do pooja and celebrate Veerabhadra Swami Jaatara (Jaatara means it is a function that is celebrated at temple in villages). But I was unable to go to Veerabhadra Swami temple as it is not there in my place and I thought how can I celebrate Jaatara to God. Then my marriage got settled by Baba’s grace and it happened on Thursday. Then I went to my in-laws house. They took me to their family god temple. They said that God name is Erriswami and he is our ancestor. He is God to us. But i didn’t get belief then. I mean I didn’t get devotion on Him. Simply I was doing as per their instructions in the temple. Then suddenly when I was entering inside the Temple I got hurt on my head with the door ceiling as it’s height is less I didn’t pay attention to it. I got hurt badly. I cried a lot. It was very very painful. But I cried not for that pain but I cried why the bad thing happened to me that too first time when I came as new bride. Then I realised about that God and I started worshipping Him. Later I came to know that He is Veerabhadra Swami avataram and my in-laws celebrate Jatara every year. Then when I came to know that thing just I felt very very happy. And I realised what Baba said to me. Now I believe Erriswami a lot.

Next miracle happened to me when I was pregnant. I asked Baba about my delivery and about my baby as I was very much tensed. Baba said “Birth and death are not in our hands just pray God He will take care”. And he said the work will be done on Sunday. As Baba told my delivery happened on Sunday.

Once I was suffering with some family issue and I was explaining it to my mother through phone and I was crying. I was saying to my mother that I am unable to eat food and drink with this issue. Then suddenly one lady came into the line and she said to me “Don’t worry my dear. Everything will be alright.You go to Baba’s temple for three weeks. Everything will be settled. Eat well don’t cry.” I just wondered and I asked her who is she. She didn’t say anything and she left. My mother also listened to her and she was also wondering. Here I didn’t even talk about Baba in phone but she said to go to Baba temple. She don’t know that I am Baba devotee. I took her words as Baba sayings and I went to temple for three weeks. Immediately after three weeks my problem got solved. This is really wonder and I was very very happy as Baba is taking care of me. This is Baba’s another miracle.

Like that I’ve lot of miracles in my life. Baba said that you are going to change the house and your problems will be solved. The same thing happened. Suddenly we took decision and we changed house. After changing the house we were very happy. Baba told me you’ll have need of some identification card and your certificates in future. As Baba told my husband got on site offer and I applied for passport(Identification Card as Baba told) then we came to on site. Again After coming here Baba is saying each and every thing that is going to happen in my life and I met Baba devotees here. Baba said you’ll go to some other place. I didn’t realise then but now my husband got some other project in other place and we are moving there.

One more miracle happened recently. We were packing our luggage as we need to go to other place.We packed up everything the next day we need to go. That day night we were tired with packing and me and my husband were taking dinner. My son was playing in another room. We didn’t observe him. After some when I went and saw my son. He was pouring water on my husband’s office laptop. I got tensed very much because he poured water on that and it stopped working. My husband also got tensed very much as it’s office laptop and he need to go to new office the next day in new place and all data will be lost if it won’t work. I prayed Baba to help us and we were tensed for mishappening in last minute. I asked Baba through about this. Baba said “Everything will be alright”. Then we felt relaxed. We completely left on Baba. My husband immediately removed the parts of laptop and he tried to wipe the water. We have hope on our Sai words. By Baba’s grace after one hour it started working normally. No data lost and nothing happened. Everything was normal. We just wondered and felt very very happy as Baba has shown His mercy again on His devotees. For us this is nothing but Baba’s grace. My husband said I didn’t do anything He is the one doing all and made the laptop to work again. Whenever we are in trouble Baba gives his hand to us. I love you Baba. Baba is father to me. Baba is saying me all the things through that Book “Baba answers to your questions”. Baba scolds if I do anything wrong. He always trains me in a good path. If I do anything wrong or if I get any problem immediately I ask Baba through the book. Baba shows me the way. Really that book is nothing but Baba for me. Baba is my life. I remember Baba each and every second. I always pray to Baba to be always with me and make me to always remember Him.I can’t live without remembering Baba.

