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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Sudheer from India says: Hi Hetalji, I would like to share a couple of experiences i had recently with the most kind, merciful and loving Sadguru, Shri Sainath who showers love and grace to anyone irrespective of caste, creed, color, poor and rich without any distinction. Every one is equal to Him. He showers His grace in ample to anyone who spreads their palms with devotion and pray whole heartedly.

I read Sai Satcharitra randomly one chapter everyday. Since then i have been transformed immensely. Every thought that i think is about Him. Every one i see, i see Sai. I make a conscious effort in thinking like this. This way, He has raised me to new heights of love and devotion. When such feelings develop in ones heart, you feel love, love and love. You start experiencing the bliss.

During my elder sister’s pregnency, i used to pray Baba for His much required help and blessings for my sister’s normal delivery without much labour pains since my mother is also no more to take personal care of my sister. I used to pray Baba day in and day out to be with us and help us in such testing moments. On such occasions, when i used to open a chapter randomly from Sai Satcharitra, i used to get the chapter 33, in which the following story would come up.

Nanasaheb Chandorkar’s daughter Mainatai would be pregnant and suffering from labour pains he then remembered Baba and invoked His aid. Baba sends Udi through Ramgirbuva to Nanasaheb. The tanga and its driver drops Ramgirbua near Nana’s house and disappears.

This way Baba used to assure me of safe delivery. Also Baba’s Udi came to my sister’s rescue during the most challenging moments. The Udi which Baba Himself has sprinkled on a letter i wrote to Him. (The Udi appeared in Saima, Mrs.Veenaji gupta aunty’s house where Baba’s presence is felt strong).

Then the delivery day had come and within moments my sister delivered a cute baby girl without even knowing that those were delivery pains. She thought its the normal pains she used to get while carrying. But her inlaws applied Baba’s Udi which i gave to them during the pains. Thanks to Baba. We are ever indebted to Him for His kind grace. My sister is immensely happy.

There are lot of such instances where Baba used to assure me though such messages. One more instance goes like this. While in office, when i looked at one of the girls accidentally, i was reminded of one of the chapters (Chapter XLIX) in Sai Satcharitra. The following is description of chapter.

When Nanasaheb was once sitting in the Masjid with Mhalasapati and others, a Mohammedan gentlemen from Bijapur came with his family to see Baba. Seeing gosha (veiled) ladies with him, Nanasaheb wanted to go away, but Baba prevented him from doing so. The ladies came and took the darshan of Baba. When one of the ladies removed her veil in saluting Baba’s feet and then resumed it again, Nanasaheb, who saw her face, was so much smitten with her rare beauty that he wished to see her face again. Knowing Nana’s restlessness of mind, Baba spoke to him after the lady had left the place as follows – “Nana, why are you getting agitated in vain? Let the senses do their allotted work, or duty, we should not meddle with their work. God has created this beautiful world and it is our duty to appreciate its beauty. The mind will get steady and calm slowly and gradually. When the heart is pure, there is no difficulty, whatsoever. Why should one be afraid of any one if there be no evil thought in us? The eyes may do their work, why should you feel shy and tottering?”

And later on that day when i opened Satcharitra one page randomly, i got this same chapter. Its not a coincident. Its proved so many times. Baba gives messages to devotees through Satcharitra. How i love my Sai, i cannot describe in words. I get only tears on remembering His grace. And all such tears which come out of joy is dedicated to His lotus feet.

I am greatly indebted to Baba for being a guide to me to traverse through a right path. Its not just that. One more experience. Baba stresses a lot of importance on following a Guru Who guides you through right path. Baba got me introduced to a Siddha guru who has got Atma Shakshatkar and has also got the power of giving Atma Shakshatkar to other devotees. This guruji is introduced to me through one of Baba’s great devotee whom I’m greatly thankful to. The Siddha guru is Shri Ramananandha Maharshi. Baba works through him in inumerable number of ways in raising people spiritually. Interested Devottees can browse through the following website for more information. ““. Shri Ramananandha Maharshiji has authoured a number of books like “The Secret Of Shirdi Sai’s Benevolence”. Baba has personally given messages on the different ways to follow to reach Him and get liberated. We would shortly start a yahoogroup on that. Interested devotees can mail their yahoo id’s to so that once we start i would invite a mailer to each one of them to join the group.

Yet another experience goes like this. I am working for a software firm. Due to recession there is a bit slow down in the business and its hard to get good projects from clients. I had no work to contribute to my company for about four months. My utilization was moderate. On praying Baba strongly, one of the Thursday’s i was called by a delivery Manager and given work to start. And the most wonderful thing is that he is a part of this spiritual group and is a blessed soul. Thanks to him. May Baba shower His grace in ample to him & his family members.

Just after participating in Shaktipath which the guru Shri Ramananandha Maharshiji gave, a strong feeling arose in me to write about him after two days (Shaktipath is Atma Shakshatkar, given by guru to disciple. Tremendous amount of energy enters into person taking Shakthipath). On Tuesday early morning i got a vision. The vision is about Shri Hanuman in which I was singing Hanuman Dandakam and Lord Hanuman appeared to me from the temple and tied a sacred knot on my hand. His form resembled something like an early man (ancient man of in the history of human evolution) with lots of hair on His body. My joy knew no bounds when i woke up. Thanks to Baba for showering His grace in ample. Thus i got this opportunity to write about Him.

Pisay Sudheer Kumar

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