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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Natasha from USA says: Dear Hetalji, As I was driving on way home today, I remembered a beautiful experience where Sai baba actually came to my rescue when I shouted His name.

Thank you for posting all the experience from other Bhaktas. It truly reassures people like me that Baba is still very much there in spirit even though our eyes were not blessed with His darshan. Thank you again for this wonderful blog. I cannot tell you how much of faith it builds in me to see His leelas at play.

I was once on a cross state trip, driving from New Jersey (NJ) to Boston. It is a four hour drive and since I was alone, I wanted to get to my destination really quick. On highway in Connecticut (a state on route NJ – Connecticut – Boston) which had a speed limit of 65 miles, I was exceeding the speed limit by quite a few miles. In US if a cop pulls some one over for driving above the speed limit, he or she normally lands up with a ticket which in turn affects their license and some times results in a hike in car insurance.

Given that I was driving quite a few miles faster then the posted speed limit I got pulled over by a cop. Having a clean driving record, I was scared and did not want my first ticket since logic told me it was going to be a really bad ticket. The moment I saw the cop flashing his lights I pulled over and stopped. All of a sudden I started calling out to Baba (whose picture I have on the dashboard in my car). I said “Saibaaba bachao… Baba bacho meaning Sai Baba save me, Baba save me” I was literally screaming from my heart and wonder of wonders I dont know what happened but these cops actually waited for a few minutes, did not even step out of his car and then simply drived away. This is highly unusual as in these scenarios normally cops pull one over and they give you a fat dollar ticket to pay with some really high points.

Baba surely saved me through this. Otherwise there is no reason why any cop would not come out and take one to task with a ticket, some points and a ton of advice. Thank you my Baba Sai. You just showed me that You save me when all else is out of my hands.


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  1. Thank you Sai Baba.
    I had a similar experience yesterday. Me and my husband were on the way to our destination. Somehow we jumped red signal not intentionally though. We passed when it was orange light but it went to red when we were half way of the junction. So we had to jump off the signal. No wonder, cops stopped us. I was praying Baba. I also remembered the above experience. I begged Baba not to make Cop issue us a ticket and some points since my husband has a clean record. He gave us a warning instead of ticket. For any wrong we do, we should be ready to take the punishment. But I asked Baba as my husband drives carefully all the time. Of course everything happens is just by Baba's grace.

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