Thank you,

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Sai Ramji Divya ji and all,

    This is the mail which i received from Sai sister Shilpa ji regarding the book mentioned in above experience "Saibaba answers to your questions book":

    Sairam Hetalji,

    I bought that book in a temple. I am from Andhra Pradesh. I found that book in my hometown Saibaba temple. When I went to Shirdi I saw that book in Shirdi book shops also. That book is available in different languages. I think that book may also available in any Saibaba temple(shops). One website is also there similar to that book we can get answers from Baba through that site. That site is given below. Please go through it.

    I hope this information will be helpful to you.

    Thank you,



    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil

  2. hi i'm also having many experiences with that book…i believe baba a lot…he is the guru who guides me in each and every thing…i'm here to share few of the things which happened in my life…ma tammudu ki accident ayyindi right leg virigipoyindi,operation ayyaka intiki teesuku vacham..vadi room lo bed midha podukopettam vadu pain tho chaala badha padutunnadu sudden ga"KAALU PAIKI LEPU" ani voice vinapadindi vadi leg sudden ga paiki lechi kinda padindi…kaalu kadalaleni paristithi lo paiki legadam chala kastam..appatiki vadiki operation ayyi 7 days ayyindi anthe…appudu baba ni prasna adigamu"he'll recover from illness dont worry" ani vachindi..very soon he recovered idantha baba daya tho ne vadu nadavagalugutunnadu…

    vadiki accident avvadam valla one year waste ayyindi eamcet lo pedha rank mother veediki chala duram lo seat vastadhemo hostel lo pedithe sarigga tinadu ani chala bayapadipoyaru,malli baba ni question adigi chusam…"he will study near to your village" ani chepparu…cheppinattu gane vadiki ma daggare vadiki nachina branch ee vachindi we r very happy now…and next ma dady ki promotion eppudu vastundi ani adigam inko 2 months lo vastadi ani chepparu actually promotion list lo ma dady number ki promotion radaniki inka 3 to 4 years padatadhi…but 2 moths lo ela sadyam anukunnam but adbutham entante ma vuri lone kothaga govt college petti daniki ma dady ni principal ga appoint chesaru…baba cheppindi nijam ayyindhi…ive kadu memu chese prathi pani lo baba maku todu ga undi munduki nadipistunnaru….I LOVE U BABA….

  3. Sai Ramji Anonymous ji,

    Please re-write your experiences in english for the benefit of one and all.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil

  4. i am an ardent saibaba devotee.but im very unhappy since the past few days as i have lost my wasnt even my friends by mistake left it in an a doctor doing my post-graduation and i have a lot of information in it.all my hard-work for 3 years is in it,including my thesis.the last date for my thesis is nearing.also,i have a lot of information which could do wonders to my career if published.but i have lost it all.i have no back-up either.i have lodged a police complaint.its 3 weeks now.theres still no sad as well as angry with saibaba.i dont know why hes doing this.hes the only one i have and the only one i trust.if he does this to me,whom will i go to?im very dejected and shattered as i have toiled very,very pains me when i realise that it has all been in vain.friends and other devotees,please guide me as to what i must do as saibaba makes everything possible.

  5. why isnt anyone replying to my mail?im distraught…why isnt saibaba answering my queries through someone…….?im very disturbed and am losing my mental balance……..

  6. @Anonymous

    Hey Hi….

    Dont worry….. what I feel is that you should continuously pray Baba for gettin back your laptop… and I think Saibaba will surely show you a way to come out of your this problem… just trust him and everything will be fine… Trust Baba completely… dont get angry with him , instead ask baba that I dont know you will have to solve my problem anyhow…. and believe me he will….

    dont worry, everything will be fine..


  7. Om Sainsvarya Vidhmahee, Satya Devaya Deemahi, Tanna Sarva Prachodayat ……plz iska meaning batane ki kripa karen

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