Shirdi Sai Baba Heals With Just One Prayer – Experience Of Chetan

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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Chetan says: I was fortunate enough to visit the Shirdi Sai Baba site maintained by you, i have only one word for it “BREATHTAKING”. My name is CHETAN SHARMA. This story probably got invigorated eight years back (my school days) when everything was going great for me, but i had no affinity towards Shirdi Sai Baba. Infact i used to feel those worshipping BABA are lunatic. Things eventually took an ugly shape. My performance in studies dipped badly. I could not clear any of my entrance exams and therefore my DREAM of becoming DOCTOR REMAINED UNFULFILLED. Things eventually got even more worse when i was diagnosed for “NEUROCYSTICERCOSIS” (CYST IN 3rd VENTRICLE IN MY BRAIN). I began to experience seizures on right portion of my body that used to become function less for few seconds. I still choose not to worship BABA, but i was an ardent devotee of SHIV JI.

After taking four years of medicine, situation became so appalling that one day when was about to visit TEMPLE, I lost my grip over vessel containing water milk (kachhi lassi) to offer to my God, i could barely walk. I vividly remember it was MONDAY (SHIVJI’s DAY). I lay on bed, in my mother’s lap and began to cry. My mother switched on TV, so as to assuage my cry and tuned AAJ TAK which was broadcasting SAI MAHIMA. I closed my eyes, requested to SAI BABA JI to treat my grave situation. IMMEDIATELY MY PROBLEM BEGAN TO HEAL and till date i have never again experienced malaise and my reverence towards BABA today exceeds all boundaries.

The only problem is that i am still not able to perform in academics. I have not been able to get a seat in post-graduation so far, though i may get it in few days (SAI BABA WILLING, I WILL). WITH BLESSINGS OF SAI BABA JI, I WANT TO RETURN TO MY BEST IN ACADEMICS AND ACHIEVE GREATNESS IN MY PROFESSION.

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  1. Dear chetan,
    you will definetly succeed in studies and profession ,i had a similar problem,i lost control of my mind,had no control over what i was doing, was subjected to humilation at workplace,people started ignoring me,i was able to put in 5 yrs of work experience though not in my prefered area of profession and was promoted thrice in a short span ,i had to resign due to my disease getting worse andheavy politics at work place ,i understood from baba it was my karmic debt,i was idle for 2 yrs ,iwas depressing ,finally i got admission in a topmanagement institute,baba never leaves his devotee,he knows your aspirations,something big isaround the corner

  2. Deva knows all your desires. He knows all your dreams. He keeps watch on every word you utter. What rights you have to ask baba to do this and that. Baba knows what their child wants and its his decision to give it or take it away for our welfare. OM SAI RAM

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