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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Puja from India says: I am so delighted and thankful to the caretakers of this blog. I am blessed to have come across this website. I will be fortunate if I could be of any help in the future in any way.

Sai Ram ji !!! Even though I am a very recent Bhakt of Sai Baba ji but He has been with me ever since my college days when I was 18. I never used to pray or have any belief in Him. When I was doing my Masters, one of my roommates while vacating the house left Baba’s picture which I had picked up and added him to my pooja room. Infact I by mistake took some printouts of Sri Sai Sat Charitra and threw them in the garbage. I never even looked at Him while praying and now here I am with His picture in my mind heart and my soul always. I now have three Sri Sai Sat Charitras in my house in three different languages. Such are Baba’s Leelas.

Sai baba’s Bhakti (devotion) started when I started to go to a near by Sai Baba temple since my mom had mentioned to go and pray to the nav grahs (nine planet). We were in our worst situations since I didn’t have a job, my husband’s Work Visa was not getting approved due to which we were not sure how long we will be in this country. We may have to pack up our bags and come back to India and start our lives from scratch with all lot of other monetary difficulties. The temple had a huge picture of Sai Baba which is breath taking. A thought arose in my mind to read the Sri Sai Sat Charitra every day two chapters. I finished reading Sri Sat Charitra exactly on the 23rd day which was June 1st. Next day we got an email that my husband’s Visa has got approved and the decision date was June 1st.

There was no end to my happiness to know and see such a great example that Baba is with us. I hope wish and pray that we should always be smeared by His Bhakti color always forever until we take our last breath. I wish and pray to Baba that how He is with us always, He shall be with others too always. Jai Sai Ram ji !!!

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  1. Om Sai Ram….

    This is how our baba showered His love on His devotees…

    may He bless you and your family.

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